When Donald Trump announced he would be running for the US presidency over a year ago he was considered a joke by the mainstream media, political pundits, and the entire political establishment. Today he was declared the next President of America, much to the shock of the political establishment, who yet again have proved just how out of touch they are with reality.

Donald Trump’s policies have been widely ignored by the mainstream media. Some of them have the potential to be catastrophic, not just for the US, but the world at large.

The impact of the result will be felt worldwide, and for us, in this country, the way that our government has reacted to Trump’s Victory is an early indication that they support him, and more worryingly his disastrous, and hate filled policies.

This unquestioned support for Trump means that the Tories are also endorsing some of the worst aspects of the policies that he stands for.

And one again Jeremy Corbyn appears to be the only voice of humanity, and dignity in the political establishment.

Trump’s Victory Is Not Shocking

Yesterday the Huffington Post proudly announced that Clinton had a 98% chance of winning. Almost all polling has focused on the fact that Clinton was leading (although they dipped up, and down). The entire political establishment was hell bent on the fact that Clinton would win.

And yet here we are, and they were wrong again. They were wrong about Brexit, just as were wrong about Corbyn with their claims that he would only last a few weeks as leader of the Labour Party. This is how out of touch the establishment is with people. These kinds of “unexpected” and “shocking” results are a testament to that fact.

The Clinton strategy illustrated why she lost. The public simply doesn’t like her for many valid reasons – at the core of this lies the hatred of the establishment which she perfectly embodies. Clinton was not the choice of the people who support the Democratic Party – she was the choice of the elites who run the Democratic Party, and they were hell bent on making sure that she was the nominee and President.

Bernie Sanders would’ve beaten Trump had the DNC chosen to support him instead of Clinton. Polling indicates that he would’ve beaten Trump by about 15 points, and these polls were conducted at a time when the Clinton team was actively trying to smear the Sanders campaign during the primaries.

America liked Bernie’s policies (similar in many respects to Corbyn) and yet the Democratic Party just couldn’t allow him to be run for president. And so, in this vacuum, they have allowed a monster to be put in charge of their country.

What Does Trump Really Stand For?

The mainstream media has failed to report on the policies that Trump advocates. This means that coverage has always focused on surface level issues rather than policy. Some of the worst policies that Trump has advocated have barely been covered, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of American voters aren’t even aware of them or the disastrous ramifications they could have.

Trump said very early on in the contest that he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the US. This is clearly a divisive policy that links all Muslims by default to terrorism. Something which is factually inaccurate, and ironically furthers the goal of Islamic terrorists who desperately want the US to be as hostile as possible to Islam, as this will strengthen the beliefs that lie at the core of Islamic terror.

Trump has said the US needs bring back torture of suspected terrorists (even though it doesn’t work), and that he would kill the family members of suspected members. Again this kind of policy is designed to breed, and spread Islamic terror rather than defeat it.

Trump has stated that he doesn’t support the Geneva Conventions (laws that were designed after World War 2 to govern the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war, and includes a ban on torture and summary executions). Because they do not allow American soldiers to commit acts of torture.

Trump has stated that he wants to deport all undocumented immigrants in America. This would be an expensive project, in and of itself, and research has shown that it could mean that the US will lose 2% of GDP (between $381.5 billion to $623.2 billion in private sector output).

Trump has stated that he wants to get rid of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), and tear up the Paris Climate agreements. At a time when avoiding global warming should be at the forefront of policy making. These proposals have serious, disastrous consequences for the environment and the survival of the human species.

His economic plans could be completely disastrous. Trump plans to cut taxes across the board, but these will benefit the ultra rich the most. Studies of his proposed economic policies have shown that it will reduce federal revenues by $9.5 Trillion and that unless they are supported by significant spending cuts, it will increase the national debt nearly 80% of GDP by 2035. This plan will have dire consequences for America, and unfortunately the rest of the world.

His rejection of TPP and NAFTA at face value seem appealing. However, given the fact that Trump outsources work to foreign countries for his own businesses, it seems unlikely that even if he does scrap these “trade” deals, they will be replaced by something potentially worse.

All of these policies have the potential to wreak havoc, not just in America, but globally. To have a leader of state openly advocating war crimes such as the killing of innocent people should be enough to worry anybody. Trump’s policies illustrate that he has no regard for basic human rights law, the environment, democracy and humanity at large.

The Tories’ Response To Trump’s Victory

In diplomatic terms, it is, of course, vital that world leaders do their best to cooperate with each other. Trump’s victory has lead to a raft of messages from leaders across the world congratulating him. However, within the congratulations, some leaders have made it quite clear that they do not approve of some of the terrible things Trump stands for.

Unfortunately, the Tories appear to support Trump and are willing to support the kinds disgraceful policies he stands for.

The French Prime Minister François Hollande has been far from welcoming of the result saying “that it opens a period of uncertainty” that “must be faced with lucidity and clarity”.

German Chancellor Angela Murkel appears to be having a snipe at Trump in her message to him. She tries to reassert the importance of values that have been lost during this election cycle.

Germany and America are connected by common values: democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for human dignity irrespective of origin, skin colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political conviction. On the basis of these values, I offer the future president of America, Donald Trump, a close working relationship.”

Murkel (certainly no saint when it comes to human rights) indicates here that Germany is willing to withdraw its support of the US if it doesn’t abide by these values. This is a politically subtle way of warning Trump about human rights, abuses, racism, etc.

Our PM Theresa May though shows less concern about this, May said

“Britain and the United States have an enduring and special relationship based on the values of freedom, democracy, and enterprise.”


We are, and will remain, strong and close partners on trade, security, and defense.”


I look forward to working with President-elect Donald Trump, building on these ties to ensure the security and prosperity of our nations in the years ahead.”

Unlike Hollande and Murkle, May doesn’t even call into question her government’s support of America. As much of Trump’s campaign and policies are based on the complete opposite of “freedom & democracy” it seems unlikely that Trump will uphold these values. Rather May is stating that no matter what the US does, she will still support them.

Boris Johnson also gives this unquestioning support to Trump.


And Dan Hannan is only concerned with Trade deals, and most worryingly supports Trump’s disastrous Tax plan…


The Tories response to Trump is unsurprising, to say the least. They show absolutely no concern for the policies of Trump and instead focus on supporting America at all costs.

By supporting Trump like this, the Tories show that they also passively support the things that he stands for. As other world leaders have shown, you can congratulate Trump on his win, but also make it clear that America risks losing support unless they respect and support basic democratic values.

Trump has declared a total ban on Muslims. It is not illegal to be Muslim, and being part of a faith does not make you a criminal by default. That is the kind of policy which has echoes of Nazi Germany, and our government needs to make it clear that they do not support this kind of thing.

The Labour Reaction

Once again Jeremy Corbyn has acted as the voice of sanity and understanding. Corbyn said that Trump’s election is the embodiment of rejection of the establishment, its severe inequality, and declining living standards.

This is a rejection of a failed economic consensus and a governing elite that has been seen not to have listened. And the public anger that has propelled Donald Trump to office has been reflected in political upheavals across the world.”

Corbyn also stated that he does not blindly support Trump, and his policies

some of Trump’s answers to the big questions facing America, and the divisive rhetoric around them, are clearly wrong.”

The reasoned response of Corbyn, and the understanding, and sympathy, he has shown to America regarding Trump’s victory is in a different to that of the Tories.

At a time when morals, laws, truth, logic, decency, and humanity feel as if they have been obliterated , at least the leader of one of our major political parties is willing to stand up, and say that Trump’s policies and rhetoric are wrong.

A lesson which our politicians need to learn or else this country may well descend into the same kind of extreme nationalism that America finds itself in now.

Don’t underestimate Donald Trump, everybody has underestimated him so far, and that has been a fatal mistake . A man who gets into a twitter fight at 3 am with a former Miss Universe will have his finger on the Nuclear button. His plans are dragging the world into a regressive state where scapegoats are persecuted by governments.

Our government needs to maintain links with America for our best interests, but we should not do so that at the cost of values, laws, beliefs, and democrac


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