Since posting this article a couple of hours ago it has come to my attention that the mainstream media has heavily edited the confrontation between the disabled woman and Theresa May.

This is the perfect illustration of how the media frames the Tory narrative and ignores the issues that people genuinely care about — the Tory trail of destruction.

Here is the Channel 5 News report on the confrontation.

And here is the full confrontation — unedited.

As you can see they breeze past the issues raised by the disabled woman — the VERY REAL SUFFERING and distress. And immediately move on what the Tories want to talk about. They also focus on May’s response, which contains yet more of her lies — SHE IS NOT HELPING DISABLED PEOPLE!

May’s latest policy proposals and her claim to be launching the “biggest ever enhancement of worker’s rights by a Conservative government” is, of course, laughable.

May’s statement includes a proposal to allow people to request time off to care for a relative — does this mean they’ll be paid for it? Probably not, but who cares about details like that (you know the ones that matter).

It also includes the much talked about — but never materialised— worker representation on company boardrooms. This proposal was touted by May at the Conservative’s conference in October 2016 — it was dropped and forgotten by her just a month later (yet another lie from May, her latest limp wristed attempt at this policy, will, no doubt, also be quietly dropped).

The segment them moves on to talk about Corbyn and May infringing on his policy territory.

Almost all of this report is based around the Tory narrative. The disabled woman should’ve been interviewed by the Channel 5 — and they should’ve found out what drove her to confront May.

They also should have included all of the confrontation — and explained as I’ve done in the last article — the damage that the Tories are inflicting on, in particular, the disabled — especially those with mental health illness.

This perfectly illustrates how the Tories get away with what they do — that Channel 5 — the home of the “benefit scrounging scum” narrative should edit this reality out of their news content is no surprise.

Anybody who seriously believes that TV coverage is unbiased in this election (as it is supposed to be) then I’d like you to seriously consider all of the points above.

Reality is airbrushed out of news on a daily basis. This is how your propaganda system works people — learn about it — challenge it — and destroy it.

We deserve better than this.









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