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Analysis Of last night’s C4 Dispatches Undercover Investigation Of Momentum & The Labour Leadership Contest

Before I give you my take on this…

Here’s what an avid Corbyn supporter has said about this program:

Dispatches was weak. It will only reinforce the view that the establishment wants to trash Corbyn. Suspect it’ll have the opposite effect.”

That comes from Zac Goldsmith-The Conservative MP who lost to Sadiq Kahn in the race for London mayor. Obviously he’s not a Corbyn supporter, how ever I agree with him on this point.

Goldsmith seen here in a pose where he is pretending to look concerned, most likely about his millions of pounds worth of inheritance.

For some reason the faction with in the Labour party who are fighting so bitterly against Corbyn, and his supporters, cannot seem to able to learn,that every time they knock him like this, or us, it backfires.

When Corbyn was first elected as Labour leader, a lot of criticism was leveled at him for coming across as being to meek, not aggressive enough, and lacking confidence.

Those criticisms seem to have dissipated now, and Corbyn actually seems stronger than ever, and so does his base of supporters.

And yet they never seem to learn from this. The more you repress and distort it, the more people seem to get involved and interested in it.

Will they ever learn?

NO, they will not.

Anyway, now to look at the actual program: Which was made by the same production company that also produced last years BBC Panorama about Jeremy Corbyn.

As you may recall that was pretty shoddy work, loaded with the usual anti Corbyn bias, that has come to be expected, and very little, if any discussion of policy.

t.The production company is called “Films of Record” and there managing director and executive producer is someone called Neil Grant.

Just to clarify Neil was the Brent East Labour Party Chairman, who apparently isn’t a big fan of Ken Livingstone.

Nice to know there’s no partiality bias here then.

First of all, and I would say this about whatever subject they were covering, whether it be for the Tories or UKIP.

The journalism itself was self congratulating, and of very poor quality.

What kind of undercover investigation sets out to prove things that public is already aware of?

Momentum hold public meetings where any one can go. There leaders, and members are open about the views of the organisation.

What did we learn from this? What was the point in doing this investigation?

The central narrative was that momentum are some sort of dangerous militant hard left organisation, hell bent on taking over The Labour Party.

Once again we hear of people being “Trots” in The Labour Party.

Trotsky seen here thinking about socialism, whilst wearing glasses made of socialist ideas, from inside a socialist shirt.

Although there are clearly quite a small group of people who associate themselves with this label, what is never explained is why being a “Trot” is apparently so dangerous, and awful?

Trotsky’s brand of socialism, blended socialist ideas, with the ideas of Marx-so basically you end up with workers owning the means of production, and the re-distribution of wealth.

It’s not really a radical idea, and although I don’t subscribe to it, I don’t see how what is dangerous about it.

I don’t really know why people push for the ideas of Trotsky, over say the more sound and practical polices of socialist-democracy.

It’s up to them really, I guess….. The representatives from Momentum have made it clear that it is there personal belief, and are not inflicting it on anybody else who joins the group.

I don’t see a major issue or problem here. People get very scared when anybody talks of bringing down capitalism in any form, or opposing it.

As if capitalism is some sort of sacred god, that must never be challenged.

But we currently do not even live in a capitalist system. Capitalism is an ideology, and at its core is supposed to represent the free market, make or break markets, and business.

Yet when the biggest capitalist industry fails-the financial sector, as happened in 2008, causing our generations version of the great depression.

The Great Depression of the 30’s, hey kids don’t throw those signs out! we’ll need them again in  80 years time!

The “capitalists” are bailed out by the taxpayer, and the state.

If we had a truer version of capitalism, we and the banks would’ve all gone bust.

And that would be that.

What we have now, should really be described as state supported & taxpayer funded capitalism.

That is the reality of the financial system we currently have. The state supports and funds what is called capitalism, and often the way that this done, means that the state is funding growing vast wealth in equality, decreasing employment standards, higher cost of living for the majority, etc.

The only really difference between the system we currently have, and what is proposed by Corbyn, and the majority of his supporters is that the state can use the same money that it currently does funding the private sector, to fund the public one more.

All that really happens is we cut out the financial institutions, and private companies to an acceptable degree.

This in turn creates more jobs, a wider range of wealth, more opportunities for more people, etc.

As opposed to making a select few ultra rich, at the expense of the state, and to the detriment of everybody else.

Is this radical? Is this a radical policy?

This is the discussion that we should be having, and yet we never seem to. Instead the media focuses on everything but policy….

So far we’ve had the following labels thrown at supporters of Corbyn, and Corbyn himself:

anti Semitic
terrorist sympathisers/supporters

I’m sure there’s more, you lose track of this bollocks in the end…..

The program targets Momentum as an organisation that is some how shady, and are using these dangerous hard left political views to oust any MP, or Councillors in the Labour Party that they don’t agree with.

And then these MP’s are painted as if they are victims of a witch hunt.

Well the simple fact is those MP’s need to fight for their positions, and be held accountable to the people who elect them.

They need to make the best case that they can to the electorate, and there opponents need to do the same. These MP’s act as if they are some how above being challenged by anybody who opposes them.

They are claiming that they face intimidation and threats at the hands of momentum, and Corbyn supporters.

If these things are true, then they need to go to the police, and have this investigated, and follow the procedure of the law.

Just like you, and I, would if were faced with threats, as they claim to be.

But the fact that they act as if it is some how wrong, that they should be challenged with in their own party is ridiculous. They need to answer to their electorate, and they need to make the best case that they can, to be elected, and the same is true of all other politicians.

It’s called democracy, I know it’s an alien concept to our elected politicians, but please, at least try and pretend you understand it.

As long as the debates, and elections are fair, and held mainly around policy, and track record, then what’s the problem here?

The last point made by the program concerns what they deem to be the mass brainwashing of young people by Momentum, and therefore Corbyn.

How sad, and how patronising, can you get?

This kind of narrative is aimed to scare parents into thinking that if there child supports Corbyn, then they are some how being indoctrinated into some sort of Maoist cult.

Once again we have the tactics of fear being used to get people into line.

The reason that young people are supporting either Momentum, or Corbyn, believe it, or not, is not because they are being brain washed and having “socialist microchips” implanted into the back of their fucking heads by demented Momentum volunteers.

It’s because they are interested in what Corbyn is offering in terms of policy! It is obviously where the appeal comes from! For fuck sake….

The same thing happened in America during the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee contest. Bernie Sanders found a huge support base, mainly composed of young people.

Bernie Sanders who looks a lot like a mad scientist, and if it wasn’t for the endemic voter suppression, and corruption of the Democratic Party, may well have become their presidential nominee & most likely according to polls the next president of America

Could it be because this generation has grown up with massive student debt, to come out into an economy were nobody apart from the privileged seem to get a fucking decent job? Where the jobs going are clearly terrible, and badly paid, and insecure. Could it be because nobody can afford to buy a house? and we don’t have council housing as an option? and private renting fucks us over constantly. Could it be because we are sick of being treated like rubbish just for trying to do the right thing? People in the professions are getting fucked constantly, with Dr’s , teachers, nurses, lawyers, all being squeezed and pushed constantly, to work for less money, security, and for longer fucking hours! Could it be because we are sick of train companies and all the other shit that the state has sold off, being run badly, and again fucking us over in the process? Could it be because we are sick of seeing the NHS essentially raped, under funded, and forced into privatisation?

Just some of the reasons that young people are supporting Corbyn. Issues which are normally completely ignored by politicians…….

But no, apparently it’s because we’ve all been brain washed by Momentum.

Undercover footage from Dispatches. A Momentum volunteer gives a socialist lobotomy to a young person. Moments later the victim was found jigging in motions that resemble Mao’s Communist dance.

How sad.

The reality is the future lies with young people, and the fact that politicians like Corbyn, and Sanders appeal to them is a real reason to be optimistic for the future.

The older generation will of course die off, and the younger ones will of course take over.

But the problem is many young people themselves, are socially liberal (a good thing) but often financially conservative, and as a by product of this often do not realise fully that in fact they are being well and truly fucked over, by the economic system they were born into.

They tend to support the side of business, and markets, whilst holding the belief that they one day, can climb up that ladder of success so long as they try hard enough.

We know that this statistically isn’t true, and that social mobility in the life time of Millennials, has steadily decreased, and will continue to do so, unless action is taken.

It is baffling to me how obedient, a lot of young people actually are to a system which does nothing but exploit them.

Not only are they obedient to it, they embrace it! and support it! for fear of looking like a failure, who doesn’t want to work hard.

The young need to wake the fuck up, and the need to take action. The old people who vote, created this nonsense, they created our generation, we have been laden with the terrible problems, that come from there terrible choices, and complete apathy while things continue to get worse and worse for the young people that they made in the first fucking place!

It’s time to wake the fuck up, and demand better, and demand more.

Programs like this one are designed simply to create fear of the left, and that is all. They are designed to scare middle England into again being ever more obedient.

And it will work, maybe it’s backfired slightly, but to some it will work. It will create more fear of the Corbyn, and socialism.

That’s the saddest aspect of all of this nonsense, it does stick to some degree….

It is a sad use of journalism, one which perhaps more fits the term:


Propaganda from 1909, nice to see we’ve made progress over the last 100 years..



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