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In One Of The Richest Areas Of The Country, Neglected, Poor People Burned To Death In Thier Homes—Welcome To Britain 2017″

It has come to my attention that the mainstream media has all but blacked out one key fact about the fatal Grenfell Tower blaze. With the BBC, in particular, leading the way by silencing residents deeply embedded in the ongoing struggle against Kensington and Chelsea council.

Although barely reported in this country — the US’ CNN highlighted this key fact at the top of their article about the tragic, fatal blaze:


While it has commonly been reported that the building recently under went £8.6 million in upgrades, carried by private contractor Rydon Construction — the facts about the planned £67 million “jewels….of a regeneration scheme” have been — to the best of knowledge — mostly left out of UK coverage.

Apart from the few times it slipped through the MSM’s filtration net…..and when it did it was quickly covered up….

Nearby resident Piers Thompson, interviewed by the BBC here,  also raised this point about the multi-million pound “regeneration” project — which would see the demolition of the estates. He says that the council have been managing a decline of the estate so as to justify regeneration which he describes (accurately) as code for “demolish” the estate. He describes how residents have been protesting against the plans, and organising against them.

The BBC are quick to move the conversation away from the demolition, resident’s struggle, and neglect and try to silence Piers by repeatedly stressing that these are just “allegations”. And that those accused need the right to reply.

They also do the same with Pilgrim Tucker from the Grenfell Action Group, who highlights the numerous struggles that the residents have had against the authorities — which includes residents being threatened with legal action for asking for essentiall — life saving — maintainence from the authorities.

She also says that this would never happen to the “Camerons” and that the residents were unable to get legal advice to help their battle against the authorities — due to the cuts to legal aid.

Again the BBC shuts her down by saying that these are “allegations”.

The BBC demonstrates just how beholden to power they really are in these clips. These people — the people embroiled in the battle for a number of years now — people who know the facts of the case better than anybody AND DESERVE TO HAVE THIER VOICES HEARD — who are witnessing and living through the most horrific event imaginable — are told repeatedly that they are making allegations as a way to silence them.

When it comes to reporting on Tory talking points — such as Corbyn being a “terrorist sympathizer” or a “national security threat” — I don’t think I once heard the BBC  refer to these ridiculous accusations as “Tory allegations”.

Instead, they reported them as if they were factual. When it comes to challenging the powerful, however, the BBC do the opposite, they stress “allegations” time and time again and try to end or change the subject very quickly.

That the residents had been embroiled in a long time battle over the future of the estate — in what CNN described as one of the:

Jewels of an $85 million (£67 million) urban regeneration scheme carried out by the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

A vital point that was articulated so vehemently and clearly by a nearby resident — who said this was code for demolishing the estate — should form a key part of the story.

As the Tower is in one of the richest parts of the country — where housing not too far away is sold for over £100 million, snapped up by Saudi princes and Russian oligarchs — the fact that the Tower was part of a multi-million demolition “regeneration plan” should again form a huge part of this story.

Of course, London itself has undergone a mass social cleansing since the Tories came into power (to be fair this can easily be traced back throughout Blair’s years as well and Thatcher and so on.)

But, it has become increasingly more severe as the Tories proceed to force councils to sell off land to private developers, re-house people on the other side of the country, impose housing benefit caps, strip away legal aid rights, oppose legislation to ensure basic safety and rights as a tenant, and so on the list goes.

Useless idiot Theresa May has announced a “public inquiry’ — I am absolutely FUKING SICK of inquiries in this country. Let’s just call them what they are: show trials. OK, fine have an inquiry, good I welcome it — but it’s only useful it leads to actual changes, convictions, prosecutions etc.

Just look at the damning Chilcot inquiry into Blair’s illegal Iraq war — what changed? what was the point? Chilcot said the war wasn’t justified — so now what happens? Is there any point in doing these inquiries unless justice is going to be served?

That’s like me being put on trial for murder, with enough evidence to convict me, the jury deliveing a unanimous verdict of my guilt, and the judge, upon delivering the verdict just says: “OK, you can go now….”

Real justice comes from systemic change, and the holding of the powerful to account as criminals. Which is what they are. These people are criminals and should be behind bars.

This government: run by millionaires, funded by millionaires and billionaires — writes policies exclusively tailored for the elite class at the fatal expense of everybody else. The whole world watches us now — one terror attack after another — now in the 5th richest country in the world — the sight of poor, neglected people whom the council and government were trying to banish from the area they call home — burned to death in their own homes, while their millionaire and billionaire neighbours sit in their mansions plotting yet more ways to fuck over the poor.

Welcome to Britain 2017, unless you’re part of the 1% you can burn to death in your own home for the Tories care — but don’t worry, from your grave you can always enjoy the ensuing public inquiry which will go nowhere.

Sick, the poor get punished just for showing up 0.1 seconds late to sign on at the Job Center. This heinous crime lands you with 4 weeks of no income (you’re still entitled to hardship and Housing Benefit BTW so don’t let them fuck you out of that too.) The punishment handed out without any form of due process….sick.

Meanwhile the wealthy kill us and they face no justice what so ever. If anything they get rewarded.

This country is controlled by sick parasites — how dare they throw us out of our houses, towns, and cities. We built this fucking city — this country runs because of our blood and sweat and tears — it has nothing to do with the elite rich bastards who are trying to take it all away from us.

Much of the media focus has been specualtion on the cause of the fire — this, in itself it just part of a much wider story. One which involves deep rooted divides betwen the ultra wealthy and everybody else. It’s about austerity, and the way the Tories treat the rich and everybody else.

That’s why I’m not specualting as to the cause of the fire, or anything that technical for which the experts are saying it is too early to declare a resonable opinion. I am sticking to the underpinning, root cause, facts of the case. Something which the BBC and the rest of MSM is detremined not to do.


23 thoughts on “What The MSM Isn’t Telling You About The Grenfell Tower Blaze

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t know — please contact the YouTube channel that the video is hosted on. I have an awful feeling from the comments under the video that sadly she didn’t.


  1. I hope she got out and please I beg for her and her family and all the others who suffered or perished please this time let there be JUSTICE


  2. No public inquiry, thats a cop out,we want an inquest, so the people can be heard, demand an inquest, can’t have both, theresa may doesn’t want an inquest.

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  3. There is going to be one big cover up over this. I can see it coming. Its not a Tory or Labour thing, its just the way government works, if it was not the Tory government in power it would have been Labour party going the cover up.

    The people living in the flat and those who have died deserve more.

    the council and flat management company are to blame along with the builders who did the work.

    They will try and split the residents up all over London making it hard to communicate with each other. They should set up a secret facebook page just for the people made homeless. so they can talk to each other.


  4. I agree with everything that is written above…and so true too. I endorsed all of it, because I have been facing problems with local Stevenage Borough Council since November 2015. Yes, they all are fucking parasites and they do not care about one’s life – especially the poor! I made a complaint to Stevenage Borough Council about noises from (6) hydraulic-sprung heavy fire doors fitted in a (substandard) 3 bedroom HMO property next door to mine. In addition, because the council is also involved, and solving the noise problem will cost them money and stop them profiteering, they flawed the investigation, cover up and lied about the severity and extent of noises! Moreover, I complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman about the Council maladministration, but the fucking LGO supports and covered for them in spite of evidence against them. In addition, as far as they are concerned, the noises can ruin my health further and I die from the effect of the noise, or I commit suicide. Because of the noise from these fire doors and the nasty way Stevenage Borough Council have treated me, I already ended up in the Hospital for 3 days with anxiety, stress, high blood pressure and a mild stroke (that I and my GP notify them about, but the bastards ignored it)!

    A damning report regarding Councils and the LGO came to my attention recently. https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201012/cmselect/cmcomloc/writev/lgo/lgo11.htm – true to my own experience. Therefore, this is why I did not stand a chance in Hell against Stevenage Borough Council! Yes, those bastards are criminals! Moreover, they are like the Mafia! In addition, it is not just the BBC that supports the Government and Councils; it is all of the fucking Newspapers too – local and national. I sent my story to 32+ newspapers (inc. the BBC) and not one of them replied muchness publishing my story.

    I am so fucking Angry, and, the fact there is nothing I can do about it. I am advised to challenge Stevenage Borough Council in court, but it so expensive and there is no Legal Aid. These bastards knows where they have us. Yes, they stop the Legal Aid, because they know poor people won’t be able to afford to challenge them in court, so they leave us to suffer and die!!!


  5. I sincerely hope the residents and their advisors/supporters demand an inquest as opposed to a public inquiry as the Government would have total control of the agenda and we all know what that means. The local MP’s need to be hard pressed on this matter.


  6. A policy of the “enlightened” 60s and 70s, social, ie, corporation and council housing was built in upmarket residential areas as well as further out in the suburbs. We have the same plan here in Dublin. High rise was the way to go in London because of the population. We had a few high rise apartments here on the north side of Dublin but they were concrete and never refurbished on the outside.
    Grenfell block seems to have changed from exclusively council tenancy to mixed social and private renting. This was a scheme brought in by Margaret Thatcher whereby council tenants were encouraged to buy the houses and apartapartments were renting from the councils. Some of the missing people were obviously private renters as seen by the jobs they were reported to be doing.
    It is just the most awful tragedy, compounded by the cheapskate way the tender for the refurbishment was
    awarded and the complete lack of indifference shown by the last two Tory governments to the building safety recommendation lying on shccessive housing ministers’ desks. This report was commissioned by Labour in 2010, but then the Tories were power by the time the report was completed in 2013.


  7. We need a popular uprising in this country. The article perfectly describes the process that has been taking place of dispossesing working class people from their homes and community. Time to stop the niceties and start fighting back with everything at our disposal. Let’s see how the millionaires take to being dispossessed!


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