The BBC never misses and the opportunity to try and discredit Jeremy Corbyn do they? Especially when they can combine it with their favourite journalistic practice: making fake news.

Last month (January 2017) Corbyn launched a policy initiative to look at the growing levels of income inequality in the country. One of his policy proposals is to implement a “wage cap” or more accurately a limit by ratio of pay to the bosses of huge corporations so that bosses make no more than 20 times that of the lowest-paid worker in a company. These are just some of the policies being looked at by Corbyn to reduce growing inequality.

Corbyn explains in this video taken from a speech in Peterborough on January 10th this year:

This “wage cap” policy is extremely popular with the electorate as is indicated by consistent polling data. The business community itself is now in a panic about this, and is examining the reasons for the public’s hatred of large corporations as is shown by this article from industry publication “PR Week”.


The BBC however, in an article ironically titled “Reality Check” decided to put Corbyn’s claims of growing inequality under the microscope, and came to the conclusion that inequality hasn’t been growing in recent years — therefore of course, helping to discredit Corbyn’s popular policy proposal:


This really is astoundingly bad journalism, and certainly borders into fake news territory — the BBC goes on to explain how they reached this conclusion:


In the last few years inequality has dropped by a small amount, however these are the charts that they left out — they illustrate quite clearly that the UK has suffered from an extreme growth in income inequality since the Thatcher years — the trend may have slightly declined recently, but we are still highly unequal, and the long term trend is unquestionable that inequality has risen since the beginning of the neo-liberal period. This research has been carried out by The Equality Trust, a charity and research institution that complied this data from the ONS, and a range of similar government agencies.



The BBC also managed (some how) to leave out these charts which illustrate the extent to which the UK is unequal compared to other countries:


There can be no excuse for the omission of this evidence, the BBC are supposed to be a public service broadcaster — do they not think that the public has a right to know all of the information? Instead of just picking at a small bit to try and dismiss Corbyn, and more importantly his policies which might actually help people and reverse the grotesque trend of inequality?

The BBC concludes the article in an intensely strange manner — after doing their best to present evidence to dismiss Corbyn’s fact-based claim they finish by saying:

BBC Corbyn reality Check 6.pngCorbyn wasn’t just talking about the last decade! And even if he was the upwards trend from the 80’s onwards is hardly reversing back to where it was before the 1980’s! Which is what the article suggests.

More nonsense from the BBC who will do anything to smear Corbyn and the actual left. And then they accuse websites like mine of making fake news?

I don’t think the BBC even know what real news is anymore when they come out with BS like this on a daily basis.

In the spirit of Orwell, a lie of omission is still a lie, perhaps The BBC needs to think about that before it publishes articles like this in the future.




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