Chris “Enemy In A State” Turnbull was born in the middle of a farm, in Western-East Anglia, next to a statue of a coin operated Jesus. It was during this birth that he realised he could say things, using syllables, those syllables would prove to be useful later in life, If only he knew it then.

After many years of using syllables, and after orating for many years he finally managed to make words, and then used those words on paper, and screen. These words are what you read today, they are important words.

Chris’ best friend as a child would grow to be a great influence on him, his best friend was the hedgehog that lived on the farm. They would spend many hours talking about politics, and that is where Chris formed his opinions on everything. Chris learnt much about politics from the hedgehog, and also made use of him as a defence tool, by throwing it against bullies faces when they attacked.

Chris has a degree from Oxford College, south, Southhampton, Bangladesh in Sociology, and typeface generality. Chris has used his degree wisely to bring you these words today.