First Cameron Resigns, Then Johnson Steps Down From Tory Leadership Race And Now…..

Nigel (my great grandparents were German immigrants. And I’m an incredibly wealthy banking prick, who pretends to represent the average man, by holding a pint, and a fag in every fucking photo opportunity available) Farage quit as leader of UKIP for the 3rd time in 8 years (at least he’s actually consistently committed to something other than racism: resignation) and nobody is surprised.

What the fuck is going on?

Is it just me or does Nigel Farage resemble some sort of human incarnation of the crazy frog character? The one that was so madness inducing that it had to banned from TV in the mid 2000’s. Just to prevent the population from developing the first ever case of mass schizophrenia. What a shame a similar ban hasn’t been imposed on Farage….


Perhaps they are the actually the same cartoon character? Hey Alex Jones, I’ve got a new conspiracy theory for you, it’s a bit more sensible, and logical than what you’re used to, but hey anything to get more idiots, sorry I viewers as you call them, right.

Alex Jones interviews his hero Nigel Farage in a very strange meeting of non-minds here.

Farage bid farewell amid a sea of teary eyes telling us the inspirational words:

“done my bit”

Ah, yes this will, I’m sure go down as one the greatest speeches ever written.

Yes, you have done your bit, thanks Nigel, much appreciated mate. The country thanks you for all the good work you’ve done. You complete idiot.

What Farage has done by quitting is a bit like taking somebody who has special needs, giving them a lighter, filling their house with gas, encouraging them to ignite it, and then running out the door as they are about to do so. And then legging it as fast as possible when it explodes, getting on a plane and spending the rest of your life with your feet up in the Bahamas.

Reckless, stupid, damaging, and kind of funny in a very sick way…

I done my bit” how pathetic. I don’t know….How about you also stand up for the things you say you believe in now that you have a chance to?

Two of the most prominent figures in the leave campaign have basically abandoned the project, despite WINNING. Do they not understand the concept of WINNING? If you win something, why would you just stop doing it? Doesn’t it prove that you’re right?

Why doesn’t Usain Bolt do that? When he’s half way through a race, why doesn’t he just stop, and quit? When he could go the whole way, win the race, and get a big shiny medal made of out of the concept of winning itself, and gold, and prove he’s the fastest man in the world, or whatever thing it is that he’s good at. Why doesn’t he just let some one else win instead, after all it wouldn’t be fair of him to deprive them of the chance of winning, would it?

Unless I don’t know, you didn’t mean anything you said when you were campaigning, and it was all complete bollocks based on fantasy, and none of what you said would happen was possible. And now you don’t want to take responsibility for an absolute fucking mess you’ve created.

I thought that the far right believed in taking personal responsibility for your own actions? And not taking the easy way out.

Their own leaders, cannot even demonstrate this belief…..How sad.

What Happens To UKIP Now?

I guess they’ll get some one worse as is the standard state of play on the right, and then we’ll all suffer more, because they’ll become more popular, because people can’t learn from their own stupidity.Yay!

The Grim Future of British Politics

Boris Johnson (BJ) announced that he would wouldn’t be running in the conservatives latest fuck fest to find a new PM.

There’s been a lot talk of treachery, and backstabbing by Micheal Gove, and this is given as the reason that BJ has stepped down. Erm, yeah, that’s so likely isn’t it?

The leave campaign lead by Gove and BJ, was one of the dirtiest I have ever seen in British politics. The spin coming out of Tory HQ has at this point become enough to make a corpse dizzy.

The old saying “there is no honour among cunts” springs to mind.

These guys so publicly fuck each other over, and then people wonder why they don’t give a fuck about them? Why would you trust people who are so openly horrible to their own colleagues? Let alone anyone else.

Another reason given is that Murdoch doesn’t like a BJ much. Hmmm really? Maybe that’s true… but if it is then why did The Sun run so many pro BJ stories after Brexit? The day before he announced he wouldn’t be standing in the leadership race:

The Sun BJ Final

Wouldn’t want to stand in the way of the BOJO BOMENTUM, led by the BREXIT MASTERMIND. Wow, how stupid can you be to make up words like Bojo, and bomentum. Is it really to much work to say Boris Johnson, or BJ. And the next day he quit. So that’s that then. Wow the vote remain camp, are really following through on all the stuff they promised aren’t they? And that seems to mainly involve walking out, washing your hands of the whole thing, and saying “fuck you all”.

The reality I suspect is that, BJ is not stupid to the point where he’d actually want to be PM, and enact article 50 so that we can leave The EU.

No that job has to fall to a real idiot, a really really reckless ONE idiot. Talking of which let’s have a look at the contestants for:

Britain’s next PM!

You don’t get to vote for them, but you’ll have to live under their rule for the next 4 years. YAY! Democracy!

Theresa May who is the odds on favourite according to Ladbrokes at 4/11.


Here is a picture of her trying to imitate some sort of human emotion, but much like the cast of Made in Chelsea just can’t quite do it. Come on Theresa! you can operate those facial muscles to form some sort of expression if you try hard enough, I’m sure!

Expect ideas of Thatcher, and the fact she is woman (which for some reason is relevant, whether or not the candidate is any good or not) to be evoked in order to gain support from thick people.

Her campaign will look a lot like Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign in this respect. I predict she will be the next PM,


The question is:

is she she enough of a lunatic to take the job?

Hmmm, I can think of only one person who fits that bill:

Michael Gove


Seen here, looking like a brainless moron, therefore making this the most accurate portrayal of Gove on record.

Wahooo! Yeah! Michael Gove! Yeah, he seems like he’d do a great job of running the country, after all he done a great job during his time as secretary of State for Education! He managed to piss teachers off more than any other modern politician!

Michael Gove’s policies now have children in schools, being tested on made up words. Let me say that again….. children are now tested, and judged on their ability to pronounce made up words. They call them “alien” words, or “pseudo” words. I believe the correct term is “utter bollocks words”. It’s kind of like the alien, and pseudo science that phonics is based on.

Watch here to see phonics in action!

Alien Words

Is this seriously the best way to teach children English?

Hmm I wonder if this is a tactic to increase The Sun’s readership? They like making up words to! BOJO, anyone?

Seriously though what the fuck is this? Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t you just teach them real words? What is the point of doing this? Seriously, children in Year 2 are tested on this. Parents you should complain, because if I had a child and they spent any time in school learning made up words, as opposed to learning real ones, I would be pretty fucking angry. How sad for these children, how humiliating for the staff to have to do this.

As well as that he banned the teaching of anything other than British classics in English. And promoted the academy system which has so many problems with it, I just don’t have time to cover them right now.

Point being Gove is an idiot. The worst kind of idiot, the kind that has power, and seeks even more of it.


There are some other candidates too, Liam Fox- the guy trying to destroy The NHS right now….

…Oh god I can’t do this with out a line of something to keep me going. Anyway the others probably won’t win, so moving on.

Come on Corbyn! Leave! GO! GET OUT! GO!”

An actual quote, from an actual idiot, in an actual newspaper, actually in all newspapers, and all TV, and sadly from the MP’s and Members of the Shadow Cabinet of the Labour party.


MONSTER HE WANTS TO EAT YOUR BABY FOR BREAKFAST. Corbyn dressed in his usual hipster “look at me I’m so bloody cool” attire, and beard.

During all this confusion, and madness, and division in the Tory Party Labour could’ve been taking advantage. Instead what do these idiots do?

20 members of the shadow cabinet resign, and they attempt to yet again try and get rid of Corbyn.

It must be that time of the day again, wait no that time of the hour, wait no that time of the minute to try and get rid of Corbyn.

You could say, well OK he was on the losing side like Cameron, and Cameron’s gone, so why doesn’t Corbyn. There has also been a lot of disappointed expressed in Corbyn by those who supported him in his leadership campaign, and some of that is understandable.

But remember this:

There is nobody better than Corbyn in The Labour party to implement the kinds of policies we need right now.

Corbyn has been more successful than given credit for. For instance he has managed to shift the Tories to left on some welfare cuts. That’s not insignificant, would it happened without him, who knows? But it’s certainly less likely.

So you know credit where credit is due. Can you imagine being Corbyn? he is a tough old bastard. Everyday from the media he is told he should step down, and with in his own party they plot and scheme against him as if he the devil incarnate. Everyday he is talked about as if he is an enemy, they lie about him being anti Semitic, they distort his relationship with Hezbollah. I mean anything that the media, his own party, and the opposition can do to get rid of him, they will do.

And what is his crime? What makes him so evil? His policies? Can some one explain what is wrong with Corbyn’s policies, and then we’ll talk about getting rid of him.

How sad that The Labour Party, the same one that implemented The NHS, now acts like this when they have a moderate left leader. As opposed to a centre right leader like Blair. How sad, and also how isolated from reality the majority of The LPP are right now.

Looking ahead.


Parliament goes on holiday in a couple of weeks, and then MP’s will do the only thing the British people really want them to:

Leave the country.

I think Labour needs to stick to Corbyn, if the LPP won’t then fuck ’em. The actual members of the Labour Party, normal people can support him instead.

A lot of promises were made during Brexit by the leave camp. So I think we should all demand that those promises are kept!

If they said they would open more libraries because of money saved Demand it.

If they said that they would spend more on The NHS, demand it.

If they said it would create jobs demand it.

If they said they would get rid of immigrants, then demand it!

The NHS is made up of immigrant labour at every tier, especially the professional level.

Demand for them to be sent back, and then see how easy it is to get an appointment with your GP. Remember the conservative argument about personal responsibility, yes!

Must take responsibility for your actions, except for when your own stupid actions end up hurting you that is.

In which case as demonstrated here by the far right nationalists, jump ship and force some else to sort out the mess you created.

Funny because that’s what the far right always accuse liberals of doing…..



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