More Comedy mixed with evil from the disgusting debacle known as the Tory Manifesto.
The Tories claim that they are committed to tackling “every aspect of electoral fraud” in their manifesto…..I literally burst out laughing when I read this.
Given the fact they’ve been fined a HUGE amount of money for election fraud relating to the 2014 by-elections —  and narrowly avoided criminal prosecution for election fraud regarding the 2015 general election (except, as Steve Topple says here, maybe one MP) — and have yet to face other allegations of election fraud as highlighted by The Canary and Channel 4 — this statement couldn’t be more ridiculous.
Turns out though, that it is just classic Tory bollocks — both funny and very worrying at the same time — here’s what they actually mean by this:
The British public deserves to have confidence in our democracy. We will legislate to ensure that a form of identification must be presented before voting, to reform postal voting and to improve other aspects of the elections process to ensure that our elections are the most secure in the world. We will retain the traditional method of voting by pencil and paper, and tackle every aspect of electoral fraud
They want to introduce voter ID — something which could lock out people who don’t have a passport or driving License (depending on how it is legislated.)

Also, the pencil thing has always seemed a bit dodgy to me (advice: take a pen, a big fucking fat marker pen with you.)

As with much of the Tory manifesto, it is intensely vague — but one thing is for sure, voter ID IS NOT the biggest problem when it comes to election fraud in this country.

Funny how the Tories have chosen this (frankly absurd) means of tackling election fraud as opposed to…I don’t know…..enforcing the rules we already have on campaign spending, and investigating the other serious allegation of election fraud they are accused of.

Much like Torie’s election fraud itself, this part of the manifesto has gone all but unnoticed so far by the mainstream media.

Well, now you know….Laugh or cry? I fucking don’t know anymore.

Clarification: thank you to Florence who pointed out that the Conservative’s were fined regarding by-elections in 2014 and that this a separate matter to the recent dropping of criminal prosecutions relating to the general election in 2015 “the Tory battle bus” scandal.

The original post failed to make this distinction — I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


2 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe the BS Hidden In The Tory Manifesto—Tories Latest Piss Take…..

  1. The electoral commissioner found evidence that the treasurer of the Tory party (Simon Day), failed to keep records of spending on three by-elections in 2014, which was what the £70,000 fine related to. Simon Day was referred to the Police for electoral fraud as there had been a failure to declare large sums, or proper accounting for spending, lack of invoices etc. Huffington Post / C4 News and Michael Crick all give details of this case.

    This is a separate issue to the 2015 election expenses scandal and the Tory battle bus.


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