Corbyn’s Views Being Used Out Of Context By Vote Leave & Strange Brexit Groups, Who funds Them & Why?

Taking a look at the dirty political tactics used by the conservative party during the EU referendum.

I must confess that I have had absolutely no interest in “Brexit” so far. For one thing I can’t take the name that has been given to the referendum seriously: “Brexit” sounds like an unpleasant cereal you would eat, containing a high amount of fibre, and its sole purpose would be to relieve chronic constipation….And then this popped up on Facebook….


Later on in the same day this advert popped up on Youtube…In which Corbyn appears to be supporting the vote leave campaign.

Interesting I thought, because Corbyn has made it clear he wants to stay in The EU for now….

So why are the vote leave campaign using him as a spokesperson? Let’s find out….

Who Runs The Vote Leave Campaign??

The vote leave campaign committee members are heavy weight Tory bastards, such as:

The RT Hon Michael Gove MP (a man you may remember from his reign of terror a few years a go as education secretary)

Dan Hannan MEP-A man who lives and spouts the conservative fantasy as loud as any lunatic can. Here he giving talking about British values, and informing us of how great the British empire was. I love how people like this are openly advocating the joy of slavery, whilst preaching about the importance of freedom and tolerance. How stupid can you be to not see your own hypocrisy?

Boris Johnson MP. I’m sure we all know who he is, everyones favourite bumbling clod. People laugh, and ridicule America over the whole Trump for President debacle. HAHA, look at those dumb Americans voting for that idiot. It’s worth reminding those people that Boris could well be our next PM. Dark, dark days people….

Those are the stars of the team, for the full list visit:

So that must mean that all these Tories secretly admire Jeremy Corbyn I guess, so much so, that rather than using themselves to promote the vote leave campaign they use him. How nice of them to see sense……

Or more likely…..

They are deliberately distorting the message of Corbyn, so as to purposely confuse the voters. They are making it seem as if Corbyn wants out, which out of context is true.

The purpose of this confusion has two main elements:

-To discredit Corbyn, and make seem like a liar (for party political gain).

-To persuade voters who are less informed, using the arguments of some one from the centre left.

Who Funds The Brexit Campaigns?

All of the campaigns are receiving large amounts of money  mainly from the business class, wealthy individual donors, and businesses themselves. So far all of the vote to leave campaigns have raised over £8 million, and Vote Remain groups have raised over £6M.

The vote leave campaign its self so far has raised:





See the figures and who has donated for yourself here.

Some of The Vote Leave Donors….

jeremy Hoskins


This man is called Jeremy Hosking, ladies I know he is a powerfully arousing man, but please keep those hands where we can all see them. Thank you.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015 he is worth £330M. He has made his fortune as a manager for private investment fund Marathon Asset Management. He also owns some old timey trains…

john Stuart Wheeler

DONATED 350,000.

Stuart Wheeler..who according to the Sunday Times Rich list, has a fortune of £40M. He has previously funded UKIP, and made his money in…..the financial sector.

Those are just a few of the bigger donors, how ever as you scrawl through the list it becomes apparent that almost all the money being raised is from the business class.

I guess they must all like Corbyn too then….

I will stress at this point that both sides are receiving big money donations from the business class. However I am focusing on the leave campaign due to there incredibly dirty tactics.


Now that we have seen where the money comes from we can safely say that Brexit has basically become a business vote. The monied interests involved clearly have either something to gain, or lose from Brexit.

Perhaps for them the EU is bad for business or perhaps it is good, but I doubt that they are spending all this money on nationalistic idealism.

But there is a problem for the donors: in order to get what they want, we have to vote for what they want.

And as they are acting out of their own business and self interest, what is good for them may not be what is good for us.

But in order to convince us to vote in or out as they wish, they have to link it to our interests, and that’s why vote leave have set up groups like this:

Gays & Muslims & Polish For Britain!

Poles for britain

out and proud

Muslims for britain

Groups Funded By The Vote Leave Campaign:

Poles For Britain? I guess there must be a lot of Polish immigrants in this country who hate the EU, because it gave them the right to come and work here, and be fucked over even more than we are.

Out & Proud Should’ve been UKIPS official slogan for Brexit. I guess there’s a lot of gay people who feel fucked over by all those European Human Rights laws over the years.


Muslims For Britain As far as I’m aware Islam (like most others) is a religion that teaches that the world doesn’t have borders. That’s why the term Islamic State doesn’t really make sense, because Islam its self isn’t confined to any state by definition.

vapers for britain


Vapers For Britain What the fuck has this got to do with anything? Let me guess the EU are trying to regulate vaping or something, and therefore if you use a vaper cigarette they’re the enemy. By the way what’s the appeal of vaping? At least cigarettes are guaranteed to knock off at least a couple of years from your life expectancy.

Because there are so many different groups from the campaigns set up like this, it means that when you do a google search on an issue, you are likely to end up on one of these sites.

Essentially they are trying to clog up the internet with their bias.

And the sites themselves do not make it clear who they are funded by.

Again I’d like to make it clear that similar groups exist on the remain side, and they have funded the same range of groups.




This brings me to the central problem with Brexit-it’s fucking confusing! Because of all these different groups, I wonder if the confusion is on purpose. Certainly we know that distortion is a part of it by now.

As the information on these websites and from these groups contains either a heavy in or out bias, it means that it’s almost impossible to look at the facts and arguments comparatively and make your mind up by being informed.

For every economic fact spouted to leave the EU from the out campaign, the in campaign has a similar economic fact.

The same is true for all issues involved, immigration, work, etc.

And the financial forecasts, the labour forecasts, all of the predictions, which really mean nothing any way, because it’s impossible to calculate in reality.

And some how from all of this information the electorate is supposed to come to an informed conclusion.


-From the latest polls the vote is almost neck and neck, with leave slightly in front.

-With the vast amounts of money being spent in this election, it is starting to resemble an American general election.

-That’s a problem because the candidate that raises the most money usually wins the US Presidency. And as discussed earlier, vote leave are well ahead with fund raising..

-And the more money involved in the process its self, the further removed the constituents become from the actual issues involved in the vote *see every American General Election since 1980.

So Where Can You Get Less Biased Information?

I don’t know if you really can, the government’s produced a guide to the vote. There’s probably some useful charities with less biased predictions, and facts etc. But always check where funding comes from to gage the possible bias.

Brexit-As I see It

Given all of this shitty information and the shitty sources it really is hard to say, how ever I must once again vote for the lesser of the two evils presented.

The EU has so many problems, un elected technocrats, the fact they are forcing austerity on essentially most of Europe. The lobbying groups that spend thousands on the MEP’s. It is to a large degree a bad institution….

But then what happens if we leave and the current government has more control over human rights laws?

Isn’t that like giving a slave owner an even bigger, and thicker whip to hit you with, while you try to escape?

If you seriously trust Cameron and this bunch of cunts to make laws that will be more in our benefit than if we stayed in Europe, then you’re either very rich, or very, very stupid.

Therefore I think we should stay for two main reasons:

-We will have greater protection of Human Rights. We don’t lose human rights, because we come out of the EU, but it does make them harder to enforce, and leaves the gate open for the current government to make things even worse.

-It makes it harder to leave this country, and only the British would consider taking away there own right to leave this miserable fucking island.

I would like to state here that I’m not funded by any campaign, and make no money from writing this article.





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