The 20th of March 2017 marked the 14th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq — perhaps then it is no coincidence that this week’s terrorist attack (in which 4 people were killed — the attacker shot dead — and 40 were injured) took place just two days after the anniversary of a war in which hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed — a war based on pack of see through lies — a war that has lead to the creation of ISIS — and a war which we will never win.

The target of the attack was the political class: the terrorist drove into the gates of the Palace of Westminster — running down pedestrians, fatally stabbing a police officer, before being shot dead by the police. As usual, the victims were probably not the primary targets — they were just innocent civilians such is the nature of the chaos created by the legacy of the Iraq War.

The attacks illustrate a common pattern emerging within the west: a lone wolf ex-con — attracted to Islamic terrorism, carrying out some sort of attack mainly on innocent civilians.

The reasons for the attack, and likely motivations behind it, will no doubt (as is the standard practice at this point) be ignored, and disregarded, by our mainstream media — which fails time and time again, to ever give insight into why these attacks are happening, let alone try and explain or understand them.

What is often left out of the debate is the fact that the west has been at war with parts of the middle east for 16 years now — it is a war that has (predictably) lead to widespread misery, suffering, and the deaths of over a million innocent people in those middle eastern countries. Essentially these wars created the monster known as ISIS — a monster which unless we can find some sort of peaceful, sensible diplomatic way to stop, will only continue to grow.

Of course, the opposite is happening — the west time and time again are feeding this monster. Obama’s drone assassination program — now extended under President Trump — which kills 90% civilian targets: people suspected of one day perhaps being a terrorist, have acted as a brilliant recruitment tool for ISIS — just one small example of how we not only started this war but continue to fuel it.

The winners of the terrorist attacks are not just the terrorist’s groups — they are also the global government security system itself. Following these kinds of attacks domestic and global security systems — the state — ramps up its security system, and uses it to impose even more restrictions on the liberty of the population.

The justification for this is always given under the guise of protecting us — there is no evidence to justify this claim. Instead, those security systems are further used to restrict, monitor, and dismantle our civil liberties and freedoms. Thus playing into the hands of ISIS who openly want to restrict our freedoms and liberties.

And no doubt further to this, the increasing demonisation of Muslims as all being terrorists will continue and be escalated, despite the fact that the majority of Muslims oppose and denounce these kinds of terrorist attacks.

The Real Threat Of Terrorism — The State Uses Fear To Control You

The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are about 1 in 20 Million — you are much more likely to be killed by a motorist, or in fact, just by falling out of bed.

And yet despite this, an insane amount of media coverage is dedicated towards terrorism. Perhaps then it should be no surprise that terrorism in the second most worrying concern of the British population according to an extensive survey carried out by The Guardian in 2015.

Survey Terrorism

More people have worried about terrorism than poverty, the economy, and most tellingly involvement in foreign conflict — you would think given the clear correlation between terrorism and foreign policy the two issues would sit side by side as matters to be worried about — apparently not according to the survey.

Perhaps it is the striking images, and random nature of terrorist attacks, covered by the media in a lurid and fevered tone that distorts and exaggerates the threat of terrorism in the mind of the public.

The Sun Terrorist attack — live blog headlineThe Sun Terrorist attack — murderer ploughsThe Sun Terrorist attack — sky newsThe Sun Terrorist attack — Lone wolf maniac]

The victims, and intimate details of their lives and families members displayed in a voyeuristic manner for all to bear witness too. The victims humanized by a media language which gives validity to their lives — we relate to these victims, they could, after all, be us.

The Sun Terrorist attack — 3

BBC victimsBBC victims 2

Vigils held and promoted as a sign of solidarity and remembrance for the victims of the attack.

The Sun Terrorist attack — people unite

Yet, what is often forgotten in the proceeding inevitable chaos and mourning of an ISIS-related terrorist attack, is that this country has been at war with parts of the middle east for 15 years now.

In 2015 it was estimated that around 1.2 Million people have died as direct result of the West’s wars in the middle east following the September 11 attacks. The number could be as high as 2 Million — the truth is nobody really knows, and who is really counting?

The lives of those people are written out of history as if they simply don’t matter — as if they deserved their fate just being born in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Photos from the Iraq War


Salon Victims Iraq WarSalon Victims Iraq War 2Salon Victims Iraq War 3Salon Victims Iraq War 4

The U.S. military’s extensive use of depleted uranium (DU) and white phosphorus in Iraq, has led to a mass of birth defects in Fallujah — the results of which are said to be worse than that of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War 2 (yet another western war crime — the effects of which are still felt to those say). The rate of cancer has also substantially increased since the invasion of Iraq.

These children, born in a state of contortion, and mutation are yet more victims of our war in Iraq, strangely, though, unlike Wednesday’s terror victims in London, they have been hidden away from us, as if they simply don’t exist. The use of DU and white phosphorus are considered illegal under the international law, but of course, the war is illegal in the first place — so it seems almost irrelevant at this point to mention it.

Boy Mouth iraqEye Boy Iraqboy Iraq 2

My beautiful pictureIraq Baby 2

The US recently announced that they have used DU yet again, this time in Syria — the effects will no doubt also be horrific. To punish unborn children for the crime of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time — and then we wonder why some in the Islamic world might hate us?

The amount of British service personnel left sick, wounded or psychologically damaged during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts is said to be as many as 75,000 out of the 220,000 that were deployed according to statistics collated in 2014 — nearly 30% of those who were deployed.

The amount who have died is said to be just above 600 in 2014.

The British services along with other western allies are still in Iraq to this day — fighting a war which we will never win, for reasons that never had anything to with building democracy — a war aim that is now forgotten — looked at as a distant, faint and optimistic fantasy: that’s because it always was.

A war that was based on a pack of see-through lies, and for which those responsible for the horrors of it will most likely face no form of justice. Championed by a media that ignored the realities of the lies that took us to war, preferring instead to simply repeat hysterical, and fraudulent claims about Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Saddam’s links to Jihadists — none of which was true, none of which was even likely to be true.

Failing, as they did to even comprehend the scale of the war they were gunning for, and without any care, for the mass suffering, it was always going to cause. The media now say that they weren’t to know about these obvious lies — perhaps then they should’ve paid more attention to those who protested the war before it even began.

The protests against the war were the biggest protests in history — taking place on a global scale — all, but ignored by the mainstream media, after all, they knew better than we did, they were the enlightened experts.


iraq War biggest protest in history

20-Iraq-March-GettyRome protestsimages

It was, of course, the much demonized current Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn who at the time was one of the few politicians to stand up against the war in Iraq. The media now concedes that they were wrong to champion this war and ignore the people who protested against it — yet, or course they have actually learned nothing as is the ever obedient to power nature of the mainstream media.


We are supposedly locked into a war with Daesh and ISIS — yet those forces increase no matter what the west does. When the western powers rushed into war in Afghanistan in 2001 following the September 11 attacks Jihadi terrorism was all but confined to a small region of Afghanistan — today it has spread outwards across the world — as usual it is the innocent civilians in all of this — in all parts of the world that pay the price for these wars.

Western powers through their reckless actions have substantially increased the amount of terror in the world today — that is because they do not care about the people of the countries they represent, nor anybody else other than their own power elite groups.

And at home, the government also carries out a softer version of a terrorist slaughter of the domestic population: more people have died as result of government policy and austerity since 2010 than British Troops died in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts since 2001.

The modest number of over 2000 disabled people who died shortly after being found fit for work by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), the hundreds of people who have committed suicide as result of the DWP’s decisions, and the estimated 27,000 people who have died as a result of NHS, and social care cuts.

The government then, it must be said, are the true terrorists — who through neglect and insane hard line “free market” neo-liberal ideology are carrying out slaughter on us all.

Not to mention the brave men and women in our armed forces who they sacrifice through a pointless, brutal war for resources such as oil, and of course the innocent civilians we are responsible for killing and mutating across the world.

This makes the political classes outpourings and faux displays of sympathy all the more disgusting to watch, as they bathe in a juice of hypocrisy. Manufacturing these kinds of self-serving messages delivered with the minimum amount of sincerity that one can imagine.

Theresa May Tribute the Sun 1Theresa May Tribute the Sun 2Theresa May Tribute the Sun 3

And then the inevitable rhetoric about “our values” and “freedom” prevailing.

May Response self serving picMay Response self serving 1May Response self serving 2May Response self serving

And yet, of course, the opposite will be true — the attacks will be used to justify clampdowns on “our values” and “freedoms” just as they always are.

Another Terrorist Attack — Another Excuse To Increase The Police State

Yesterday’s attack in which the Kent-born, 52-year-old man named Khalid Masood, drove a car into the gates of Westminster Palace, killing 4 people along the way (including a police officer) before being shot dead — will no doubt become an excuse to increase the militarization and surveillance of the state.

ISIS have apparently claimed that they are responsible for the attack — why would a terrorist organization claim anything other than this? They are after all dedicated to spreading terrorism…

The attack itself resembles more of crazy, ex-con lone wolf style killing spree, rather than some sort of highly organized terrorist attack.

It should be no surprise then that Masood indeed is an ex-con with a record stretching back to the early 1980’s for crimes such as GBH.

BBC Masood 1BBC Masood 2

Of course, ISIS is itself actually a highly organized outfit — and in some ways cannot even be described as a terrorist organization.
ISIS not a terrorist group 1ISIS not a terrorist group 2

They are one of the most well-funded terrorist organizations in the world. Leaked emails from The US’ former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton show that the US was well aware of this fact and that ISIS were receiving this funding from the Qatar and Saudi governments.


Independant Clinton Isis 1Independant Clinton Isis 2

This, of course, is no surprise, the US and UK government have a long and proud history of supporting Suadi Arabia and Jihadists.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most brutal Islamic fundamentalist regimes in the world — chopping off heads in public for crimes such as witchcraft and adultery. We, of course, sell them billions of pounds of weapons which then get used to slaughter thousands of innocent people in the Yemen conflict — yet another humanitrain crisis the west helps to fuel — and nobody in power ever cares about.We fund their brutality by buying their oil and defend their position at the UN Human Rights Council.

15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers were Saudi nationals and it is now believed that high-level officials of the Suadi government were involved in organizing the 9-11 attacks.

In the Afghanistan conflict of the 1980’s Margaret Thatcher proudly armed jihadists to defeat the Russians, as did her US counterpart Ronald Reagan — and of course Osama Bin Laden was one of the Jihadists we armed.

Ronald Reagan meets the Afghan Mujahideen Commanders at the White House in 1985 (Regean Archives)

ISIS may well be one of the most organized, and well-funded terrorist’s groups in the world, yet in the west, it is more of a shambolic and ramshackle affair. Almost all of the ISIS attacks carried out in the west follow the same kind of pattern, carried out by ex-cons acting either in a small group or alone — this is who is attracted to joining ISIS from the west in general, so it should be no surprise that Masood fits the bill.

The anti-terror laws in this country — apparently designed for our own good — will no be further justified now and increased. For our own good and safety (of course).

The terror threat now escalated and of course, security measure increased. This we are told is for our own good — to protect us — yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Terror threat security response

The anti-terror legislation in our country already allows suspects to be detained for a period of up to 14 days — the longest pre-charge detention of any comparable democracy. In the USA the limit is two days, in Ireland, it is seven, in Italy, it is four.

Liberty detention 1Liberty detention 2

Meaning that suspects are held without any charge against them because the state does not have convincing evidence to charge them with.

Keeping people imprisoned without being able to present evidence as to why they are imprisoned — we already live in a police state that violates basic principles of civil liberty. No doubt the latest attack will increase this draconian violation.

These draconian laws have already been abused by the state — and in 2015 terrorism arrests hit an all-time high.

Terrorism charged all time high 1Terrorism charged all time high 2Terrorism charged all time high 3

The number of people convicted is a fraction of those searched, held on suspicion, or charged.

Business Insider Terrorism convictions

The sight of armed police on our streets is becoming increasingly common and unsettling. This summer London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a massive increase in the amount of armed police to be deployed on the streets of London — this time the reason was because of the French attacks over the summer.

Armed police London 1Terrorism charged all time high 1.1Armed police London 2

Whether or not increasing the amount of armed police on the streets actually does decrease the likelihood of a terrorist attack is rarely talked about or mentioned — just that we should do it.

Walking around my local shopping center on a quiet Sunday afternoon — Westfields in Stratford a few months ago — were also groups of armed police. Apparently they were there for our safety — apparently living in a police state makes us safer.

By feeding into this kind of clampdown on liberty, and increasing militarisation of our country we help to justify and further the cause of ISIS. The goal of terrorism is to create terror, to restrict freedom and gain control through fear, yet it seems then that our government, yet again is giving the terrorists what they want. ISIS wants a fight with the west, we always give them one.

To understand the potential for these weapons to be turned on the innocent just turn your mind back to the slaughter of Jean Charles de Menezes — an innocent man gunned down by anti-terror police in Stockwell underground station in 2005…The crime, it seems: being a bit too brown.

the guardian jean charles 2

Of course de Menezes isn’t the only innocent victim of police bullets — they include 7 people gunned down for the crime of displaying signs of mental illness. None of those killed were terrorists either.

UK police shootings 1UK police shootings 2

Apparently, this is the price we pay to be kept safe by the government.

Our government already openly spies on us and monitors our daily lives. They watch through our webcams, read our emails, and listen in on our phone calls. Again, the justification for this will be increased. It is after all for our own good, isn’t it? As usual terrorist prevention was used as a way to silence those who opposed the so-called ‘Snoopers Charter” bill, which essentially legalised what the government was already doing: spying on us all.

Srveilance 1Srveilance 2Srveilance 3

The act suffered a setback in the EU court, who deemed that it went too far, and infringed on privacy — no doubt the latest terrorist attack will be used as another way to justify the snoopers charter.

EU ruling snoopers charter 1EU ruling snoopers charter 2EU ruling snoopers charter 3

The UN Human Rights Council recently released a report stating that this surveillance is completely ineffective at combating terrorism, and infringes on our basic rights to privacy.

UN hUMAN RIGHTC council stop using fear card

They also condemn the way that politicians use fear to justify these infringements on liberty and privacy.

UN hUMAN RIGHTC council stop using fear card 3

We already live in one the most surveilled countries in the “free’ world — CCTV cameras recording in abundance our boring daily routines, again they are just there for our own good, and to protect us. No longer limited to just hanging from ceilings, or stalked on street corners, these cameras are now commonly worn on people’s bodies, are attached to drones, and used in a multiple of other ways.

cameras 2cameras 3

The building of forts around “important areas” of the country that are supposedly at a high level of threat from terrorist attack will also be given further justification, such as this plan to encase the City of London in a wall, with checkpoints along the route — just to make sure “terrorists” don’t get in and do terrorism on bankers. This proposal followed the attacks in Germany just before Christmas 2016.


BBC City Ring of StellBBC City Ring of Stell 1.1BBC City Ring of Stell 1BBC City Ring of Stell 2BBC City Ring of Stell 3

Of course, the financial sector — with its increasing tyrannies on us all — creating poverty for the majority, killing the environment, creating homelessness, and entrapping us in a life of debt and servitude — that kind of terrorism needs, and requires nanny state protection (that you and I as taxpayers inevitably have to foot the bill for.)

The Muslim Community Will Now Be Further Demonised

Within the lack of understanding, and chaos following these kinds of attacks, of course, the demonization of Islam will become even more justified in the eyes of some. Unable, as they are, to understand that Islamic terror is far from being a popular tool, among many Muslims themselves.

Following the September 11 attacks, for example, many prominent Muslims denounced the attacks and were openly appalled by them.

Musilm world condems attacks 1Musilm world condems attacks 2

The former President of Iran Mohammad Khatami expressed the feelings of his country — despite the long-time hostilities between the US and Iran — by saying:

 On behalf of the Iranian people and the Islamic Republic, I denounce the terrorist measures, which led to the killing of defenseless people, and I express my deep sorrow and sympathy with the American people.

And candlelight vigils were held across Iran, born out of solidarity with the victims of  September 11.

vigil Iran

The idea that one group of people are the bad ones — in this case, the Muslims — is a tactic as old as time for controlling the population and distracting them from the real issues causing the problems in their societies.

It is the hallmark of any fascist and totalitarian society to employ this tactic.

Pray for Muslim ban the sun 2Pray for Muslim ban the sun

The Sun Muslim Convert 1The Sun Muslim ConvertThe Sun Muslim Convert 2

This demonisation of all Muslim’s then, in turn, fuels the propaganda, and justification for ISIS recruitment — who desperately want war with the West — ISIS wants to be seen a danger to the west and at war with it — and they want this to be a war involving as many “true Muslims” as possible. By treating all Muslims as if they are terrorists the West plays right into the hands of Jihadi fundamentalists.


This is not saying that Islamic terror has nothing to do with Islam, the ideology comes from a certain interpretation of Islam — one which incidentally our long -time allies Saudi Arabia are responsible for promoting and teaching throughout the middle-east (due to the similarities this is probably why the Saudia’s are so happy to fund ISIS.)

But this doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists, most are not, and most are as appalled as anybody by terrorism whoever is carrying in out. Yes, Islam can be used to motivate some people to carry out acts of atrocity — but as discussed earlier so can so-called principles and rhetoric about spreading democracy. The Bible can also be used to justify war — as many graveyards throughout history can testify too — as can “science” in the form of eugenics which, for example, which saw the slaughter of thousands of jews in the holocaust, and the annihilation of indigenous people by western powers throughout the world.

The majority of Muslims are peaceful that is clear — the reasons why some of them are taking up arms, and carry out terrorist attacks should be understood, rather than simply screamed at by the West who fail to understand the complexities of the wars that their governments have started, and the players on the world stage such as Suadi Arabia — whom our governments have always and no doubt will continue to support.

The demonisation of Muslims does not just come from people as openly disgusting as Steve Bannon, or Donald Trump. It also came from his predecessor Obama, whose drone campaigns killed many innocent people in the middle-east — and who sharply escalated bombing campaigns in those countries. Obama it should be noted was the only President to keep the US at war for his entire two terms in office — the victims, of course, being many innocent Muslims in the middle-east.

He was also the President who started the Muslim ban — a fact which has been distorted after Trump extended the framework laid by Obama for his own Muslim ban — a Muslim ban which went much further than Obama’s. None the less, though, Obama did start the Muslim ban, and unlike Trump’s the media was all too happy to ignore it, illustrating hypocrisy at the heart of the establishment.

It is OK to be Islamophobic, it seems, so long as you do it in the right way.

And, of course, at home we have our beloved Prime Minister Theresa May, who as Home Secretary a few years ago designed billboards attached to the side of vans driven around the country with the words “GO HOME OR FACE ARREST” written in big letters on the side of them — a clear, crude and ridiculous attempt at demonising immigrants — one that is said to have only lead to 11 immigrants actually leaving the country.

Go Home Van 1Go Home Van 2

But, of course, it wasn’t about immigrants leaving, it was about demonising anybody who’s different for the reasons described above — a tactic commonly used by totalitarian dictators such as our own unelected ruler, known formally as the PM.

May’s immigrant bashing van seemed more like a Chris Morris sketch than a real thing, yet it sadly was a real thing.

May also openly refuses to allow in lone refugee children fleeing from wars that we’ve created — Muslims, innocent children — but most importantly just humans who deserve a better life – into the country. After agreeing to take in around 3,000 May slammed the door on these lone children, after generously allowing in just 350 of them.

These are the acceptable forms it seems of Islamaphobia, touted by world leaders as if they are ever acceptable. At least with Trump, the media goes into a fit when he says something, or does something bigoted — they all but ignore it when other world leaders do similar bigoted and disgusting things.

This week’s tragic events deserve the compassion of us all to be given to those victims — and it is in this spirit that I would like to offer to my compassion and thoughts to the victims, but I would also like to extend that compassion and thought to the victims of the multiple atrocities across the world carried out by my government.

We as members of the general population are the ones who pay the highest price for terrorist activity, whether it be carried out in the form of corporate tyranny, state brutality, or Jihadist Islamic fundamentalism.

There can be no doubt that only real winners in all of this are the power systems who gain justification to increase their stranglehold on our liberties, all in the name of protecting us.

The media no doubt will continue to champion the lives of the innocent in our country, and ignore the lives of the innocent who we are responsible for killing in the countries we are in illegal wars with.

The terrorists are easy to spot when they’re dressed like Jihadists and standing next to an ISIS flag with a big sword — they are not so easy to see when they are wearing suits and nice clothes — running the very centers of power that we are all taught to blindly respect, and obey so much.

Yet, the similarities between these groups, have over recent years become impossible to ignore.


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