I don’t normally talk about the family members of politicians because I don’t think they should be used to make political points as they aren’t choosing to put themselves up for election and to be public figures, etc.

However, Theresa May, during her already, rapidly, notorious (for all the wrong reasons) speech today at Tory Conference briefly spoke about her upbringing.

I’ve been tempted to bring this subject up many times myself, given that both I and May have something quite unique in common.

I also do not usually speak much about my own personal life and upbringing—however, May’s speech today has so enraged me that I will make an exception.

Both myself and Theresa May have mothers who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS)—a horrendous disease of the central nervous system, causing extreme pain, blindness, the loss of limb movement, memory loss, incontinence and many other awful disabling symptoms: sufferers on average die much earlier than healthy people. May’s mother died when May was only 25.

It is estimated that around 2,500,000 people have MS in the world.

Many MS sufferers cannot walk, and cannot look after themselves.

MS sufferers have “attacks” of MS and during these attacks are often completely bed bound: unable to move, bath, eat, go the toilet by themselves, etc.

Following the attacks, the sufferer takes months, and months to recovers to some degree, but they are left with a disability that is far worse than it was before the attack.

It is essentially a gradual, but severe decline ever further into crippling disability. Attacks can come at any time and are totally unpredictable.

There is no real treatment for the disease—there is certainly no cure for it, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look one will be found anytime soon.

Both myself and May grew up watching our mothers suffer from this horrendous illness.

May should know all too well the torture inflicted on people who have this disease—having grown up witnessing it with her own mother.

Yet, her government has punished, brutalized, tortured and killed off many disabled people: including MS sufferers.

Indy headerIndy hL

The Tories have been condemned by the UN for their treatment of the disabled in this country on at least two occasions.

May opened her speech today, saying:

My grandmother was a domestic servant, who worked as a lady’s maid below stairs. She worked hard and made sacrifices because she believed in a better future for her family. And that servant – that lady’s maid – among her grandchildren boasts three professors and a prime minister.


That is why the British Dream inspires me. Why that dream of progress between the generations spurs me on. And it is why today at this conference, this Conservative Party must pledge to renew the British Dream in this country once again.

According to the Daily Mail, both of May’s grandmother’s were servants—May completely neglected to talk about her mother though, in fact, she never does……

She is picking and choosing at her own history here: and very conveniently leaving out her own mother’s disability.

MS protest
MS sufferers forced to protests against Tory disability benefits brutality: http://news.sky.com/story/ms-sufferers-protest-at-benefits-change-10456328

I wonder why that might be? Could it be because unlike May’s grandmothers, her own mother would’ve had no choice but to live with a severe disability, and to suffer endlessly?

That doesn’t fit the deluded picture that the Tories like to present of the world does it?

The fact that so many disabled people have absolutely no choice about the way they live: they cannot simply “work hard” and succeed: for the most part they are thrown crumbs, demonized by the right-wing media, and terrorized by the state through the weaponization of social security.

May shows just how cold and nasty she is when she uses her family to justify the Tory delusions of meritocracy—completely ignoring her own mother’s suffering: as if it is a deep shame that must never be discussed: May denies her own reality.

The Tory Party millionaires-oligarchs-leeches love to preach down to us all the wonders of hard work and meritocracy.


Hard work is being a 7-year-old child who comes home from school and has to cook for a disabled parent, clean the house, go to the shops, look after your siblings—because they have suffered another MS attack and cannot get out of bed. And you have no choice but to work FUCKING hard. Your dad has to go out to work to get enough money to pay for food and rent—nobody else is there to help you—that’s hard FUCKING WORK!

That’s my “childhood”—not just mine. A conservative estimate says that there are a quarter of a million child carers in this country right now, who are going through exactly the same thing I went through.

However, for these children things will be much worse than they were even for me some 20 years ago.

The assault on the disabled and poor under May’s government will have done nothing but make the situation for not only many of these disabled people much worse, but also their children.

These children, I can guarantee you, do not need lectures in “hard work” from Tory Party elites.

They need and deserve fucking help.

For as bad as my situation was growing up, given the state the country is in today thanks to the Tory Party I can only imagine how awful it must be for so many poor and disabled people in this country: especially their children.

When I was growing up, at least, disabled people weren’t demonized and persecuted so openly, through the media and the state.

When I was growing up, at least, we went to schools in which we could learn, as opposed to being forced into completely pointless competition, with basically no hope of ever advancing in life.

We, at least, had something to help us—it is only because of all these things that I survived intact and was able to go to an (albeit bad) university, and have some degree of quality to my life.

May has made sure that only the children of the wealthy who grow up with disabled parents have any chance of succeeding in life.

She could use her position of power to help the people, the children, she must surely relate to in some way.

Yet, she is so cold, so broken, so removed from being a human being—she simply doesn’t care.

This is the key difference between myself and May—she may rationalize her success despite her mother’s illness, but that success had more to do with the advantages she was brought up with—some of which came through the socialist programs of the state.

Contrary to what May would have us believe, she didn’t grow-up in poverty at the bottom rung of the ladder: her father was very well connected to the British establishment (from what we can actually find out about him, much of the information on him has been mysteriously deleted online.)

How you can grow up watching the enduring pain and agony of an MS sufferer and then go on as an adult to terrorize and brutalize the disabled, poor and their children is beyond comprehension to me.

When you grow up in the kind of environment I did, and so many other have and do right now, you know who is important in this world, in this country: and it isn’t you and your community.

We are thrown into mass scale, poverty-ridden, rotting landscapes, where no hope is even allowed to exist: any hope or chance to advance in life is being cut away more and more and more by May’s government of elitists aristocrats.

I will never, EVER, be lectured on hard work, by a group of people who have absolutely no concept of what actual hard work is.

May is a disgrace: picking and choosing at her family background to justify the Tory fantasy of the “British dream”—the Tories latest favorite catchphrase, it seems.

Well, to paraphrase from the legendary comedian George Carlin:

The Tories “British dream” is exactly that: a dream— and it’s called a dream because you’d have to be asleep to actually believe it.

A quick note to readers: This WordPress has essentially been blacklisted by Google.

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Compare this to the exact same search on Bing, or Duck Duck Go and you’ll see what I mean).

I am not the only alternative media journo to have their website restricted or removed from Google—far from it, many, many have at this point.

So as a result of this clear, unjustified, and targeted censorship please share now, more than ever if you support the work I (and many others) are doing in the alternative media.

Thank you for your support.


6 thoughts on “Why May’s Speech At Tory Conference Was Truly Shameful

  1. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    What I experience myself as a disabled person is bad enough, but this post has totally shocked me!
    The fact that May is keeping this family history so quiet speaks to me of embarassment or shame – and shame is something she should feel – but never will!
    To any readers of my Blog – Please could you repost this far and wide, so that the original post can be read over all social media?


    1. Thank you for the shares! I’m (in an odd way I must admit) glad that so many people are going through the same thing. May’s pciking and chosing at her family history is a deliberate attempt at re-writing her past, and censoring disablity. I hope that we spread the word and that the country will eventually be united against the Tories brutal agenda. If you have any experience you would like me to share on this site—I’d be more than happy. Thank you for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Unfortunately, the re-writing of family history, to hide any disability, goes all the way up to the Royal Family itself, so we all know just how hard a job we have, and will continue to have, to be acknowledged as fully functioning members of society – even if it’s only via the internet! 😦
        But it’s the internet that has given us all a voice, and the more we post about our situations, the more people will see what’s happening, and the more help we’ll have in challenging, and changing society’s views on us all 🙂


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