Right wing morons on the notoriously hate-filled and bigoted Leave.EU Facebook group think this man is Jeremy Corbyn — is there any tripe these simple minds wouldn’t swallow?

Even if it was Corbyn — without knowing the full situation, who’s at the meeting? why they are there? etc — why would you care if it was Corbyn?

I will not speculate as to what the meeting is about or who the people present are, beyond the obvious point: most of the people present are Muslim.

Answers on a postcard, please…..

Anybody who feels like posting the link to the video below — of Thatcher giving ‘aid” to jihadists in the 80’s — on their page, under the video, please feel free to do so.

Has anybody else noticed how similar the right-wing EU fanatics are to the jihadists themselves?

The EU fanatics are not just at war with Islam — they are also committed to a holy war (jihad) against the EU.

What will the right wing do when the Tory Brexit kicks in…..and May and co sign “free trade deals” with the world — but mostly with India — as a way of securing cheap, easy to exploit labour?

Our politics — mainstream politics under the Tories — is driven by absolute inbred style stupidity mixed with blind rage and hatred (the two are not mutually exclusive, but often found in those suffering from this dire combination.)

Nothing short of launching this fucking island into space — after executing everybody without the “purist” and MOST BRITISHIST bloodline and genetics, decided via a trial of old white men sitting in a pub in Essex — will be enough for the right wing fanatics.

The EU has multiple problems — that is clear, and the austerity they have inflicted on Greece and the others is a disgrace — and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

But taking a sledgehammer approach to all of the problems as the right-wing so desperately crave will only make things worse.

This is why we need viable, rational, practical people in power.

Not policies based on the insane minds of the Daily Mail’s fundamentalists.

Unfortunately, it is fact that Tory voters are less educated. Now, while education is not always a marker of intelligence (sometimes it’s the opposite, look at the cabinet which made up of Ox-Bridge elites) — it is none the less a marker of something when looked at in the broader statistical sense.

YouGov education Tory voters

The simplistic words, arguments, and worldview put forward by the right-wing press and the Tories are designed to appeal to simple minds — The Sun’s readership is not made up of intellectuals we can safely say.

The situation actually makes me quite sad, to be honest. Stupid people get taken advantage of by their Tory masters — always voting against their own self-interest and locked in a cage of ignorance, not just perpetrated by the right-wing press, but also across the mainstream media political spectrum.

These people are as much the result of the abandonment by the Blairites of the working class and Labour — 30ish years ago — as much as, if not more than, the right-wing press and mainstream media.

Frankly, these are answers to problems that only stupid people come out with — but the stupidity itself is down to a deep systemic failure — one which, I’m afraid we are all victim too.

In a day and age in which our best universities produce economics students who graduate with honors — then crash the economy, loot the taxpayer, and screw the rest of society over — how can we possibly say that this kind of stupidity isn’t the result of deep societal systemic failure?

The Tories, of course, hate education, cutting wildly from the education budget, stuffing the pockets of crooks who run their beloved “free schools“, and fraudulent academies. And now a commitment to opening up more divisive grammar schools as a sad and sick way of appealing to “aspirational” middle England voters. At the expense, of course, of all the poorer children who won’t benefit at all from this — they will be left to rot with less opportunity than ever — and their education will suffer as a result of the cuts.

Tories Grammar schools con 1Tories Grammar schools con 2

Even the BBC pointed out the Tory myth that grammar schools help poorer children just as much as state schools — a silly lie that’s easily debunked (like all of the Tory nonsense, if only the media tried, just for once to de-thrown May).

So, in short, the Tories cut education for the masses, creating likely voters, as people who vote Tory are less educated in general, the country then suffers as a result as more people get more stupid and more people getting more stupid equals more of this kind of bullshit about Islam and Brexit.

Please God — even though I don’t believe in you — can we please just get rid of these Tory bastards before 90% of the country literally devolves into cave men…

Instead of the just 40% who currently are.

Dear right-wingers, I’m sorry but you are fucking morons if you believe in this kind of shite — there I said it, somebody fucking had to.

If I offended any right-wingers — spare me, go and crawl into your safe space and stop BEING WHINY LITTLE CRYBABIES.


The left — and in particular young people — endlessly get bashed by the extreme right-wing for being big babies, well I ask you all — who are the big babies here?

Watching Tory MPs — who appear in large part themselves to suffer from a severe brain cell deficit — lead other stupid people into what will be an absolutely catastrophic Brexit — finally selling off the NHS to American private healthcare firms, killing British jobs, decimating workers rights, etc…and then PISSING OFF THE REST OF EUROPE in the process — for absolutely no real reason — leading potentially to a fucking return to 1945 and the history of endless pointless European wars — makes me want to vomit.

I’m not a particularly bright person — I do stupid stuff all the time (going to the shops and forgetting why the fuck I went for example, which happens all too often) but come on guys, the level of stupidity you’re displaying here is just….frankly beyond stupid….

I await the Tory bot’s response to this on my FB page, telling me about Corbyn and the IRA and other cut and paste bollocks that they spread underneath ALL of our work.

Or will it all be about the nuclear button or something?


*lights cigarette*

*takes valium*


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