The Reason For The O’Mara ‘Scandal’ & Hysterical Demands That He Resign?

The Reason For The O’Mara ‘Scandal’ & Hysterical Demands That He Resign?

Wonder why the media-Tories are spending so much time and energy—in a state of hysterical, hyperobolic fury—attacking Labour MP Jared O’Mara’s comments from 15 years ago & demanding that he be removed—pressuring him to resign?

Well, it may have something to do with this little encounter between O’Mara and a pro-Palestinian activist group a few weeks ago….

O’Mara meeting the ‘Palestinian Return Center’ a group that describes themselves as an: “independent consultancy focusing on the Palestinian Refugee issue”

We have already seen how the Isreali embassy in London essentially manufactured Labour’s anti-Semitism “scandal”, thanks to the four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera (AJ), because of Corbyn’s pro-Palestinian rights stance.

One of the comments left under this picture certainly paint an interesting picture:

O'Mara-twitter response

So let’s face it—pretty much anybody in politics can be targeted by the Israelis if they so much as hint at being pro-Palestinian (as the AJ doc showed this includes Tory MPs who dare to question Israeli atrocities.)

Owen Jones penned an article in “defense” of O’Mara in which he compared the O’Mara incident to that of Naz Shah, Jones writes:

Labour MP Naz Shah is a model case study here. After deploying antisemitic tropes, she went on a thorough journey, meeting representatives of the Jewish community, and subsequently making a detailed apology explaining her previous ignorance and what she had learned.

This kind of says it all—Jones leaves out the part about how the anti-Semitism scandal has been shown to be largely manufactured and instead informs us that O’Mara needs to show he has “changed” in the same way that Shah has shown she has.

Of course, Jones is no stranger to the Isreali embassy, earlier this year he gave a very controversial speech at a Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) event after the revelations that the JLM was heavily involved in manufacturing the anti-Semitism controversy had been revealed by AJ.

Jones decided to defend his decision by calling anybody who questioned him a conspiracy theorist—well, Owen, that sorts that out then.

Considering O’mara made the remarks 12-15 years ago, and some of them were clearly being purposely hyperbolic and satirical (for instance, his reviews for a music magazine)—and has since chosen to go into a political party that generally doesn’t represent discriminatory or vile views (let’s face it, if you genuinely thought those things you’d just join the Tories and never run the risk of this kind of thing)—the fact he should be allowed to “change” is a given—no doubt he already has changed (probably many years ago).

But alas Jones and his alleged left-wing, liberal commentariats would like for O’Mara to be paraded around as an example of somebody who has learned their lesson after sinning in a previous life.

Alas—this is not a defense of O’Mara by the left, but a clear way of sending a message to anybody who may be pro-Palestinian.

Is this a conspiracy theory? Yes, I suppose it is—however, these questions must be asked in such situations.

And let us remember thatthe Labour-Isreali embassy, manufactured, anti-Semitism controversy wasn’t a conspiracy theory, it turned out to be a conspiracy fact….

As is the case with some conspiracy theories…

The fact is you can find dirt on anybody, absolutely anybody if you want to—and this dirt can be mobilized and amplified through the media and political opponents for ends that are far less than moral and pure.

Murdoch’s “News” Corp has made a career out of exactly this—digging up dirt on anybody they don’t like for whatever reason: sometimes to bribe them, sometimes to make sure a certain policy doesn’t go through Parliament, sometimes to get them sacked, sometimes to shame them, etc, etc…

One final point worth noting: O’Mara’s comments were first revealed by Guido Fawke’s beyond gutter “Order-Order” website…..

And if you believe that Fawke’s has any genuine or moral concern over vile comments, then I cite this as just one of many, many pieces of evidence to the contrary.


Yeah, nothing degrading or sexist, or racist about this, at all, is there Fawkes?



Tories Embarrass Themselves Again: Demanding Corbyn Apologise For Something He Didn’t Say

Tories Embarrass Themselves Again: Demanding Corbyn Apologise For Something He Didn’t Say

The establishment’s latest smear-job on Corbyn shows just how desperate they are getting—litterally inventing fake news and then demanding Corbyn apologize over said fake news —in order to try and kill Corbyn’s popularity with young people.

You really couldn’t make this shit up, could you?

The Tories are in a state and it’s frankly embarrassing and pathetic to watch them endlessly slap themselves in the face.

For weeks now the mainstream media (MSM)—from “left” to right has parroted the Tory line that Corbyn lied to young people about abolishing student debt during the general election (GE).

Framing the issue as a sort of “bribe” based on Corbyn “lies” to get young people to go out and vote for him in the GE.

As anybody who has been paying the slightest bit of attention to Labour’s manifesto would know, the proposal to abolish student debt wasn’t in the manifesto.

Corbyn did, however, say that he was planning to deal with the massive problem of burgeoning student debt in an interview with NME during the GE.

However, the Tories and MSM in their endless desperation have decided that this means he lied to young people. Apparently, we are all too stupid to understand the difference between what is in a manifesto (concrete pledges) and issues that Corbyn’s Labour is committed to dealing with in ways yet to be announced.

Yesterday, during an interview on Marr, Corbyn clarified the issue for the sake of the mainstream media dimwits who can’t seem to understand these simple points.

WATCH: The BBC triumphantly declares what we already knew with their headline here.

The Daily Mail then reacted as if something major had happened with this ridiculous headline today.

The headline may as well read: Corbyn Reminds Dimwits What He Actually Said About Student Debt.

The lunatics at the Sun called this a U-turn—although, at least, they had the decency to keep thier lie to a single column away from the front page, or maybe they were just too embarased to headline this? Whatever the case, it’s still pathetic and desperate.

Clearly, The Sun has lost all touch with reality at this point. How exactly is this a U-turn? Corbyn said he wants to deal with student debt before the GE, he said the same on Marr yesterday, so where is this fucking U-turn? Litterally creating a smear story out of nowhere based on pure lies.

Not content with this utter nonsense and Tory manufactured controversy—Tory HQ are now demanding that Corbyn apologise for breaking promises that he never made.

The Tories smack of desperation—it is frankly sad to see them try this.

As Corbyn pointed out yesterday on Marr the student debt bubble will burst at some point soon anyway—as many financial experts have also pointed out over the years.

Many student loans have been sold off on the cheap by the Tories to private companies, meaning that when the bubble does burst the whole thing will be underwritten by the taxpayer, just like the billion pound taxpayer bank bailouts of 2008.

Bailouts which we are still paying for, from a crash that we didn’t cause, for which austerity was imposed us leading to a 14% real-terms decline in wages.

The absolute nerve of the Tories here is truly shocking: they are the ones who literally hate young people, especially young people who want to go into higher education. One of the first things the Tory-Lib-Dem coalition done when they came into power in 2010 was to triple tuition fees from £3,000 to £9,000 a year and the figure just keeps rising…

Young people are now leaving uni with a debt of around £50,000, essentially imposing us in a life of debt bondage for the crime of wanting to learn.

This to me is the most shocking aspect of all this hatred thrown at Corbyn and young people about the student debt crisis: we are mocked and derided for fighting for an education, something that the whole country should agree is an important and vital part of any civilized country.

Why would you not want people to be highly educated? Why would you not want your children, grand children, yourself—whoever to not be able to receive an education?

It’s a form of insanity to fight against free higher education as it is something we all benefit from as a country.

The Tories who push this anti-education agenda would never, in a million years, apply the same standards to their own children.

They all send their kids to the best universities and schools that money can buy: they know it’s important, they just don’t want anybody else to have the opportunity.

Comparable countries such as Germany and even Scotland have what are essentially free universities—even countries in the third world do—places such as Mexico and Ecuador.

So essentially we are all sitting here waiting for this £100 billion student debt bubble to burst so that the banks can get yet another huge payday from the taxpayer, and until that point, we all have to pretend that nothing can be done about this debt. And then smear the one politician who is taking the issue seriously: absolutely absurd.

Student debt is the one form of debt it’s basically impossible to declare bankruptcy on: for many of us it will hang around our necks for our entire lives and probably follow us to the grave.

The Corbyn student-debt-Tory-lie is a clear and blatant attempt to kill Corbyn’s main support base of young people.

The Tories, of course, completely ignored and dismissed young people as voters: learning their lesson after the general election when we essentially en masse called their bluff.

Now, rather than actually coming up with any policies to appeal to young people the Tories are attempting to smear Corbyn’s policies aimed at helping them.

It is sad, it is desperate, it is pathetic, it is transparently stupid, it won’t work.

Yet, the Tories have nothing else, the MSM has nothing else—this just shows they have literally run out of ideas and have to resort to spending weeks inventing controversy, and then demand that Corbyn apologizes for said controversy.

Let me just end by demanding that the Tories apologize for their many lies: here’s just a few of them.

CCHQ, we’re waiting…..

NO, BBC! This is How To REALLY SPOT Fake News! The DEFINITIVE Must READ Guide To The BIGGEST, MOST DAMAGING PLAGUE Of Our Time!!!!!!!!

NO, BBC! This is How To REALLY SPOT Fake News! The DEFINITIVE Must READ Guide To The BIGGEST, MOST DAMAGING PLAGUE Of Our Time!!!!!!!!

Yesterday (9 May 2017) on BBC One snooze-athon The One (brain cell) Show our fearless leader Theresa May finally spoke — addressing her adoring populous (the BBC One Show Producers and Hosts) — alongside a man who she claimed was her husband.


The Show also contained a well-placed guide to spotting fake news — it is in this spirit that I would like to offer my own definitive guide to spotting fake news — thus doing my public duty to rid this plague from our otherwise perfectly, fully functioning democratic country.

May’s appearance was a sad and desperate attempt by her to appear as if she’s an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING.

Of course, the appearance was designed to appeal to middle-aged/middle-England and her raving fanbase of elderly people and Daily Mail fundamentalists — you know — people who CAN ACTUALLY bare to sit through the mind-numbing blandness of the One Show without shooting themselves in the head, or reaching for the “Osborne Special” — gram of extra strong cocaine — just to get through the experience.


May One Show
May and May on One Show: SCREENSHOT OF THE PM Wrinkling her face up. I don’t want to go full on Daily Mail here — but I feel this pose is quite Symbolic, none the less.

Sitting next to her was her husband — a man. Watching the happy couple pretend to be in love was certainly a sight for sore eyes — especially for me as I was sticking forks into mine just to stay awake.


May has generally kept away from the public — for good reason — she has the Hillary Clinton factor (the more people hear, see, or know about her the less they like her.)


This is precisely why she refuses to talk to the public — apart from a select “lucky” few at carefully, stage-managed events.


She has previously run away from the public on the campaign trail — and is notoriously fearful of ever talking to the people she demands/scares into voting for her.


May is about as likable as smallpox — if it was a choice between the two at the ballot box — it would still be a rough decision.

All she can offer is “strong and stable” a phrase which normally would only be used to describe an antique wooden table. And yet still the table would be preferable, as at least it really is “strong and stable”, making it about a gazillion times more truthful than the notorious bare-faced liar known as May.


In between this extended fluff-piece (fluffers being extras that give blowjobs between takes to porn stars to keep them going), we were treated to an enlightened segment about the peril of “fake news”.

The BBC  has decided that fake news is a huge problem — especially with young people. Although, no real evidence could be provided for this claim — as usual the BBC — took it upon themselves to teach the gullible children how to spot fake news.


The children were hearded into an old cabin and forced to learn about fake news.
Could you have more of a trick question? Trump is one of the most incomprehensible people in the world — telling fake Trump from real Trump is almost impossible. I wouldn’t be surprised if real Trump Retweeted fake Trump — unable to tell the difference himself.
The children learned a lot — mainly what they learned was to trust the BBC. And some cynics say the education system is just brainwashing children into conformity….

Turns out the answer according to the BBC was to trust the establishment media, ie: The BBC.


It is in the spirit that I would like to present my own definitive guide to spotting fake news (one of the biggest threats of our time.)

Let’s begin…’s complex stuff….so please pay attention.


  1. Open your internet browser.

  2. Type in the following: WWW.BBC.CO.UK/NEWS

  3. Choose an article (don’t worry it doesn’t matter which one).

  4. Read it carefully.

  5. CONGRATUALTIONS! You’ve now become an expert at spotting fake news!

Whether they be lying about WMD’s in Iraq and sending us into never-ending wars that cause the deaths 100,000’s of innocent people or making up stories about how everyone HATES Jeremy Corbyn or lying about Labour’s financial policy through their corporately funded spokesperson from the IFS — the BBC is the primary place to get your full dose of fake news (even better than this you’re forced to pay for this shit!)

In fact, it would be more surprising to read something actually truthful on the BBC.

You know, with ALL the relevant facts. Not just some that help supports the case they are trying to make — with a tiny amount of counter fact and opinion to give it the illusion of not being bias. But ALL THE FACTS.

It seems like every election the BBC are going to wheel out this fucking fake news BS. They jumped in at the deep end after Trump won the election blaming fake news — which as I said at the time was actually a ruse to try and censor and kill websites like this, or The Canary, or Evolve Politics.


A study after the election by Stanford University showed that fake news is unlikely to have been the reason for Trump’s election.

stanford Study Fake News 1stanford Study Fake News 2

Yet, the mainstream media cannot seem to make up its mind about this: on the one hand we have commentariats like Owen Jones saying that social media alone is not enough to get Corbyn elected. Then we have the BBC claiming that fake news (mainly spread through social media) is the reason Trump got elected.


Surely then, internet news cannot be both powerful enough to get the president of the US elected, and also so useless that it isn’t enough to get Corbyn elected?

My head hurts from this insane “logic”.


The BBC should actually be embarrassed by the fact that they leave so much information out of the “news” they broadcast — yet, they aren’t and won’t ever be.


The fact this segment was nestled nicely into the May’s “interview” makes it all the more ironic.

The Tories endless lies — calling Corbyn a “national security threat” and “terrorist sympathizer” and all the other stupid fake news shite they come out with — parroted, endlessly, gleefully in the echo chamber of the BBC and MSM.

Yes, the irony is painful.

The One Show — The Tories — The BBC — all the same thing in the end: propaganda.

Can’t wait until they have Corbyn on.

First question:

Now, Jeremy why do you hate the country, our freedoms, and national security so much?

Followed by:


We hear that you have plans to make every single child in the country read Marx’s communist manifesto 8 times EVERY SINGLE day — in the completely impossible event of you (ahahahahahahahahah!) winning on June 8 *sniggers* and beating the most POPULAR BELOVED POLITICIAN on the face of our planet! And her wonderful, caring, loving, husband.

Followed by:

Was it your love for the IRA’s well-known terrorist praiser Gerry Adams that inspired you to grow your Osama bin Laden like beard?


There you have it kids: how to REALLY spot fake news…..


WATCH: Corbyn SLAMS Murdoch As Labour Officially Launches GE Campaign

WATCH: Corbyn SLAMS Murdoch As Labour Officially Launches GE Campaign

Labour kicked off their official general election (GE) campaign in Manchester today (9th May 2017).

During his speech at the event, Jeremy Corbyn slammed the “rigged system” of Tory rule — which has seen grotesque levels of wealth inequality rise in this country since they got into power in 2010.

Corbyn directly attacked billionaire media mogul and Mr Burns look alike (and act alike) Rupert Murdoch.


After slamming the Tories for “ holding back” the potential of our country through austerity and privatization, Corbyn said:

Britain is a rich country – the sixth richest in the world.

We caught a glimpse of that wealth only two days ago when Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times published its Rich List.

In the last year, Britain’s 1,000 richest people have seen their wealth rise by 14 per cent to £658 billion – that’s nearly six times the budget of our NHS.

Imagine the outcry if public sector workers put in for a 14 per cent pay rise.

But it’s no surprise that the richest have got even richer after the tens of billions the Tories have handed them in tax cuts.

That’s what we mean when we say the system is rigged for the rich.

So thanks for making that clear, Mr Murdoch – though I imagine it’s the only help you will give us in this campaign.

In fact, we expect hostility. Our challenge to a rigged system is bound to meet hostility.


And warned that:

there is a real danger that the Tories’ fearmongering and spin machine will make some people settle for less than they should. Resign themselves to things the way they are – underestimating just how many more burdens the Tories could impose if their mission to rig the system for the rich isn’t halted.

We now have 30 days in which to save the country. As Corbyn said today at the speech:

We can transform Britain into a country that – instead of being run for the rich – is a one where everyone can lead richer lives.

So — let’s do it! The stakes couldn’t be higher — this really is our chance to end the neo-liberal hell inflicted on us through Tory brutality.
WATCH: full speech here:


Rappers For Corbyn—BOY BETTER KNOW!

Rappers For Corbyn—BOY BETTER KNOW!

A recent article by the anti-Corbyn, pro-Blairite website, Labour Vision posed this question:

How can Labour Connect with the Skepta Generation?

Well, it seems the answer to that question may well have been answered. Although Labour Vision and similar Blairite outlets will, no doubt, not approve the answer.

A wide range of UK heavyweight, high-profile lyricists — hip-hop artists — grime MCs — have endorsed Corbyn, and urged young people to vote for him, and therefore Labour at the General Election on June 8th.

The basis of the Labour Vision article was to debate the question: how can Labour reach young people? who have (increasingly) become apathetic towards politics — which they labeled: the Skepta generation.

Skepta being a rapper/grime artist whom Labour Vision feel encapsulates a certain kind of political apathy in young people — an apathy that is reflected by large under-representation of the young at the ballot box.

Labour vision skepta

The OBVIOUS answer to this problem — as I have said a million times before — is to offer policies that appeal to young people — and political honesty from politicians: this will attract young people to the polls, and encourage them to become politically engaged in general.

This is not rocket science or some sort of enigma that only a genius can crack.


Now that Corbyn is leading the Labour Party — currently supported by a large majority of young people — a recent mega-poll finding that if only under 40’s voted then our next Prime Minister would be Jeremy Corbyn — it seems that the obvious solution I proposed is, in fact, the correct one.

Polling under 40's credit The Mirror
Credit: YouGov/The Mirror/Twitter

Following May’s announcement that there will be a snap General Election on June 8th a wide array of UK rappers and grime artists have endorsed Corbyn’s campaign to become PM.

Stormzy Corbyn

That Corbyn could reach these supposedly politically apathetic rappers — and therefore likely their fans, and therefore potentially an entire generation supposedly entirely dispossessed from politics — is either down to Corbyn’s clear love of second-wave grime music, or his policies and political honesty.

As much as Corbyn acts like a MOTHERFUCKING O.G. — I think it is the latter that is the more likely explanation.

This election — and the support for Corbyn in general — is driven in large part by generational divides. The fact that an old-school state socialist like Corbyn — a man who is frequently referred to as a national security threat, a floundering-moronic-twat-idiot, and described as exuding all the charisma of an anaemic geography teacher — usually all in the same article — is appealing to young people is, of course, a good thing, but it’s not a shock, or really that strange when you think about it.

It has been put to me that the reason Corbyn is appealing to the young — is because — as we’re young we are therefore idealistic. And have yet to make enough money, and own property — the reasons I am told that so many old people prefer the Tories. Essentially just self-interested and therefore selfish reasons. We (apparently) will grow out of supporting Corbyn and socialist policies in the future as we too will grow up and own property and then become Tory supporting selfish old people.

One major flaw in this logic and hypothesis: millennials are the poorest generation since World War 2, and that won’t change anytime soon. A recent IFS study showed that people in their early 30’s now, currently have on average half the wealth of people born just 10 years earlier  — when they were in their early 30’s.

If this rapid decrease in wealth and opportunity continues — as the neo-liberal doctrine dictates it will — then our generation are just the first to experience what will be an inevitable future of ever increasing poverty and misery. It has also been put to me that when young people inherit the wealth of their deceased parents then this will turn us selfish Tory voters — no doubt, it will with some people, yet given that the average age of life expectancy is 81 (and rising), for people like me who are 30 — my parents now in their early 50’s — this would mean I’d have to wait for another 30 years until they die, making me 60, before I have reason to potentially be a Tory voter according to this logic.

Madness, silliness and insanity — and yet old people always come out with stuff like this as an explanation for young people supporting Corbyn.

Either that or it’s idealism that we’ll all grow out of.

Well if it’s idealistic to aim for a welfare system that doesn’t kill thousands of disabled people — then call me idealistic — I hope I’m never so selfish as to consider that acceptable.

Corbyn’s appeal to young black people is also not that surprising — Corbyn was an active campaigner against South-African apartheid, and campaigned strongly against the illegal and endlessly catastrophic Iraq War — often viewed (correctly) as a modern form of imperialism — issues which lie at the heart of black socialist/intellectual movements, and the black community in general.

Whatever you think about Corbyn – I won’t be bullied into submission here — I like him, and support his policies, and determination to stand-up both historically and in the present for what is right — not for the powers that be — but for us — to have this from any politician shows you something.

And it is that kind of character that attracts people from all over, young and old to the Corbyn movement. Whatever you think of him — can anybody imagine Corbyn’s former leadership challengers: Angela Eagle, or Andy Burnham, or (Jesus, now I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel) Owen Smith — ever inspiring such a wide-range of people, from all races — to get involved in politics — to vote and to engage?

Can you imagine if Corbyn wins and becomes PM? JME could rap the national anthem…I’d imagine (and hope) that a new meaning would be given to the lyric “God save the Queen”.

Corbyn has urged young people to register to vote before May 22 as he knows this is one of his best (if not only routes) to any possible victory — millions of people (especially young) still remain unregistered to vote.

So if you give a fuck about the NHS, disabled people, disgusting tax breaks for millionaires and corporations, Drs, Nurses, schools, children, poverty, you know pretty much everything the Tories have destroyed and stolen from us — then do something about it.

Boy better know! (now, man better know, so I’m told).




Yesterday (3rd May 2017) sleepy-eyed viewers of well-known garbage TV propagandists Good Morning Britain were greeted by the horrific sight of a screaming Piers Morgan — acting a complete madman (well, not that an unusual event when you think about it) — shouting at the Shadow Health Secretary John Ashworth demanding that he respond to the question of whether or not Labour would start a nuclear war which would obliterate us all. Ashworth was appearing on the show to be interviewed about Labour’s latest policy announcement, which would kill the much dreaded NHS-fatalising privatisation plans of the Tories — Morgan, it seems, couldn’t give less of a fuck about that though.

Morgan — it appears is obsessed — with demanding that Labour MPs tell him that they would definitely, unflinchingly, without a second thought, launch us head first in total nuclear annihilation. Yesterday’s “interview” followed one the day before with the Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott, in which Morgan yet again demanded that Abbott declares that she would be happy to launch nuclear weapons.

The fact that this kind of serious and important policy is being banded around and “discussed” in a way in which an 8-year old would be able to identify as infantile and moronic says so much about the current political climate. We now live in a country, in which at 6.45 in the morning — on an ITV show whose political depth and insight usually stretches to asking the actor who plays Ian Beale on Eastenders what he thinks about the Queen’s new shoes — the topic of nuclear war is treated as if it’s inevitable. And used as a political weapon to distract from the real issues and the policies that Labour is proposing.

Absolutely no balance is given to this topic — the fact we do not face any nuclear threats currently and are unlikely to in the future means that the question is all but redundant — yet still Morgan demands an answer to his crazy hypothetical scenario which would see the human species likely obliterated.

The reason for Morgan’s focus on the nuclear weapon question is clear: he is touting the Tory narrative that Labour and Corbyn are a threat to national security. Abbott’s recent (minor) LBC brain skip over the Labour policy of adding 10,000 police on the beat — a policy which was designed, I suspect, to help rid the image of Labour as a “national security threat” was quickly turned around on her and Labour by the entire mainstream media with the BBC leading the charge. Like all of Labour’s policy, the police one has been fully costed — as The Guardian reported — if you don’t want to believe The Guardian’s numbers do the maths for yourself.

Yesterday’s interview with Ashworth was actually 10-minutes long and about the damage the Tory cuts have done to the NHS.

The NHS is currently in a state of perpetual crisis, a matter which affects almost all of us. Labour’s policy proposal is to reverse the disastrous Tory sustainability and transformation plan (STP) which will carve up the NHS even further for the private sector corporate thieves, divert funds away from the services that we so desperately need, and will cut GP numbers in half in some areas of the country, amongst many other awful things. The Tory cuts to health and social care — which then have a knock-on impact on the already significantly overstretched NHS are likely contributors to the steep rise of around 30,000 extra deaths in 2015 — the situation is genuinely critical, and couldn’t be more important.

This was supposed be the debating topic, yet somehow Morgan managed to turn this into his favorite question about launching a nuclear war.

After questioning Ashworth on Labour’s NHS policy — and trying to deflect the NHS crisis onto Labour, blaming them for the use of PFI’s (rightly so, but none the less this isn’t the reason for the current crisis) — Morgan then descended into raged lunacy, shouting at Ashworth:

What is Labour’s position about the use of our nuclear armament? Would Labour ever use it, either in a retaliatory way or in a pre-emptive way?

Ashworth responded with at least a degree of sanity saying that:

We can’t speculate about hypotheticals

He was then cut down by Morgan who burst into a full-blown demented rage — as if he’s a character from Dr Strangelove:

Someone has just fired a nuclear weapon at us, Mr Ashworth! Someone has literally just fired a nuclear weapon at this country, maiming and killing many, many tens of thousands of people! Would you, if you were in government, fire back? We have to know the answer!!!!

Morgan was so over the top that Ashworth actually laughed — something which Morgan also gave him a bollocking for.

Ashworth eventually confirmed that Labour would use nuclear arms if they had to — something which hopefully will never happen.

Of course we would do what we have to do in those circumstances. Of course we would use our nuclear armouries, if that’s the advice we were getting from the military experts.

Watch the full clip below to get the full impact of the bizarre exchange.

The clip of a deranged Morgan beating the answer to his nuclear question out of Ashworth has been siphoned off, isolated and spread around the mainstream media — the reason for the interview: the NHS cuts, and Labour’s plan/promise to save the NHS disregarded and forgotten.

The full interview can be found here — you’ll have to go to around 40 minutes in — I recommend muting the adverts (for obvious reasons).

This is a clear attempt at making sure Labour are always painted as a national security threat — maintaining the mainstream media and Tory narrative — in the process of doing so they neglect one of the most important issues during this election: the future of the NHS — something that many people genuinely care about.

People care more about hospitals, and the police than they do about hypothetical nuclear war — the situation that Morgan poses is so unlikely that it is hard to take seriously, yet he screams the question as if we must have the answer! WE MUST HAVE IT! EVERYONE MUST KNOW!

The human species faces two very real threats at the moment: the first is climate change, the second is the threat of nuclear war.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (a group of leading nuclear strategists, and climate change scientists) every year decides how close the species is to obliteration with the publication of their doomsday clock. The doomsday clock is currently set at 2 and a half minutes to midnight — the closest to midnight that it has been at any point since the height of the cold war in the 1980’s. This illustrates the severity of the current threat of nuclear war — the tensions along the Russian border between NATO, and the Russians being just part of this threat — the stakes are incredibly high.

Doomsday clock

The only way to decrease the likelihood of total obliteration is to descale – no other options will work, and unless we and the US do this, nobody else will.

Even the so-called rogue state of North Korea has offered to de-scale its nuclear program through China, and with the co-operation of the US. This proposal was flatly rejected by the US in favor of pursuing aggressive, and provocative actions against the regime. In the 1990’s President Clinton made a similar deal with North Korea to descale its nuclear program. Both sides mostly lived up to their end of the bargain, therefore, illustrating that political solutions are possible.

All of this was blown apart (unfortunately) by the war-mongering George W Bush who declared that North Korea was a terror state following 9-11 — therefore the US ended the agreement.

If you learn about the history of North Korea you quickly learn that they have good reason to fear the US. Kim Jong-un far from being a crazy, unpredictable dictator is actually being quite rational in defense of his country. I’m not trying to defend the regime here, but the point is diplomacy, it seems, is the best route to sort the situation out — something which is preferable to the outbreak of nuclear war (well, in my opinion).

The effects of nuclear war can not and should not be underestimated and banded around as if we are talking about nothing — as Morgan is doing — this is a serious issue that requires expert analysis and coherent debate.

Theresa May has already proudly declared that she would be happy to press the nuclear button and kill 100,000 innocent men, women and children — this statement in any sane world — would have the media seriously questioning the sanity, and moral fiber of the supreme leader. This act alone would have such disastrous consequences for the human species it simply doesn’t bear thinking about — the fact she so quickly, and unflinchingly made this declaration makes it all the more shocking.

The current Trident nuclear program is supported by about 30-40% of the electorate, with slightly less saying they would like to see a less expensive nuclear option — and about 20% saying we should give up nuclear weapons altogether.

I really think that the number of people who outright oppose Trident, or using nuclear arms in general — would increase if the general population were to ever be given the full facts about nuclear weapons — yet there is absolutely nobody I can think of — apart from John Pilger — on the mainstream media spectrum who actually talks seriously about the real implications of nuclear war.

Left-wing journalists like Owen Jones and Paul Mason have all but endorsed some kind of nuclear weapon. Jones says that the left has lost the argument (even though he still opposes nuclear arms) and Mason says that we should still have nuclear arms, just less expensive ones.

So this means that on the entire left-right mainstream spectrum almost nobody (except Corbyn, and a few others) has ever made a serious case for descaling nuclear arms — this is probably why so many people support nuclear arms — if they had the facts of the matter they may change their minds.

Given the fact that Trident is essentially just cutting the US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin a check for £200 Billion of taxpayer’s money — for missiles that could be used to cause utter destruction — ignoring our obligations to descale under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) — and that May failed to tell Parliament when it came to voting on Trident that the system had recently misfired a £14Million test missile — and that we have no reason to believe that we will be under threat from anybody, let alone with nuclear arms — the legacy of the Hiroshima, and Nagasaki nuclear bombs dropped by the US after the Japanese had all but surrendered during World war 2 — the effects still felt to this day in terms of cancer rates — given all of this, much of which is left out the mainstream debate, is it any wonder that so many people support nuclear arms still?

There is a reason that May covered up the Trident misfire, and it’s not just because Parliament was voting on it, it’s because she knows the real danger of these missiles and nuclear war – and she won’t ever talk about the real damage nuclear war would do — so she has to cover-up and pretend like everything’s fine and dandy. Don’t worry about it! The nuclear missiles are there to protect us! Nothing could possibly go wrong — well accidents do happen with these things…..BUT DON’T WORRY! It’s nothing serious, is it? like obliteration of all human life — nah, no biggie.

The number of times we’ve come close to obliteration from nuclear systems that have been falsely triggered is alarming — we really are lucky to still be here.

And so this obsession with painting Labour as a threat to national security — the Tory line spouted by the mainstream media unquestionably – continues at the expense of informing the electorate of the Labour policies which would save our NHS, and restore some of the police on the street.

The right-wing it appears cannot make up its mind over the policing and national security issue. On the one hand, they’re all about law and order — on the other they seem to object to having 10,000 more police on the beat, and then gun for disastrous and pointless nuclear conflict with enemies we don’t actually have.

Yes, Abbott made a minor gaffe, but Jesus, come on!

Almost every day May makes a much bigger one that doesn’t even get reported by the mainstream media — last week at PMQs May accidentally advertised a pro-Corbyn anti-Tory website thinking that she was being clever — if anybody else done such a stupid thing as advertising for their opponent on live TV, whilst smugly trying to do the opposite — they would be shredded to bits — but if May does it, nobody in the mainstream media pays the slightest bit of attention.

This state of affairs just makes me depressed — what can you say? We have morning TV presenters demanding that politicians start a nuclear war against non-existent enemies — literally shouting at them to do so until they get the answer they want.

If only Morgan would get so outraged about the Tories election fraud, or the NHS crisis, the social care crisis, child poverty, the fact we have 7 million working families in poverty, disabled people committing suicide because of the DWP, disabled benefit claimants dying shortly after being found fit for work, schools begging for money from parents due to underfunding, the fact that 600 of our soldiers have died in the pointless never-ending Iraq and Afghanistan wars, our drone strikes which kill innocent people in the middle east (creating more terrorism), the list is endless.

That phone hacking Morgan is a cunt should be no surprise to any of us – but the way he is acting about possible nuclear conflict is disgracefully irresponsible.

While I expect no better from the ITV cesspit, that just illustrates how low the standards are now. This is normal — normal, yet shocking, yet miserable.

All I can say is fuck Piers Morgan — please Morgan can you go back to the US now? we’ve all had our fill of your bile for now (and forever).

For anybody who wants to reply to me here and accuse me of not caring about nuclear threats or something — I ask you who are these threats? What situation realistically can you imagine these weapons being of use? Knowing that it would essentially cause Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) as multiple nuclear strategists have consistently pointed out.

Labour and Corbyn are not the threat to our national security – mad men like Morgan, the rest of the mainstream media, and the atomic bomb loving Tories are the real threat to national security.

If they don’t blow us up, they make us homeless, or sick and take away our Drs and hospitals — as I’ve written before the real terrorists are the government and we are all their victims.

Sometimes I wonder if people really want to live or not — they fact they keep procreating indicates they do — so why are they so blind and willing in their own destruction?

I think too much — time to put on ITV and melt into the propaganda and forget all this……apparently Joey Essex is on tonight, and he’s trying to count to three! hahahahahahahahahah! He’s a moron! Aahhahaha hah! I’m literally watching a moron! I’ve worked 10 hours in a mind-numbing job I hate today for some of the lowest wages in the industrialised world and I’m spending my free-time watching a moron!

Spare me, fucking sick of this bullshit.


GAFFE-PRONE May Unwittingly Promotes Pro-Corbyn Anti-Tory Website During Snide Response At PMQs

GAFFE-PRONE May Unwittingly Promotes Pro-Corbyn Anti-Tory Website During Snide Response At PMQs

At the final PMQs before the general election, Theresa May managed to both make herself look foolish, and promote a pro-Corbyn anti-Tory website at the same time — offering Corbyn, the opposition, and those who have suffered at the hands of the Tories a wave of free publicity in the process of her cock-up.

May’s latest gaffe follows a string of previous ones — particularly at PMQs — where she has previously called Corbyn’s leadership “incredible” a piece of wordplay which backfired — a few months ago she showed she’s unable to tell the difference between Baldrick from Blackadder, from the actor Tony Robinson who plays the fictional character.

Since launching her election campaign May has made a series of blunders, and found herself in many embarrassing situations on the campaign trail — most of which, of course, have been buried, and ignored by the mainstream media.

Last week her cavalcade was greeted by a man in Bolton sticking two fingers up at the “most popular politician” in the country — a few days later a man in the West Country denied access to May when she wanted to walk across his freshly mowed lawn — the man also grilled her on her much touted “record” and noted that she seemed “nervous” to talk to a member of the public. Following that at one of her press conferences, she got the words “tourism” and “terrorism” mixed up — a gaff so obvious that even The Sun pointed it out.

As usual, May failed to answer any questions at yesterday’s (26th April) Prime Minister’s Questions. The final one before the general election on June 8th. Corbyn grilled her about the NHS crisis, reading out a question from a concerned, elderly member of the public — Corbyn asked:

Sybil, who witnessed the Labour founding of the national health service, which made healthcare available for the many, not just the few, wrote to me this week, and she says, “I am 88 and have had a wonderful service from the national health service, but nowadays I am scared at the thought of going into hospital.” With more people waiting more than four hours in A&E, more people waiting on trolleys in corridors, and more delayed discharges thanks to the Tory cuts, is not Sybil right to be frightened about the future of our NHS so long as this Government remain in office?

May then responded in her usual manner — by deflecting the question, and failing to answer it — reciting figures which make no sense — probably because they are made up — about “record levels of funding” for the NHS and “more doctors, more nurses, more midwives, more Gps”.

May then deflected away from the Tories abysmal record on the NHS — and tried to discredit Corbyn (as per her usual routine), saying:

“I noted this week that the shadow Home Secretary has been campaigning in her own personal way. She has directed her supporters—her followers—to a website called “I Like Corbyn, But…” which asks:

“how will he pay for all this?”

“But”. It also says:

“I heard he wants to increase taxes”.


“I’ve heard he’s a terrorist sympathiser”.


“his attitudes about defence worry me”.

“But”. They are right to be worried. Unable to defend our country; determined to raise tax on ordinary workers; no plan to manage our economy: even his own supporters know he is not fit to run this country.”

WATCH: May Accidently Promotes Pro-Corbyn Anti-Tory Website

Referring to Dianne Abbott — the Shadow Home Secretary.

If May’s team had have done their research they would be well aware that the website, is actually a pro-Corbyn anti-Tory website, written by people in support of Corbyn as a response to the many frequently touted “reasons” and “arguments” — mainly by the mainstream media, commentariats, etc — used to discredit Corbyn.

The website has since received a huge amount of extra traffic following the incident. Unfortunately, they have removed the bulk of their content and replaced it with this simple — but powerfully telling — message on their homepage.

IlikeCorbyn but

May’s team are not the only ones to have overlooked the purpose of this website — The Huffington Post reported on the event immediately as if it was yet another Corbyn/Labour cock-up.

Huff Po Corbyn But 1Huff Po Corbyn But 2Huff Po Corbyn But 3

Strangely, the Huff-Po fails to show the message from the I like Corbyn, But website in response to May’s comments.

This is not just shockingly bad journalism — it’s purposely deceitful and damaging. The Huff-Po should be disgusted by itself – but it isn’t and it won’t be.

The sad reality is that this kind of forces people who support Corbyn into being less critical in case it gets used against us — I don’t think we should allow that to happen.

Corbyn should not be above criticism — so long as it’s fair, justified, grounded in fact, and balanced — the same way all scrutiny should be applied to politicians.

The Torie’s dirty tactics often backfire anyway — this being just another case to add to the pile.

Let them continue to make themselves look inept — if we simply start giving Corbyn nothing but glowing praise 24/7 about everything he does then we’ll become as bad as the other side who blindly champion their leader no matter what they do.

As long as the criticism is fair then I have no problem with it — the problem is, and I suspect this is the reason for — I Like Corbyn, But website —  in the first place — that most of the scrutiny applied to Corbyn and supporters isn’t fair, and so, therefore, needs to be handled properly, and sanely — something which the I Like Corbyn, But website was attempting to do.

Let’s not let the Tories change how we talk about politics — their nonsense just backfires on them in the end anyway, and even if doesn’t surely it’s a price worth paying for not becoming as obediently sycophantic to the leader as they are?

May’s underhanded tactics almost always come back to bite her in the arse — as has happened here.

Her stupidity led to her sending a whole bunch of people to a strictly anti-Tory pro-Corbyn website that they’d probably never heard of before.

That kind of publicity speaks for itself, and cannot be bought.

Let the Tories continue to inadvertently promote Corbyn. They and the entire establishment have already done so for the last 2 years – there’s no reason to expect them to stop 7 weeks prior to a  general election — and if it makes May look even dafter all the better.

If it wasn’t for her establishment cronies then everybody would see the flustered idiot she really is — stuff like this just helps her to undo her own stage-managed persona.

If we had a sane and fair media then she and her manufactured image, endless lying and incompetence wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, we don’t — but it is nice when the Torie’s stupidity actually benefits us for once, instead of hurting us, isn’t it?