Theresa May’s election campaign started with a flurry of support and enthusiasm from the electorate in Bolton this week.

After a 15 minute-long staged press conference in which journalists weren’t permitted to ask the PM any questions — May’s cavalcade was then greeted by a member of the adorning electorate.

The man — who has since been labeled as a “yob” by the right-wing press — stuck two fingers up at May as she left the press conference.

As we have all come to accept at this point: May is the most beloved politician in the country — so certainly the man’s actions don’t represent the fact that both she and the Tories are some the most hated people in the country.

The right-wing press — The Sun — in an attempt to explain the man’s OUTRAGEOUS show of disrespect for our beloved PM — have claimed that he is making a gun gesture — yet no evidence of this can be found within the accompanying footage…

Feat Image May two fingers

But, it’s not like The Sun would ever lie about such a thing, is it? No, I’m sure that we can all trust everything they “report” — Murdoch is, after all, one of the most honest and noble men in the world.

WATCH: Voter sticks two fingers up at May as she starts her election campaign.

Footage: Twitter — The Sun


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