Taking A Look At The New Prime Minister & The Debacle Known As The Tory Leadership Race.

Last Monday I predicted that Theresa May would be the next PM.  And here we are just over a week later, and tomorrow she will officially command the reigns of power. Only after Cameron has met the Queen, and asked for her permission to leave the government:

‘Queen can I please go now? you know I never wanted this job anyway. I’ve done my best to run the country into the ground, I can assure you, but there’s only so much damage I can do, your majesty”.

May is a strange choice to lead the country through the EU divorce, after all she had enough problems dealing with one immigrant.

Hamza 2

Abu Hamza showing off his favourite glove puppet, whom he named “Stabby”. SHOW OFF!

The whole Abu Hamza debacle was so funny, it was kind of like an old Wylie Kyote cartoon, where the Road Runner would outsmart him at every turn…..

Now I know a large part of that was to do with the much hated European Court of Human Rights, but still…not a great start, nor a great outlook for negotiating skills with Europe is it?

So how will she deal with the billions and billions, and billions of immigrants that refuse to leave our wonderful island. I imagine they’ll be too busy stealing medical supplies, parts of hospitals, and Doctors from us to even care much about it.

How to Get Rid Of Immigrants: A Solution

I propose that we put adverts up in every single polski sklep shop in the land advertising a “bonanza benefits give away-and a payment of £200 just for going to The GP, whether or not you’re sick”. And the location to claim the prize could be a massive boat disguised as a big can of polish beer, and when they all flock to the boat, as they will….BOOM! Off it goes into the ancient and backwards lands of other places that aren’t here. Take your interesting culture with you! There’s no place for it The UK, thank you very much.

Problem solved, then, it’s just a case of building a wall, to keep them out, actually we could get them to build the wall first! Just like Trump suggested the Mexicans do in America! Can I be part of the Brexit cabinet now?! I’ve got solutions! I’ve got brain!

I can’t wait until they all fuck off! They can go and do shitty jobs in their own country thank you very much, jobs like being a doctor, a nurse, a bus driver, a train driver. We’ve got enough professionals in the vital service as it is! It’s not like The NHS would collapse without immigrants working in it, is it? Hmmmmm…

Tory Leadership “Contest” A fight Which Involved Giving Up & Dropping Out As Soon As Possible

The Tory leaderships contest, has redefined the meaning of the word contest. A contest now seems to involves withdrawing from the race, as soon as you can. It was if they were willingly being picked off by some invisible political sniper.

That’s the strange thing about The Conservatives: They claim to be the party of individualism. They claim that:

Individuals competing,against each other, in some sort of daily bloodletting exercise, drives innovation, and provides the best results for all just like in business.

This heavy emphasis on competition providing better results for all, is The Conservative model of running the country. From private sector to public sector, everything is now underpinned through policy by this logic. Except for when it comes to the contest to be the next Prime Minster, in which case, fuck it, don’t compete, just lay down as you’re told.


By Friday last week we were down to two women. They are worlds apart in their backgrounds and political views:

May Leadsom

As you can see from this insightful article by The BBC.

So they are both middle aged, both women, both have a background in the finance sector. May grew up in a religious household. Leadsom is a devoted Christian to the point at which she takes part in bible study groups with other MP’s. I quite like the idea of a bunch of Conservatives preying for redemption, god knows they need to.

The both went to Grammar Schools and both went to Russell group universities. Wow! now that’s variety!

But they’re not all both the same……

Leadson Mother

The one difference between the two made all the difference for Leadson on Saturday- Children. She has children, and May doesn’t, and apparently that’s a matter of huge political importance.

Due to the high levels of stupidity involved in this comment by Leadsom, she had to apologise for it. And then on Monday she withdrew from the leadership race. I’d never heard of her before last week, so I guess we can, and will all forget about her now.

Actually there was one other difference between the two.




That’s pretty interesting….Nobody who supported the vote leave campaign, has actually got a leadership role from Brexit (well, yet, and until the cabinet is shuffled.)


May next PM Labour Leadership


The Daily Mail in particular paint May as being anti establishment. This is on the basis that 1. woman 2. didn’t go to Eton. The whole anti establishment thing is popular at the moment, as politicians themselves are so unpopular, and the majority of politicians are the establishment. Therefore they paint her as being one of us, not one of them. See the Farage template, and design patent for more details, on how to manufacture an anti establishment, establishment politician.Sad.

Anti Establishment-Daily Mail May

Wow what a rebel, she didn’t go to Eton! fuck man, I’m not sure if we should trust her, SHE MIGHT RAPE ME, AND MY CHILDREN THAT I DON’T AND WILL NEVER HAVE!

Also they keep going on about her fucking shoes, what the fuck has this got to do with anything? How sad to think that people consider this news. How sad to care about what other people have on their feet to begin with.

Although it did lead to this amazing front page art work by The Sun.


Taking Conservatives From Centre Right, To Centre Right & Pretending To Be Slightly To The left. Business As Usual Then, BUT NOW WITH A VAGINA!

To be fair to The Conservatives, and although they will never admit it, they have had to adjust their strategy slightly. After the Brexit vote, they finally are getting message that people are sick of them, and that they are hurting. They understand that they have to reform, and appear as if they are about building a more equal society now.

Just before Leadsom dropped out, May gave a speech in Birmingham, a city so boring that people may have actually gone to watch her. It gives us an insight into the way the Conservatives have to had to re shape there rhetoric.

This is a different kind of Conservatism”

Right, so what does that mean?

If we’re going to govern in the interests of the whole country, we cannot become defined exclusively by the process of our withdrawal from the EU. That is an important job and we’re going to get it done. But we also need a Government that will deliver serious social reform – and make ours a country that truly works for everyone.”

Ahh yes, a country that works for everyone, I see, and there’s some social justice involved apparently? YAY, JUSTICE! FINALLY! Now let’s find those evil bankers, who cause all the problems, and feed them money until they die of poisoning! Hmmm, I think some one might have been studying The Hilary Clinton guide to being on the centre right..

Right now, if you’re born poor, you will die on average nine years earlier than others. If you’re black, you’re treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you’re white. If you’re a white working-class boy, you’re less likely than anybody else to go to university. If you’re at a state school, you’re less likely to reach the top professions than if you’re educated privately. If you’re a woman, you still earn less than a man. If you suffer from mental health problems, there’s too often not enough help to hand. If you’re young, you’ll find it harder than ever before to own your own home.”

OK, people it’s official WE HAVE A CLINTON CLONE. This is exactly the same as the Clinton strategy, she is focusing on social issues that affect people, and pretending to understand the problems people face. This kind of speech has traditionally been considered to be on the left of the spectrum. What she is saying here is similar to both Corbyn, and in The US Bernie Sanders.

This shows that although they will not really solve these problems, the Conservatives understand that, these issues are what caused people to vote leave. And they are the same issues that attract support for Corbyn.

I will set out my plans to take our economy through this period of uncertainty, to get the economy growing strongly across all parts of the country, to deal with Britain’s longstanding productivity problem, to create more well-paid jobs, to negotiate the best terms for Britain’s departure from the European Union – and to forge a new role for ourselves in the world.”

OK, so now she is talking about rebuilding the manufacturing base of the economy, and providing people with better paid jobs. Of course she doesn’t state the means for doing this, but let’s see what happens….

Monetary policy – in the form of super-low interest rates and quantitative easing – has helped those on the property ladder at the expense of those who can’t afford to own their own home.”

Not sure how true that is, I can think of far better ways to use QE, which is mainly used to fund the financial sector, OK, yes part of that involves building houses, but it mainly doesn’t. QE can be used for a lot of things, for instance: writing off student debt, helping people build businesses, investing in infrastructure, investing in science….

I want to see an energy policy that emphasises the reliability of supply and lower costs for users.”

So now we have something useful, lower energy costs. Hey does that involve green energy, by any chance? Nahhhh, fuck it, we’re only killing the species through global warming anyway. Crank up that heating! You can afford it now! It’s only July! And we’re all freezing! Yay! Climate change rules!

Two years ago the Government almost allowed AstraZeneca to be sold to Pfizer, the US company with a track record of asset stripping and whose self-confessed attraction to the deal was to avoid tax. A proper industrial strategy wouldn’t automatically stop the sale of British firms to foreign ones, but it should be capable of stepping in to defend a sector that is as important as pharmaceuticals is to Britain.”

Right, so some protectionism is good, and the state should some times step in to stop the sale of a British business to a global giant, but only if the purpose of the sale is to avoid tax. Uhuh right, so tax avoision is now top of the agenda and May is part of the crackdown on globalisation/corporations taking over everything. But only sometimes….what is the point…

Unless we deal with the housing deficit, we will see house prices keep on rising. Young people will find it even harder to afford their own home. The divide between those who inherit wealth and those who don’t will become more pronounced. And more and more of the country’s money will go into expensive housing instead of more productive investments that generate more economic growth.”

OK, good point, any idea what to do about it? Productive growth? How?

So that’s just some of the speech. It’s pretty vague, and in many ways it’s just more of the same old Tory bollocks, about making working people’s lives better, whilst actually as the track record shows from 1979 on wards they actually get worse, and worse….

However by focusing on areas like “social justice” and equality, it sends the message that “we understand you now”. All of you plebs…sorry I mean people out there, who can’t progress, but want to. If she focuses on social issues, such as the treatment of black people, and the poor, she may gain some attention from those groups….

May will fail to deliver any thing positive I’m sure. Well they have 4 years to sort this out. I personally hope they make things worse, and worse, so that finally people might consider the opposition. Which will hopefully still be Corbyn, or similar….Eagle please fuck off! Nobody likes you! Can you understand!

All in all May is more of the same. Expect that the press will endlessly go on about her being a woman, with stupid, and pointless Thatcher comparisons, equality, etc.

May worked in the banking sector, went into politics, we know who she really cares about. And trust me, it ain’t the poor, the blacks, or women..

I guess the Conservatives just wanted to get this all sorted before Parliament goes on summer holidays in a few weeks, wouldn’t want the small matter of major constitutional reform, an economy in free-fall, and the potential outbreak of a civil war, to get in the way of enjoying a bottle of wine, in your villa in the south of France now would we?


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