The Vote to leave The EU is said to be a vote to make Britain great again.

To make it Great Britain again, but this can only achieved if we look at why Britain was great in the past.

Blaming the decline of Britain over the years on The EU, and immigrants is simply incorrect.

Immigration and The EU, have been used as a scapegoat to distract from the underlying problems of the country.

And those underlying problems have been ignored by all mainstream political parties for the last 40 years.

And now people are expressing a defiance against those in establishment politics by voting for Brexit.

But by directing their anger at immigrants and The EU, they are not being presented with a real solution to the problems they face.

They are being presented with a fantasy solution, that will take the country back in time, to when things were better.

But we cannot go back in time, and the world has changed a lot since The UK joined The EU in 1973.

I Believe that the sentiment expressed in regressing to the past may be useful, but in a different way to the one presented to us by the vote.

Here we will look at the reason the past may well have been better, and why we need to regress to these ideas in order to progress.

And it has nothing It has to do leaving The EU, or closing the borders to immigrants….

After Brexit we stand at a crossroads in time. If mainstream politicians continue to ignore the needs of the people who are suffering, and fail to present better solutions, then the desire to regress will only have negative consequences. And they risk pushing people into the hands of the far right movements nationalist, and that rarely achieves anything good……

BrexitA Negative Vote

The Brexit vote itself was essentially a negative one. It doesn’t feel as if anybody on either side were voting for something, but rather against it.

By voting to leave you were voting against the EU, and all that you may associate with it.

By voting to remain you were voting against the current government, so as to give them less power, and against damaging the economy, etc.

But really neither side of the vote is offering much:

The leave campaign used Ideas of national pride, and keeping Britain for the British, but that itself doesn’t really offer anything of substance.

It doesn’t offer an optimistic, and real solution to the problems faced by the people who voted to leave.

Declaration Of Useless Defiance

The decision to leave is a declaration of defiance, that presents no real mechanism by which positive change can be achieved.

It is this declaration of defiance, that I find the most interesting aspect of Brexit.

BrexitA Democratic Form of Mass Confusion

This vote is the most un democratic I have ever seen. In order to have an effective democracy, you need an informed electorate, making decisions based on facts, evidence & realistic projections.

In the same way that if you are the member of a jury, you are presented with both sides of the case: defence and prosecution, with facts and evidence, before you would convict some one accused of murder.

It would be considered a miscarriage of justice if members of a jury convicted the defendant in a murder trial, and sentenced them to life, when they openly admit to the judge that they find the case on both sides confusing.

So why is this now acceptable with in democracy?

Below is a useful insight into the British Psyche courtesy of google analytics. This is what people were searching for as the results started coming in:

What does Brexit Mean Google

The fact that anybody is searching these things after the vote has finished is pretty astounding. Why would you search these things after you’ve voted? It kind of says it all really.

If it is a vote of defiance, then why is there so much confusion around it? This typifies the mood of our time, people are angry and need change, but they are confused as to how to achieve this.


Who Voted To Leave?

The trends shown among those who voted to leave are pretty striking. They tended to be older, less educated, poorer, live in a town or rural environment, and not have a passport.

Northern Ireland & Scotland wanted to stay by pretty big margins. And now we face further divisions as they may hold their own referendums, and decide to leave the UK.

Basically if you live in England-The older and poorer you are the more likely you were to vote to leave.

So why are these people choosing to leave The EU, when they may not even understand the question posed by the referendum?

Immigration Used As A Distraction

Immigration and The EU has been used as distraction in the media, UKIP, and other political parties for many years now.

The Sun Romanians in car park

As is illustrated by the Sun “newspaper”, in this hilarious depiction of the luxurious immigrant lifestyle. I think the UK should use this a tourist advert “come and stay in one of our many beautiful British car parks!


Daily Mail Benefits

And here we have The Daily Mail displaying it’s usual calm and rational approach to immigrants. The Daily Mail is very much the print version of a fat middle aged, lower middle class, hysterical woman who is approaching the menopause, and shouts and cries out of the hormonal anguish this “natural change” causes. It is worth remembering at this point that the majority of immigrants to the UK actually work in institutions like The NHS, and therefore are contributing not just financially to the country, but in a broader societal manner too. Hey Daily Mail why don’t you write about that? You fucking shit rag!

DM Judge Tells Truth

The Daily Mail informs us of what’s happening with the Syrian refugees. They’re not people fleeing from war, ISIS, and a brutal regime, and seeking some quality of life. They just want benefits! Yay! Benefits!

DM fuck The UK.png

I agree with the migrants on this one. Fuck The UK indeed, how dare they swear and throw stones, it’s almost as if they really need help right now, and are begging for it, as if they’re trying to come to a better place on a boat, and being turned away. It wouldn’t make me angry if I was in that position like that.

All of this hatred is a total misdirection, and it has led to people having a very skewed view of the world they live in.

By blaming all the problems on immigration and The EU, we miss looking at the real problem:

They have told these people that that EU is the root cause of all the problems.

Instead of focusing on the real problem:

Economic Policies That Have Fucked us Over For The Last 40 Years.

Since The UK joined The EU IN 1973-The poor have been getting poorer, the gap between the very rich & everybody else is widening.

The poor in general have seen a real decline in living standards, and opportunity of the last 40 years.

The gap between the bottom of society, the very poor of which is around 14 million in the UK, and everybody else has been widening, and widening ever since the Thatcher years.

Based on the latest statistics available from 2009 on poverty, and income inequality in the UK:

The poorest 10th have seen a decrease in income since 1998/99

The Richest 10th have seen an increase in income in the same period from 28% to 31%

Since 1979 the level of overall income inequality has risen, and risen, and risen.

Gini Wealth Inequality graph

The above chart illustrates the wealth gap between those at the very top, and everybody else…….

And it has nothing to do with immigrants.

But it can seem like it has to those of the older generation and the poor who have suffered the most over the last 40 years, and remember a time when things were better…..

Before The UK Joined The EU in 1973

Post World War 2-The UK had full employment.

The 1950’s-1970’s

From the 1950’s until the mid ’70’s The UK had full employment. This was partly fuelled by the need to rebuild the country after the war, but the main reason is because the government, implemented a different economic policy to the one used today.

In America it is known as the new deal, and in the UK, we refer to it as Keynesian-ism. It allows the government to periodically pump money into the system, allowing it to grow the state sector in areas that the private market has no interest in or cannot handle.

And thus employ more people, and therefore take money back in taxes.

The money created then can be spent by those who are now in good secure constructive employment.

To buy things like houses, and cars, and go on holiday.

By acting in this manner, the state can be used in competition with the private market, both as an employer, and a provider of services.

For instance if you build more affordable social housing, the private market has to compete with the state in order to sell you a house.

This drives down the cost of buying a house, and gives consumers more choice and a better deal.

This created so many jobs that the UK had to recruit workers from all over the world.

The UK had its first wave of modern mass immigration during this time of prosperity.

And nobody accused immigrants of stealing jobs or Benefits in the ’50’s

This was due to the abundance of work available using the Keynesian economic model.

At this time the immigrants weren’t “stealing” jobs there was just so much work available that the natives couldn’t handle it. Many of these immigrants filled the jobs that natives didn’t want to do, as they had better options.

Although there was a lot of tension, and race riots, at the time surrounding the immigrants, and the usual fear of “taking away the British way of life”. Nobody could accuse them of taking jobs away, as that was the whole point in asking them to come here.

evening standard windrush

If immigrants steal jobs, and cause all the problems then why didn’t we have an instant economic collapse in the ’50’s?

In 1973 The UK joins The EU, and then in:



Thatcherism-The Death Of Income Equality.

Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister started the massive decline in living standards, and the increase in income inequality.

The financial policies implemented by Margaret Thatcher, and continued by most American, and european governments since are known by the broader term:


Neo liberalism is the name given to financial policies such as de regulation of the market (allowing the financial sector to do whatever they want, no matter how risky.) Privatisation of government services, and a heavy emphasis on cutting government spending, and lowering taxes for the wealthy, amongst other things.

It is driven by am emphasis on individual consumption, and maximum profit. The logical outcome of this is to create more and more poverty, and these policies provide a means of transferring wealth from poor to rich. By its very nature it is creating more and more poverty, and making lives harder for the majority.

The IMF itself now recognises how neo liberalism creates havoc for the majority of the world’s population. When the IMF is saying this, you know it’s pretty bad.

Brexit has been used as a way to voice anger at the wrong people.

It is no coincidence that the older you are the more likely you were to vote to leave, because let’s just say you’re 57: a baby boomer.

They have lived long enough to see the gradual decline happen, and the rise of in equality, and I’m guessing they remember when things were not so bad. And they are right , it didn’t used to be so bad when they were younger.

But rather than being confronted with a real answer to their suffering, they have been told it’s because:

EU & Immigrants.

And that makes sense when you have a limited frame of reference, and are presented with no other alternative. The move from Keynesian-to Thatcherism & neo liberalism has gone unchallenged for the last 20 years in mainstream politics.

In 1997 New Labour won the general election, but they continued the same kind of economic policies.


After 5 days in office, Gordon Brown handed over what remained of government control to the Bank of England. The BOE was now free to do as it wished, the government had completely given up any chance it had of controlling the economy.

And the rise in income equality continued to grow….And now the poor were given benefits instead of jobs, and the government believed it could use the money from the city to fund everything else.

The poor working class had, by now become completely left behind.

Politicians of the left and right have, over the neo liberal period completely lost touch with the needs of the poor.

But someone would listen, and they had answers…



Who blamed all of the problems on immigration, and The EU. UKIP is a strange blend of left and right. They believe in nationalisation, protectionism, and far right nationalism. They are an anti establishment party that fits in well to the current hatred and distrust of mainstream politicians who have know one but themselves to blame for this.

And so the poor had found a new voice, people who should have been represented by Labour, now seek an alternative more extreme kind of politics that listens to their needs and concerns.

The Global Rebellion Against Neo Liberalism.

The vote to leave is really a vote against neo liberalism!

All over the world we are now seeing a growing anger being expressed in what seems like very different ways.

The rise of Donald Trump in the US. The amazing amount of support given to the centre left candidates by millennials in the form of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, and in The UK the Corbyn leadership in Labour. The support for UKIP in the UK. The rise of Syriza in Greece.

Although these movements do not look as if they are related, they are. They are just different ways of expressing anger and discontent at neo liberalism, and the status quo in the political spectrum.

For the young people captured by ideas of the centre left, they are a way of  progressing back to a system which older people benefitted from, and for the older people seeking to regress back to this system they are choosing the wrong way to go about it.

Unless these movements can see the common ground, and unite, and see that they are asking for similar things, we can only expect more division….And the division between left, right, old, young, gay, foreign, British, etc, is always preferable to politicians who are trying to stop you from asking for the real change that is needed.

The end of neo-liberalsm.

People are starting to ask for better, they just do not quite understand yet what they are fighting for, and who they are fighting against, and what the end goal should be.

Challenges for the Future-Optimism & Struggle.

They no longer trust politicians or politicians as a means for delivering change that will benefit them. Currently the policies of Kenyes, and similar socialist ideas are being talked about in mainstream politics.

But the only politician talking about them is Jeremy Corbyn, and he does want to help the kind of people who voted to leave the UK, as well as his millennial fan base.

But because of the way he is treated by the media, especially the kinds of tabloid media I have shown here, the kind that the poor and older people who voted to leave  tend to absorb.

Combined with the disgusting display of in fighting from the Labour itself. It means that those people who voted leave are even harder to reach. And that is the hardest aspect to confront.

The People who would benefit the most from Corbyn, are at this moment in time are the least  likely to vote for him.





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