Yesterday (3rd May 2017) sleepy-eyed viewers of well-known garbage TV propagandists Good Morning Britain were greeted by the horrific sight of a screaming Piers Morgan — acting a complete madman (well, not that an unusual event when you think about it) — shouting at the Shadow Health Secretary John Ashworth demanding that he respond to the question of whether or not Labour would start a nuclear war which would obliterate us all. Ashworth was appearing on the show to be interviewed about Labour’s latest policy announcement, which would kill the much dreaded NHS-fatalising privatisation plans of the Tories — Morgan, it seems, couldn’t give less of a fuck about that though.

Morgan — it appears is obsessed — with demanding that Labour MPs tell him that they would definitely, unflinchingly, without a second thought, launch us head first in total nuclear annihilation. Yesterday’s “interview” followed one the day before with the Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott, in which Morgan yet again demanded that Abbott declares that she would be happy to launch nuclear weapons.

The fact that this kind of serious and important policy is being banded around and “discussed” in a way in which an 8-year old would be able to identify as infantile and moronic says so much about the current political climate. We now live in a country, in which at 6.45 in the morning — on an ITV show whose political depth and insight usually stretches to asking the actor who plays Ian Beale on Eastenders what he thinks about the Queen’s new shoes — the topic of nuclear war is treated as if it’s inevitable. And used as a political weapon to distract from the real issues and the policies that Labour is proposing.

Absolutely no balance is given to this topic — the fact we do not face any nuclear threats currently and are unlikely to in the future means that the question is all but redundant — yet still Morgan demands an answer to his crazy hypothetical scenario which would see the human species likely obliterated.

The reason for Morgan’s focus on the nuclear weapon question is clear: he is touting the Tory narrative that Labour and Corbyn are a threat to national security. Abbott’s recent (minor) LBC brain skip over the Labour policy of adding 10,000 police on the beat — a policy which was designed, I suspect, to help rid the image of Labour as a “national security threat” was quickly turned around on her and Labour by the entire mainstream media with the BBC leading the charge. Like all of Labour’s policy, the police one has been fully costed — as The Guardian reported — if you don’t want to believe The Guardian’s numbers do the maths for yourself.

Yesterday’s interview with Ashworth was actually 10-minutes long and about the damage the Tory cuts have done to the NHS.

The NHS is currently in a state of perpetual crisis, a matter which affects almost all of us. Labour’s policy proposal is to reverse the disastrous Tory sustainability and transformation plan (STP) which will carve up the NHS even further for the private sector corporate thieves, divert funds away from the services that we so desperately need, and will cut GP numbers in half in some areas of the country, amongst many other awful things. The Tory cuts to health and social care — which then have a knock-on impact on the already significantly overstretched NHS are likely contributors to the steep rise of around 30,000 extra deaths in 2015 — the situation is genuinely critical, and couldn’t be more important.

This was supposed be the debating topic, yet somehow Morgan managed to turn this into his favorite question about launching a nuclear war.

After questioning Ashworth on Labour’s NHS policy — and trying to deflect the NHS crisis onto Labour, blaming them for the use of PFI’s (rightly so, but none the less this isn’t the reason for the current crisis) — Morgan then descended into raged lunacy, shouting at Ashworth:

What is Labour’s position about the use of our nuclear armament? Would Labour ever use it, either in a retaliatory way or in a pre-emptive way?

Ashworth responded with at least a degree of sanity saying that:

We can’t speculate about hypotheticals

He was then cut down by Morgan who burst into a full-blown demented rage — as if he’s a character from Dr Strangelove:

Someone has just fired a nuclear weapon at us, Mr Ashworth! Someone has literally just fired a nuclear weapon at this country, maiming and killing many, many tens of thousands of people! Would you, if you were in government, fire back? We have to know the answer!!!!

Morgan was so over the top that Ashworth actually laughed — something which Morgan also gave him a bollocking for.

Ashworth eventually confirmed that Labour would use nuclear arms if they had to — something which hopefully will never happen.

Of course we would do what we have to do in those circumstances. Of course we would use our nuclear armouries, if that’s the advice we were getting from the military experts.

Watch the full clip below to get the full impact of the bizarre exchange.

The clip of a deranged Morgan beating the answer to his nuclear question out of Ashworth has been siphoned off, isolated and spread around the mainstream media — the reason for the interview: the NHS cuts, and Labour’s plan/promise to save the NHS disregarded and forgotten.

The full interview can be found here — you’ll have to go to around 40 minutes in — I recommend muting the adverts (for obvious reasons).

This is a clear attempt at making sure Labour are always painted as a national security threat — maintaining the mainstream media and Tory narrative — in the process of doing so they neglect one of the most important issues during this election: the future of the NHS — something that many people genuinely care about.

People care more about hospitals, and the police than they do about hypothetical nuclear war — the situation that Morgan poses is so unlikely that it is hard to take seriously, yet he screams the question as if we must have the answer! WE MUST HAVE IT! EVERYONE MUST KNOW!

The human species faces two very real threats at the moment: the first is climate change, the second is the threat of nuclear war.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (a group of leading nuclear strategists, and climate change scientists) every year decides how close the species is to obliteration with the publication of their doomsday clock. The doomsday clock is currently set at 2 and a half minutes to midnight — the closest to midnight that it has been at any point since the height of the cold war in the 1980’s. This illustrates the severity of the current threat of nuclear war — the tensions along the Russian border between NATO, and the Russians being just part of this threat — the stakes are incredibly high.

Doomsday clock

The only way to decrease the likelihood of total obliteration is to descale – no other options will work, and unless we and the US do this, nobody else will.

Even the so-called rogue state of North Korea has offered to de-scale its nuclear program through China, and with the co-operation of the US. This proposal was flatly rejected by the US in favor of pursuing aggressive, and provocative actions against the regime. In the 1990’s President Clinton made a similar deal with North Korea to descale its nuclear program. Both sides mostly lived up to their end of the bargain, therefore, illustrating that political solutions are possible.

All of this was blown apart (unfortunately) by the war-mongering George W Bush who declared that North Korea was a terror state following 9-11 — therefore the US ended the agreement.

If you learn about the history of North Korea you quickly learn that they have good reason to fear the US. Kim Jong-un far from being a crazy, unpredictable dictator is actually being quite rational in defense of his country. I’m not trying to defend the regime here, but the point is diplomacy, it seems, is the best route to sort the situation out — something which is preferable to the outbreak of nuclear war (well, in my opinion).

The effects of nuclear war can not and should not be underestimated and banded around as if we are talking about nothing — as Morgan is doing — this is a serious issue that requires expert analysis and coherent debate.

Theresa May has already proudly declared that she would be happy to press the nuclear button and kill 100,000 innocent men, women and children — this statement in any sane world — would have the media seriously questioning the sanity, and moral fiber of the supreme leader. This act alone would have such disastrous consequences for the human species it simply doesn’t bear thinking about — the fact she so quickly, and unflinchingly made this declaration makes it all the more shocking.

The current Trident nuclear program is supported by about 30-40% of the electorate, with slightly less saying they would like to see a less expensive nuclear option — and about 20% saying we should give up nuclear weapons altogether.

I really think that the number of people who outright oppose Trident, or using nuclear arms in general — would increase if the general population were to ever be given the full facts about nuclear weapons — yet there is absolutely nobody I can think of — apart from John Pilger — on the mainstream media spectrum who actually talks seriously about the real implications of nuclear war.

Left-wing journalists like Owen Jones and Paul Mason have all but endorsed some kind of nuclear weapon. Jones says that the left has lost the argument (even though he still opposes nuclear arms) and Mason says that we should still have nuclear arms, just less expensive ones.

So this means that on the entire left-right mainstream spectrum almost nobody (except Corbyn, and a few others) has ever made a serious case for descaling nuclear arms — this is probably why so many people support nuclear arms — if they had the facts of the matter they may change their minds.

Given the fact that Trident is essentially just cutting the US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin a check for £200 Billion of taxpayer’s money — for missiles that could be used to cause utter destruction — ignoring our obligations to descale under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) — and that May failed to tell Parliament when it came to voting on Trident that the system had recently misfired a £14Million test missile — and that we have no reason to believe that we will be under threat from anybody, let alone with nuclear arms — the legacy of the Hiroshima, and Nagasaki nuclear bombs dropped by the US after the Japanese had all but surrendered during World war 2 — the effects still felt to this day in terms of cancer rates — given all of this, much of which is left out the mainstream debate, is it any wonder that so many people support nuclear arms still?

There is a reason that May covered up the Trident misfire, and it’s not just because Parliament was voting on it, it’s because she knows the real danger of these missiles and nuclear war – and she won’t ever talk about the real damage nuclear war would do — so she has to cover-up and pretend like everything’s fine and dandy. Don’t worry about it! The nuclear missiles are there to protect us! Nothing could possibly go wrong — well accidents do happen with these things…..BUT DON’T WORRY! It’s nothing serious, is it? like obliteration of all human life — nah, no biggie.

The number of times we’ve come close to obliteration from nuclear systems that have been falsely triggered is alarming — we really are lucky to still be here.

And so this obsession with painting Labour as a threat to national security — the Tory line spouted by the mainstream media unquestionably – continues at the expense of informing the electorate of the Labour policies which would save our NHS, and restore some of the police on the street.

The right-wing it appears cannot make up its mind over the policing and national security issue. On the one hand, they’re all about law and order — on the other they seem to object to having 10,000 more police on the beat, and then gun for disastrous and pointless nuclear conflict with enemies we don’t actually have.

Yes, Abbott made a minor gaffe, but Jesus, come on!

Almost every day May makes a much bigger one that doesn’t even get reported by the mainstream media — last week at PMQs May accidentally advertised a pro-Corbyn anti-Tory website thinking that she was being clever — if anybody else done such a stupid thing as advertising for their opponent on live TV, whilst smugly trying to do the opposite — they would be shredded to bits — but if May does it, nobody in the mainstream media pays the slightest bit of attention.

This state of affairs just makes me depressed — what can you say? We have morning TV presenters demanding that politicians start a nuclear war against non-existent enemies — literally shouting at them to do so until they get the answer they want.

If only Morgan would get so outraged about the Tories election fraud, or the NHS crisis, the social care crisis, child poverty, the fact we have 7 million working families in poverty, disabled people committing suicide because of the DWP, disabled benefit claimants dying shortly after being found fit for work, schools begging for money from parents due to underfunding, the fact that 600 of our soldiers have died in the pointless never-ending Iraq and Afghanistan wars, our drone strikes which kill innocent people in the middle east (creating more terrorism), the list is endless.

That phone hacking Morgan is a cunt should be no surprise to any of us – but the way he is acting about possible nuclear conflict is disgracefully irresponsible.

While I expect no better from the ITV cesspit, that just illustrates how low the standards are now. This is normal — normal, yet shocking, yet miserable.

All I can say is fuck Piers Morgan — please Morgan can you go back to the US now? we’ve all had our fill of your bile for now (and forever).

For anybody who wants to reply to me here and accuse me of not caring about nuclear threats or something — I ask you who are these threats? What situation realistically can you imagine these weapons being of use? Knowing that it would essentially cause Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) as multiple nuclear strategists have consistently pointed out.

Labour and Corbyn are not the threat to our national security – mad men like Morgan, the rest of the mainstream media, and the atomic bomb loving Tories are the real threat to national security.

If they don’t blow us up, they make us homeless, or sick and take away our Drs and hospitals — as I’ve written before the real terrorists are the government and we are all their victims.

Sometimes I wonder if people really want to live or not — they fact they keep procreating indicates they do — so why are they so blind and willing in their own destruction?

I think too much — time to put on ITV and melt into the propaganda and forget all this……apparently Joey Essex is on tonight, and he’s trying to count to three! hahahahahahahahahah! He’s a moron! Aahhahaha hah! I’m literally watching a moron! I’ve worked 10 hours in a mind-numbing job I hate today for some of the lowest wages in the industrialised world and I’m spending my free-time watching a moron!

Spare me, fucking sick of this bullshit.



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