It feels as if the world of politics is not that dissimilar to a cartoon. Politicians spend so long crafting a public persona, that it seems like they are caricatures rather than serious public figures. This makes the whole farce known as Westminster very hard to take seriously.

And to make matters worse, quite a few prominent political figures closely resemble some very well-known cartoon characters. And strangely also embody many of their characteristics.


PM Theresa May, and Cruella de Vil-can you tell which is which? In the film 101 Dalmations, De Vil wanted to kill puppies. Where as May only wants to kill the poor.


Labour MP Tom Watson and The Simpson’s Cheif Wiggum. Wiggum is, of course, famous for being completely inept. After Watson completely bungled the Labour “chicken coup” to oust Corbyn over the summer it seems they are not a million miles apart.


Ukip’s Nigel Farage, and the Crazy Frog. The Crazy Frog character was so annoying that it actually got banned from TV in the mid 2000’s. Farage, sadly has yet to be banned, despite being far more annoying than the frog.


News International media baron Rupert Murdoch and The Simpson’s Mr Burns. The Simpsons is owned by Fox, one of Murdoch’s many media enterprises. One wonders if Mr Burns is creator Matt Groening’s way of taking a satirical stab at Murdoch’s evil.


Former DWP secretary Ian Duncan Smith and Bert from Sesame Street. Smith is responsible for the mass suffering of millions of benefit claimants, and Bert isn’t it. Perhaps in this case then, the similarities are purely superficial.


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and Rod Hull’s Emu puppet. Which would make the more respectable foreign secretary? The latter I believe is infinitely more competent.


Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond, and Oscar the Grouch. Hammond is a notoriously dull public speaker, however, he doesn’t appear to be particularly grouchy. Although given the dire financial crisis that Brexit has created he probably should be.

Trump-Annoying Orange.jpg

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, and the Annoying Orange. At the point of writing, Trump is closing on Clinton in the polls, and may well be the next President of the United States of America.  If he is unsuccessful, perhaps the GOP will consider the Annoying Orange as their presidential candidate in four years time. It would be tremendous! Believe me!




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