The Iraq War, launched on a pack of see-through lies — going against the wishes of a population who organised the biggest protest in history — 100,000’s of dead civilians a result.

In the last few weeks, the slaughter of Iraqi civilians by the Allied forces has intensified — one of the most recent incidents being a US-led coalition air strike which killed approximately 230 civilians in Mosul.

Last Monday marked the 14th anniversary of the illegal never ending war crime known formally as the invasion of Iraq.

Those who peddled the lies surrounding the Iraq War have never been held to account, and no doubt they will never face justice.

In this video, The Director of the BBC World Service Group Francesca Unsworth tries to explain why the BBC acted as a propagandist agency for the government — championing and validating the lies that sent our country to war in Iraq — a war that we are still in, with no end in sight.

As is to be expected — she has no answer beyond apparently being ignorant of our government’s lies. She shows absolutely no critical thinking ability, nor the ability or desire to challenge powerful western leaders — she has blood on her hands as far as I’m concerned, and like so many of those in positions of authority she basically denies responsibility and pleads ignorance.

The BBC with its hilarious self-importance and authoritarian tone was set up as a Tory propaganda agency in the 20’s — spouting the Tory Prime Minister’s anti-union speeches, whilst shutting out the Labour Leader’s response — so in nearly 100 years of the BBC, it seems little has changed.

Also interviewed are:

David Mannion — Former ITV Editor in Chief, and current Special Advisor To ITN

Scott Ritter — UN Weapons Inspector, 1991-1998

Mark Curtis — Author “Web of Deceit”

From John Pilger’s 2010 documentary “The War You Don’t See


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