The Daily Mail has partaken in their favourite past-time following the results of last Thursday’s (23rd February 2017) by-elections in Copeland and Stoke on Trent: making fake news to bash Corbyn.

The aftermath of the by-election in which Labour retained Stoke-on-Trent, but lost the far less significant, marginal constituency of Copeland has seen the mainstream media follow their only prescriptive (and of course totally predictable) course of action:demand that Corbyn steps down immediately!

The Daily Mail displaying its trademark levels of hysteria and laughable hyperbole have, of course, taken this narrative to feverish levels by creating yet more fake news aimed to kill off and discredit Corbyn.


The Mail informs us that a “Rattled Jeremy Corbyn Flies Off The Handle” whilst being asked whether he would be Labour leader in 2020.

They also say that:

After twice trying to dodge questions during an interview with Sky News, Mr Corbyn snapped: ‘I’ve given you a very clear answer, yes.’ He then stalked off.

The article uses pictures taken from a recent Sky News interview — taken at a very specific moment to make Corbyn look like a cross between a lunatic and old man Steptoe:


They also include a video of the interview — which by default plays without sound and sped up — giving the impression that Corbyn’s reaction was more aggressive that it was.

The version below is downloaded from the Mail’s article.

This version is not sped-up— see the original Mail article for the comically sped up version.

Here is a longer version of that same Sky News interview, the Mail cut out over 10 seconds from their article. You can see that the “journalist” asks Corbyn repeatedly about whether or not he will still be Labour leader in 2020. Corbyn responds pretty firmly that he has no plans to quit, he clearly says this twice — and on the third time he slightly loses his patience, however, he does smile at the end, and laugh.

This longer clip shows that the Mail’s claim that:

After twice trying to dodge questions during an interview with Sky News, Mr Corbyn snapped

Is simply fake.

Corbyn had answered the question pretty firmly and enthusiastically twice before saying “yes” — he hadn’t avoided it as the Mail insists.

Corbyn also didn’t fly off the handle as the Mail insists upon, which makes it sound as if he went ballistic and started pummelling the journo.

Rather he lost his patience slightly after being goaded by the same question repeatedly and after making the answer very clear repeatedly. Understandable given the relentlessness of the questioning — normally politicians avoid giving any answers at all and mainstream journalists ask them again (once, maybe twice if we’re lucky) and then move on. Here Corbyn answers the question twice and the journo still keeps on asking!

The saddest aspect of this fake news and the coverage of Corbyn, in general, is that it shows an utter contempt for the reasons that people support him, and democracy at large.

The Mail does not even mention the reasons that Corbyn doesn’t want to step down — the reasons that he shouldn’t step down. As he says in his response he has been elected twice by members of the Party — the base of the party — therefore the base of democracy itself.

As well as this Corbyn understand the damage that the Tories are doing, and why we must fight back against it!

All of which gets ignored by a mainstream media who have nothing but contempt for the people who are suffering — an amount of which is ever increasing after 7 years of Tory rule.

All they care about is trying to get rid of Corbyn, nothing else matters. This narrative is uniform across the mainstream media spectrum, from the ‘left” such as the Guardian to the “right” such as this fake news from the Mail. There is absolutely no regard for the people who support Corbyn, or what he represents here. None.


They simply don’t give a f*ck.

The fact that the country is going to ruins and the only people in politics who care about it and trying to fix it get treated like they are scum, and vilified like this is a symptom of a diseased media — that’s narrowly focused on their own corporate agenda — making sure they get richer and richer — and has nothing to do with the suffering of anybody else.

We all know that they are plotting to get rid of Corbyn—Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s letter to members yesterday tells us quite clearly the depths to which the Blairites are prepared to go.

They will do anything they can to get rid of Corbyn—including losing elections — and including risking more, and more years of Tory destruction.

Is this a democracy? Is this how democracy should function? With mainstream media outlets smearing and creating fake news against politicians who might actually give a f*ck about their readers lives, problems and the future of the country? Is this democracy? Seriously? Is it?

With the mainstream media endlessly ignoring the democratic will of the people — Corbyn’s mandate — the fact that Labour now has the biggest membership of any party in Western Europe.

Does none of this mean anything?

Apparently not, apparently we all just have to accept our fate as if it is a destiny written in stone carved by the holy prophets: Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson.


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