Supreme Leader Johnson’s Queen’s Speech: Welcome to The “Democratic” People’s Republic of United Kingdom

Supreme Leader Johnson’s Queen’s Speech: Welcome to The “Democratic” People’s Republic of United Kingdom

Johnson’s dull, yet dangerous Queen’s Speech about tackling all of the greatest threats facing the country today: Russian spies, environmental activists, journalists, and people posting stuff the government doesn’t like on the internet (because most of it’s true).

Yesterday was yet another depressing day as Johnson unleashed his authoritarian regimes plans to destroy any form of dissent in this country — as if it wasn’t hard enough to do so right now with the shadow banning, social media censorship, Google blacklisting, and the mainstream media already dedicated to spreading the Tory Ministry Of Truth fiction. This stuff is so bad it’s hard to know where to begin…


From The (owned by former Russian KGB spy and oligarch,), Evening Standard, yesterday’s Queen’s Speech/declaration was apparently:

A landmark overhaul of security laws to crack down on spies, saboteurs and hackers working for states such as Russia and North Korea…New laws could make it illegal for the first time to be secretly working for a foreign power to undermine Britain by carrying out political disruption or spreading disinformation.

This obviously refers not to foreign powers, so much as anybody who speaks against the Johnson regime — we have learned from the RussiaGate US debacle that anybody who speaks against the state ends up being accused of being a stooge of Russia and Putin.

Least of all was Trump himself acccused, of course, of being a Russian stooge. Alas, predictably, it call came to nothing in the end. Just imagine though how hard it will be to defend against the same kinds of attacks by the state when you’re not the billionaire President of the richest and most powerful country on earth. Yeah, McCarthyism 2.0. And we didn’t even really have McCarthyism 1.0. So that’s fucking great….

It makes me wonder if Johnson will be prosecuting himself given the many well-documented millionaire &billionaire Tory Russian Oligarch donors…Or maybe he’ll be going after British Indians after Modi instructed them to vote for Johnson in order to help the far-right Indian PMs current attack on Kashmir? Or maybe he’ll be going after the Isreal Lobby, who have been shown multiple times to be interfering in British democracy.

The least of which: whipping up bogus claims of anti-Semitism in both the Labour and Tory Party (though we never hear about the latter for some strange reason…). Or maybe he’ll be going after Trump? After all Trump has openly interfered in British democracy by providing his unflinching support to our PM on radio at the start of the general election. Yeah, what do you guys think? Yeah, can’t see that happening either — that would be actual democracy, so fuck that!!!!

Apparently now added to this list of possible accusations will be North Korea: this comes at a time when even Trump has supported the steps taken by the two Koreas back to possible reunification. This comes at a time when North Korea is no longer really considered a threat — unless we try and make it one by interfering in their peace process, that is. Really astounding bullshit here. Really, really dangerous too.

This is aside from the fact that most of all the political disruption and spreading of disinformation isn’t a result of some meddling foreign power in this country: it is a result of the Tory mainstream media machine ITSELF: the biggest insult to democracy going was the establishment’s four-year-long campaign of hatred and smears against Corbyn. That mixed with endless fake news parroted unquestioningly by the MSM echo chamber — the nerve of these MFers!

Don’t worry though, because:

agents of foreign states who abuse social media to alarm the public or disrupt fair elections could be prosecuted and jailed.’

This problem barely, if at all exists, they are clearly going after independent media and anybody who questions the government narrative here. They are going to accuse anybody who disagrees with them of being a foreign agent — and accuse us of interfering in democracy with the threat of prison. The crime: same as Assange’s: telling the truth about the elite. In so-called Western democracies, allegedly the envy of the world, it has now become acceptable business to lock up without charge those who tell the truth, while giving the keys to the criminal Prison guards.

This is some scary shit. Imagine if they did this in the US during the RussiaGate fiasco? People like Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, were all acussed ruthlessly — without any evidence — of being Russian stooges for not agreeing with the narrative, could be thrown in prison. And that’s now coming here? And that’s going to target people like me who already been accused of being a Russia stooge. Yeah, Assange was just the start…Next up: everybody else. The Standard goes on to blab about the Skripal thing, sticking rigidly to the narrative that this was a Russian government attack: still to this day no evidence to support that claim has been presented: it is fake news. Yet, just as in the past when I have pointed that, I will no doubt again be called a Russian stooge: if these laws pass then you imagine the potential consequences….YOU WILL SAY IT’S THE RUSSIANS! YOU WILL AGREE WITH OUR BULLSHIT LIES!

What evidence will they need exactly? The same kind of evidence the former head of MI6 used to declare Corbyn a national security threat? Why exactly would anybody trust what Dearlove had to say in the first place? The man was the head of an international agency based on lying and manipulating people. I don’t trust the word a former head of a spy agency says without concrete proof: isn’t that just obvious?

Johnson has already accused Corbyn of being a Stalinist with no evidence what so ever! What the hell is this! Yet Johnson is now acting like he’s running a “communist”-style regime — where anybody who disagrees with the state will be accused of being a traitor and thrown in prison. This can’t be fucking real — we can’t let this happen!

The Standard continues:

Ministers will consider a formal “register of foreign agents”, modelled on US laws, with failure to register a criminal offence

In the US this lead to Russia Today’s staff having to register as foreign agents…Under these proposed laws which go much further does it mean that RT staff here could be locked up? McCarthyism 3.0 right fucking here.

More authoritarian garbage:

The counter-espionage legislation was a surprise new agenda in a packed Queen’s Speech that announced 25 Bills and foreshadowed a total of about 40 measures.

A new Treason Act and a new Official Secrets Act are among measures under consideration.

They come on top of moves promised in the Tory manifesto after the latest London Bridge terror attack to end the early release of terrorists and serious violent criminals.

According to the Secret Barrister, who Johnson ripped-off after the stabbing, because the Barrister actually knows what he’s talking about, and Johnson doesn’t — there is nothing in the Tory manifesto that would’ve made the slightest bit of difference to the London Bridge terror attack. I repeat a legal expert who Johnson ripped-off and essentially libeled in the process has already stated that there’s nothing in the Tory manifesto that would’ve stopped the attacker.

Oh my god, this shit is just unreal…They are just doing whatever they want now, as Johnson turns Parliament into his own monarchy. All hail the supreme leader!!!! — and all salute the flag of Brexit!!!! Or face being thrown into the Tower of London for treachery and treason and being a traitorous treasoner. How long until they bring back the death penalty and stick Corbyn — and anybody else who questions the Boris regimes  — head on a pike in the center of London for all to see? I guess it would certainly boost tourism in one of the few places in this country that tourists still want to come and see.


Islamist extremism is still seen as the biggest terror danger, particularly given the desire to create mass casualties

Maybe we should stop arming, funding, and going to pointless wars with Islamic countries then? Just saying…

And then most tellingly, after whipping up the far-right to win this sordid, depressing and rigged election, premier Supreme Lord of the Knitted Night Gown Johnson has noticed that:

there is a significant increase in threats from Right-wing groups

Who he them puts in the same category as Extinction Rebellion protestors:

and concerns about possible threats from hardline environmentalists.

You know, the utter barabaric monsters who are trying to make sure we still have breathable air in ten years — I HOPE THEY SUFFER THE MOST, TRAITORS!!! I HATE ANYBODY WHO WANTS ME AND MY CHILDREN TO HAVE BREATHABLE AIR!!!! PARASITES!!!!!!!

Wow, what a fucking proud day to be British. What a grand and ‘proud day for democracy’ and ‘taking back control’ of ‘our laws.’

Apparently, our laws should be dictated by a power-mad Boris Johnson who has declared himself the new, unquestionable — upon threat of a charge of treason and imprisonment — ruler of the land.

Anybody who was genuinely scared of the outrageous smears/MSM conspiracy theory that Corbyn was secretly trying to turn this country into a communist regime need not have worried. We have ended up with a regime worse than communists China. At least over there people are getting richer and schools are being funded properly.

The Chinese in just ten years managed to build 2 state of the art high speed nationalized rails. And Stalin’s Russia too wasn’t without some achievements too.

What will Johnson’s dicatorships achievements be? Making everybody angrier and more hate-filled and more violent, and much poorer, with a privatised NHS to boot — more depressed and forced upon threat of imprisonment to never question Johnson’s totalitarian regime made up of Brexit flags constructed of front pages from the Sun sown by Muslims and Gypsies in new “Britishness Camps”.

The Daily Mail has long been writing Tory Policy, but never before has it been so transparently undemocratic and authoritarian in nature. How serious all of this is is yet to be seen. Much of this could just be Johnson throwing red meat to his far-right base: but the fact is, we cannot rely on that, and we must fight back.

Websites like mine will be the first to be attacked if any of this goes through. We already have some of the most draconian laws in the world relating to terrorism, online “freedom” and so on. As the state gets more and more desperate to maintain control of a deeply enraged population, it limits the capacity for freedom to ensure that control is not lost once and for all. Rather than helping re-build the nation and face the questions that drive the turmoil, elites like Johnson would rather try to shut down and silence AND LOCK-UP anybody who points out what the real cause of the turmoil and desperation is: the ELITE THEMSELVES.

Elites are retreating into authoritarian enclaves of wealth and privilege and looting the country before it all finally collapses into rubble. They know that their day is numbered and the game is up: these are just the last final attempts and gasps of the elites class to keep the game going as long as possible before the inevitable happens.

Johnson is an extremely well-educated individual and knows all too well what happens when Empires have died. He knows all too well what happened to the Elite class in those dying days. The British Empire died decades ago, yet the reality of that decline is yet to truly sink into the elite class — less the British population who cannot seem to accept the bare-naked truth: we live on a depressing, freezing cold, gray rock with horrible food, miles away from civilisation.

We are done. The only hope now is to rebuild with a Corbynesque platform. The other alternative is the one we live now: extreme Tory authoritarianist dictatorship.

Given that The Evening Standard is owned by a former Russian KGB spy, does that mean Johnson will be going after that shitty rag as well? I guess it all depends on how they treat the new king — and let’s face it, they like the rest of the loyal MSM are OFF TO A FLYING START.

Johnson: the sick, cowardly, greedy and power-hungry King who presides over a sick, dead, and festering Empire, dressed up as a Court Jester dancing like a buffoon, and telling really boring ‘jokes’ at the annual Royal BBC Banquet of wank.

Corbyn’s response to Queen’s Speech/ Opening of Parliament — starts at 32.50



Election Media Bias: Both Sides Are Right To Complain, But For Very Different Reasons

Election Media Bias: Both Sides Are Right To Complain, But For Very Different Reasons

With the fallout from the General Election in full swing, the media’s role in the establishments Corbyn hit-job is a subject too in-depth to tackle just now and I’m planning on going into more detail on it over the coming weeks.


For now, though, let’s take a brief overview look at one the most common political media trope’s going: that of media bias against both left and right — both sides complain about and are often accused of being as bad as each other for doing so, but can both sides possibly be right to complain about the same issue of bias?

From my perspective, yes, but for different reasons.


We always hear this false equivalence of both the left and right complaining about media bias — therefore they’re as bad as each other and therefore both sides must be wrong and should shut up. Actually both sides can be right, and are right about this issue.

The BBC heavily favors the Tories — essentially acting as a revolving door: from Tory advisor to BBC News Editor or Chairman of the Board. However, the BBC itself as with most mass media is designed to give the appearance of liberalism. As Chomsky notes the left, or liberal hue plays a very important role in mass media: that of shaping and setting sharp and rigid constraints on what is idealogical acceptable, as Chomsky puts it: ‘this far and no further’.


That’s why you will never, ever, hear the views of an actual Marxist on how to fix the economy on the BBC. The furthest they can tolerate is Owen Jones’ brand of socialism, which essentially is just a nicer smelling form of capitalism. So both sides are right to complain, however, overall clearly, the mass media does favor the right, simply because it’s the establishment: the Tory establishment.


The complaints seen here by the Tories are not the same as from Labour: anything other than blind obedience to what the Tories say is considered outrageous bias in their worldview: forgetting that journalists should challenge all politicians. When Labour talk about bias, we are literally talking about a savage campaign of lies, smears and distortion: and we can show this in the academic studies that are starting to come out. The two are not the same, and the world is a complex place. Both sides are right about this, but for very different reasons.

Loughborough - GE election coverage - WKS 1-4


Scrounging Tory Chief Sends Hilariously Rude Email Begging Party Members For Money

Scrounging Tory Chief Sends Hilariously Rude Email Begging Party Members For Money

The Tories manage to piss off just about everybody in the end, don’t they? Freshly added to this ever-growing list: Tory Party members who received a hilariously rude email from a Party Chief begging them for cash, forcing another Tory Chief to call it a ‘mis-step’ that sets ‘activists…teeth on edge’ in an apologetic response to members.

Tory chief Ben Elliot sent out the rather insulting, sharp, but incredibly funny email a few days ago demanding that members cough up and pay for the election they all apparently desperately wanted.

Elliot gets to the point quickly starting the email:

does this look right to you? I’ve been reviewing our membership list and it looks like you haven’t yet made a contribution to our campaign

Elliot does not sound too happy, does he? Obviously, at this point in the campaign, all parties are asking for donations, the key being asking, rather than aggressively demanding…

The email contains membership number and a record of how much they have contributed so far, as well as tacit demand of the amount members should pay.

Elliot carries on his blundering Tory-scrounging begging saying “our targets aren’t arbitrary. If we don’t hit them, we won’t be able to afford the resources to fight in every target seat’.

Assuring Tories that:

This campaign is winnable but only if each and every member pitches in

Elliot is not the only Tory in a sudden panic about the upcoming election, last week Tory Advisor and Vote Leave “mastermind” Dominic Cummings sent out a ‘bat signal alarm’to Tories using the usual fearmongering lies about ‘foreign citizens’ stealing Brexit if Corbyn gets into number 10, yadda, blahh, blahh…


The email forced another Tory Chief — Editor of the always good for a laugh — ConservativeHome Mark Wallace, to hastily send out a tweet apologizing to members:

A mis-step from CCHQ sets activists’ teeth on edge. An email has gone out in the name of co-chairman @benwelliot asking for money: no thanks for what you’re doing or giving already, and a bossy tone that is going down badly. Just an email, but shows how easy it is to get wrong.

He added: 

It’s partly the intrusive way it opens with your name and membership number, like they’re keeping tabs on how disappointing you are. Partly the fact recipients are already giving up their time and labour – and often spending money to travel to target seats.

One wonders if the Tories talk to their real donors in this way? The select few billionaires who have thrown at least £130m at the Party through their secretive Leader’s ‘elite dining club’ Group?

Have the Tory members not suffered enough at this point? Being forced election after election to drudge around flogging a hopeless leader, with a manifesto made out of comical and dangerous lies?

Sometimes I wonder if the Tory Party Managers are actually playing a sick joke on their MPs and PMs.

Imagine having to go out in front of the nation and time and time again recite the Tory 50,000 extra nurses lie.

And just standing there while people demolish it, boo and heckle, and just have to keep repeating the mantra with everybody laughing, booing and jeering at you while you just stand like a moron and desperately find a way to pivot to Corbyn, a man who they’ve attempted to paint as some sort of cartoonish mugger who is hell-bent on taking everything from the public.

According to the Tory election machine, Corbyn wants it all from ya! From your car to your wallet to Granddad’s gold fillings, prised mercilessly from the grave.

Cost of Corbyn 1

Cost of Corbyn 3

Bit of projection going on here maybe?

The Tories now sound so completely deranged with their lies and tall tales about Corbyn’s Labour one wonders if they still consider themselves inhabitants of planet earth?

coat of corbyn 2

The key Tory Brexit pledge also appears to be dying on its arse as nobody on the doorstep actually believes that Johnson will get a better Brexit than May. 

People are wondering exactly why Johnson is lying about getting Brexit done — and all the Tory members can do on the doorstep is repeat one of the three word empty phrases that they’ve been programmed to by Tory headquarters.







Ahhh, yes they’re a creative bunch over there, aren’t they? Why don’t they just reduce it down to what they’re really saying:




But that’ll never happen, because that requires honesty from the Tories.

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Johnson Wrote NHS Should ‘Charge’ Patients At least ‘£50’ For Services Like Ambulances, Yet Still Denies Tory NHS Privatisation Is A Thing

Johnson Wrote NHS Should ‘Charge’ Patients At least ‘£50’ For Services Like Ambulances, Yet Still Denies Tory NHS Privatisation Is A Thing

A 1995 Boris Johnson column revealing that he called for patients to be charged to use the NHS has been unearthed by Business Insider.

This follows yet another revealing unearthing yesterday of a video in which he called for the break-up of the “monolithic, monopolistic” NHS.

In the 1995 article, written for the Tory Spectator magazine, on NHS services Johnson writes:

If people have to pay for them, they will value them more.’

The article was apparently about Johnson’s deep-rooted concern that the NHS was being “abused” by people who can afford to pay for healthcare.

He argues for the extension of charges for services including ambulance journeys to prevent this ‘abuse.’

Johnson writes:

“If NHS services continue to be free in this way, they will continue to be abused, like any free service”

It’s not clear why Johnson assumes all “free services” get abused.

He then goes on to say that those who say that:

“in the future the NHS should be for those who are genuinely sick, and for the elderly” 

Were “bang on the nail.”

Johnson, deeply concerned with not wasting taxpayer’s money, continued his NHS-privatisation argument, using what he claimed to be his personal experience of calling an ambulance for one of his children who turned out not be seriously ill:

“Why should I not be charged, say, £50 for that inglorious episode, a fraction of its real cost?”

Adding that “it seems reasonable that the middle classes should be required to stump up for non-essential services they can well afford.”

Is Johnson suggesting he is part of the ‘middle classes’ here? Boris, I hate to break it to you but an old Etonian with a net worth of at least £1.6million is a tad more than just middle class.

Johnson claimed that the only reason the Tory government at the time (Major’s) hadn’t introduced NHS charges was because of political “cowardice.”


“I will not be charged for the ambulance because politicians dare not take away from the middle classes the benefits they have accrued under the welfare state,”

Going on to claim that:

“For the same reason they will not take away all the other instruments of universal provision such as child benefit, disability allowance, and the rest. It is greed on our part, and cowardice on theirs.”

Johnson is clear in this article about his views on introducing charges into the NHS. It is done under the guise of fairness — but in reality, is about saving the wealthy elite like himself money in taxes.

The rich hate paying for taxes towards any public services, and see only the opportunity to make profit from them.

Unfortunately for him, Johnson has had to concede that so popular is the NHS that introducing charges would lead to political annihilation for the party by an angry Tory-voting middle-class base.

This article was just the latest in a series to be dug-up in which Johnson has spoken or advocated for the NHS privatisation. A 2002 video found by of Johnson speaking in Parliament shows him saying that the government should examine:

“the experience of other countries that have a far better record of health care provision … because they do not rely exclusively on a top-down monopolistic health service of the kind we have in this country.” 


“I think it’s all very well to treat the NHS as a religion, but it’s legitimate for some of us to point out that, insofar as it is a religion, it is letting down its adherents very, very badly,”

I wonder how well such sentiments would go down with his Tory base today?

Apparently, they are being let down because of their adherents to religious NHS fanaticism. Strict adherence to the fanaticism of the religion of capitalism though? Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Redroar article also includes 10 more times Boris Johnson backed NHS privatization, so definitely give it a look,here.

This latest insight, of course, also follows last week’s Brexit-US-Tory-NHS-privatisation document revelations.

The Tories will always deny their plans to eradicate the NHS, despite the fact that at least £9Billion of NHS money was spent by them in the private sector. 

This comes after a day in which Tory Minister Dominic Raab has been doing the rounds, denying that he called for NHS privatisation, while being confronted by his actual words about calling NHS privation.

Later on, during a separate interview, Raab was forced to admit that the US will be free to raise NHS prices if we have a Tory Brexit.

Labour is promising in their manifesto to put an end to further NHS privatisation and to bring services back into the NHS where possible. They are also planning to set-up NHS drug manufacturing facilities to bring prices down for pharmaceuticals: this could potentially stop big pharma from ripping of the government on drug prices.

With Trump in the country meeting Johnson at one of the Queen’s £billion taxpayer-funded residences, it seems that the NHS is anything but safe in the hands of Johnson’s Tories who don’t even bother to cover-up their NHS privatisation scam.

Yet still, the mainstream media will treat the whole thing as a “controversy” and pretend NHS privatisation isn’t a thing that’s already happening and will happen more and more under Tory Brexit.

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Desperate Cummings ‘Bat Signal’ Alarm To Leave Voters: ‘Millions Of Foreign Citizens…Will Cheat’ To Stop Brexit If Corbyn Wins

Desperate Cummings ‘Bat Signal’ Alarm To Leave Voters: ‘Millions Of Foreign Citizens…Will Cheat’ To Stop Brexit If Corbyn Wins

The following is an excerpt from the personal blog of Mr Dominic Cummings. The man who is often credited with running the successful, yet incredibly nasty Leave campaign.

Dear Vote Leave supporters


Summary: Tell your family and friends face-to-face: if Boris doesn’t get a majority, then Corbyn and Sturgeon will control the government, their official policy is to give the vote to millions of foreign citizens to cheat their second referendum, we’ll all get screwed on taxes, Parliament will drag the whole country into crisis, and immigration will return to being a central issue in politics instead of being marginalised by Brexit…

This is how he motivates people, by clearly lying through his teeth to scare them. To Leave supporters and campaigners he has sent out this ‘bat signal’ to let them know that apparently “Brexit is in danger”. And that he needs their help to save it. It’s an intensely sad state of affairs, the lies, manipulation, and bigotry here speaks for itself.

Surely Cummings knows that Johnson is nowhere near getting Brexit done? Surely he knows that Johnson himself voted against Brexit in Parliament?

His framing of the narrative of us vs the elite is truly astounding given the elite Boris Johnson, who it should be clear to anybody didn’t care about Brexit until he worked out it was an opportunity to piss David Cameron off.

Out of Corbyn and Johnson, it is actually Corbyn who was the staunch Euro-sceptic campaigner  — years before the Leave vote even happened.

I’ve copied a small excerpt of the full ramblings below, the rest can be found on his website. 

Dear Vote Leave supporters


Summary: Tell your family and friends face-to-face: if Boris doesn’t get a majority, then Corbyn and Sturgeon will control the government, their official policy is to give the vote to millions of foreign citizens to cheat their second referendum, we’ll all get screwed on taxes, Parliament will drag the whole country into crisis, and immigration will return to being a central issue in politics instead of being marginalised by Brexit…

Days after the 2016 referendum, I emailed all of you to say thanks for your heroic efforts. 

I also said — keep an eye on my blog, if Brexit is in danger then I will send up a ‘bat signal’ here.

Here we go…

All of you who helped Vote Leave win should ask yourself: what should I do, and not do, to ensure we leave in the best way possible?

This is my answer to this question…

Boris fought for Leave in 2016. I worked with him closely in the referendum. I know how committed he was. I also know how angry he was that the government did not immediately put more money into the NHS, as should have happened and as we in Vote Leave campaigned for.  

On 21 July 2019, three days before becoming Prime Minister, he asked me to gather as many of the old Vote Leave team as possible and bring them to Downing Street to help deliver Brexit. He said he was determined to do everything he could to ensure the referendum result was respected.

I have never been a member of any party but I accepted his offer, we re-assembled many of the VL team and we went to No10. We wanted to ensure that the referendum is respected and that Westminster is fundamentally changed. 

I’ve been with him for the 100 days between 24 July and 31 October, often for many hours a day. I saw him in meeting after meeting. He threw everything he had at it. The forces against us were very powerful. Most of the powerful people in Westminster supported Remain.

I’m just left trying to understand exactly how Corbyn and Sturgeon are planning to give the vote to millions of foreign citizens. He’s lying about immigration too (naturally), the Tories have consisently failed to stick to their own immigration targets, Labour is committed in their manifesto to not raising taxes on 95% of the population, and if you’re on my blog, I’m sure I don’t need to explain every single thing that’s wrong with Cummings ‘bat signal’ distress call.

Cummings confirming the obvious: Tories don’t care about the working class…

It’s hard to know if the Leave campaign really does believe they are in trouble right now or not. I suspect that they may genuinely be a bit panicky despite having what appears to be quite a healthy Tory lead in the polls.

On the ground, Brexit Party campaigners had problems convincing people that Johnson really would ‘get Brexit done’. Many have rightly seen through his Etonian facade and realised he couldn’t care less about it, or them. It seems like many have given up on ever getting the Brexit they once dreamed of. 

Cummings here, making one final attempt to rally the faithful. Cummings needs to be reminded at this point that all cons come to an end one day, and all con men get found out eventually. And that their victims are usually not very happy about being lied to repeatedly for nothing more than soulless exploitative gain. If money is involved, then it’s considered fraud under the much maligned and already heralded British Criminal law.

***special message to the Brexiteer base who Cummings is writing his plea to***

I’m not going to assume you’re racist or bigoted just because those issues have been used to motivate you to support Brexit. I think you deserve the truth about the country you live in, and the elites who have all the power, and use that power to control us all. The British Empire has many legacies — occupying the whole world for over a century has that consequence. One consequence is that British culture has been spread across the globe, which is one reason why there are people from all over the world who travel here and hope to make a life for themselves here.

That should be a compliment to the ideals that I’m sure you believe in and associate with Britain. The British culture, to the extent that there is such a really existing thing, was not built by the Queen, but by the British people: people like you. On the backs of people like you and your hard work. 

The likes of Cummings, Johnson and Farage, are the same class of people who sent our children out to die in their pointless wars. After the struggles and horrors of World War 2, the British people demanded more for their hard work and suffering. They got the NHS, built the welfare state, and demanded real employment rights, and decent schools for their children. They won — finally after decades and decades of being kept down by the British elite.

That to me is the real spirit of the British people fighting against the establishment. Not giving more power to an Etonian like Johnson to do whatever he wants.

Thank you for listening.

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BJ On NATO War Crimes: ‘They Killed A Toddler As She Sat On Her Potty’ & ‘War Is Stupid’-So Why Does He Support It?

BJ On NATO War Crimes: ‘They Killed A Toddler As She Sat On Her Potty’ & ‘War Is Stupid’-So Why Does He Support It?

Following yesterday’s disgusting Marr interview in which Johnson blamed Corbyn for the latest London Bridge terror attack and falsely claimed Labour would ‘abandon’ NATO — articles revealing Johnson’s vivid, and outraged knowledge of NATO war crimes has emerged.

The narrative that Corbyn will leave NATO if Labour is elected has been a lie spread relentlessly by the Tories and right-wing press for years and years at this point — sadly Labour will not leave NATO, whether or not Corbyn wants to. The manifesto has already made NATO commitment pretty clear. And now Johnson in increasing desperation is doing his best to capitalise on that framework of propaganda.

As Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson prepares to join Trump (who also reportedly wants the US to leave NATO ) for the NATO summit in Watford in a few days, let’s take a look back at Johnson’s reporting of clear NATO war crimes.

We should ask ourselves why Johnson is apparently so committed to NATO these days, given that he’s seen first hand the atrocities of the ‘security force’.

Reporting for the Daily Torygrapgh in 1999 on the NATO assault on Yugoslavia, which lacked UNSC backing — essentially making it a war crime, Johnson wrote it was ‘a miserable war’.


War is stupid. War is hell. But never has there been a war so stupendously incompetent in matching methods to aims

Johnson wrote vividly and with a strange degree of honesty about what was happening during the war:

NATO succeeded in decapitating a priest as he crossed a bridge in broad daylight on the feast of the Holy Trinity. They killed a toddler as she sat on her potty. Of course, this was not intentional, in the sense that some brasshat at Mons did not target this priest of that toddler. But you could say that it was intentional in that NATO dropped bombs from 15,000 feet in the sure-fire knowledge that civilians would be killed.

These are all war crimes committed by NATO — there cannot be a question about it. Johnson reported, in detial, on NATO war crimes. And he done a pretty good job, I must say.

Johnson concluded the article, saying he hoped there would be a NATO ‘victory parade’ at the end of the war, he hoped there would be a man behind Clinton and Blair in their chariot to whisper in their ears:

not only of their own mortality but also of the mortality of the people they claimed to be protecting

He also showed some compassion for the Serbians who were much-villified victims of the time. While condemning the violence by Serbian Paramilitaries against the Kosovan Albanians, Johnson broke rank with the majority of the establishment, writing:

 Call me a dupe, but I seem to like most of the Serbs I have met, and feel sorry for them

He wrote another article entitled: “The Serbs will blame us and they will have a point’.

And on the pointless destruction of the war:

It was particularly sad, walking up a suburban street, where dead and injured were being taken to see the collateral damage. It was particularly sad, walking up a suburban street, where dead and injured were being taken out of their houses. I felt a surge of anger that my taxpayer’s money was being used to fund this destruction, and I am afraid that pathetically, in a mumbled way, I apologised. It is difficult to be in an ancient European capital, under bombing and not to oppose the bombardment

Johnson wasn’t the only one to express these attitudes: both Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been attacked by the right-wing press for opposing the Kosovo war in 1999.

express 1

The Express and other right-wing media outlets have repeatedly attacked Corbyn for his stance on Kosovo War crimes, in the article they write:

 In response, failed diplomatic avenues were followed by military options, including airstrikes.

A 78-day NATO bombing campaign ended the 1998-99 conflict, which saw more than 10,000 people killed.

According to a 1999 report by the Morning Star, recently unearthed on Twitter by user ‘Corbyn in the Times’, the left-wing veteran had condemned the humanitarian NATO intervention, calling it “criminal”.

He had also ridiculed then Labour leader Tony Blair, claiming the real reason for the intervention was “grabbing of resources and weapon sales.”

And: “Kosovo was debated in Parliament, but split the hard-heft, with Harry Cohen taking the opposite line to Mr Corbyn and lecturing him on preventing holocausts.

Mr Cohen is quoted as saying on December 23, 1999 by parliamentary records: “War makes me sick, but we must stand up to ethnic cleansing.”

Instead of agreeing, Mr Corbyn reportedly joined up with the British Serbian Alliance for Peace, the Socialist Worker Party, and the British Communist Party to demonstrate on behalf of the ethnic-cleansing Serbs.’

Johnson then, it seems was no fan of NATO back during the Kosovo conflict, and, of course, neither was Corbyn. The positions of the two are pretty similar: both have seen that the conflict is unnecessary and criminal and only being used to bolster the neoliberal left Blair and Clinton at the time.

For some strange reason though, the media doesn’t attack Johnson for this — only Corbyn. Johnson was openly and vividly condemning NATO whilst seeing first-hand the atrocities being illegally carried out. It would be interesting to see whether the Johnson we see attacking Corbyn, falsely accusing him of wanting to abolish NATO constantly during his disgusting election campaign — whether that Boris agrees with the 1999 one.

If Johnson meant what he said back then, then the media should also be attacking him as they did Corbyn for calling the war a clear criminal act.

Was Johnson here supporting former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic — and his alleged ethnic cleansing? He later went on to commend Blair for toppling the ‘tyrant’…so which is it?

The Express tells us that:

Mr Corbyn reportedly joined up with the British Serbian Alliance for Peace, the Socialist Worker Party, and the British Communist Party to demonstrate on behalf of the ethnic-cleansing Serbs

So when Johnson wrote about the atrocities of the Serbian Paramilitaries but went on to clarify that contrary to establishment narrative, most Serbs were not awful people, writing:

Call me a dupe, but I seem to like most of the Serbs I have met, and feel sorry for them

Does that mean that Johnson had dare I say, sympathy for ‘ethnic cleansing Serbs’? Does it mean that only Serbs in the British Serbian Alliance for Peace, the Socialist Worker Party, and the British Communist Party were ‘ethnic cleansing’?

Or does it mean that Corbyn was right to oppose the war in the first place? Why is the right-wing media not outraged about Johnson’s sympathy for the ‘evil’ Serbs here? Why are they only outraged by Corbyn?

To take a leaf from their own propaganda manuals: how can they trust Johnson???!!?? Who not so long ago was also harsh critic of NATO to actually commit to their beloved NATO? How do they know he won’t hand it over to our “enemies”? What if Johnson gets in and refuses NATO action after remembering what he was in Kosovo? HOW CAN THEY TRUST HIM TO KEEP US SAFE!!!!

To add to this Johnson has previously defended another persistent MSM’ enemy: Syrian President Assad, writing a column for the Daily Telegraph again in 2016, entitled:

Bravo for Assad- he is a vile tyrant but he has saved Palmyra from ISIL

He changed his position shortly after to fit in line with the establishment? BUT HOW CAN THEY TRUST A MAN WHO ONCE SAID THAT?! SYMPATHYSING WITH A DICTATOR?? BRAVO FOR ASSAD? Shouldn’t that be enough to give the right-press a heart attack? Their beloved hero once wrote ‘Bravo for Assad’! How shocking and definately it’s something that should be brought up in every single interview ever, with wall to wall coverage! Come on guys!

After all, he might change his mind again, and then be best friends with Assad? If Assad is a threat to our national security then surely any possible hint of a relationship with him would be utter chaos and total annihilation for us all? GASP.

The reality is Johnson probably has no real position on anything besides believing he is better than everybody else. He says whatever suits him at the time. He voted for the Iraq War, and then was outraged by the destruction and civilian death toll. He spent a while going after Blair for the Iraq War crimes and lies, but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

It’s only wrong if Corbyn does it. If Corbyn doesn’t support illegal NATO intervention then it’s to be condemned and mocked. If Johnson didn’t support illegal NATO intervention then it’s to be forgotten and ignored.

Which is it? Was Johnson right here? Was Corbyn right here? Perhaps the right-wing media would like to tell us why they haven’t asked Johnson about his support for NATO given this? If Corbyn is to be condemned by them and used as a constant threat to national security — then Johnson, surely, must also be challenged.

None of this is to say that I think either were wrong to condemn NATO here — far from it. Corbyn, of course, deserves far more credit as he actively campaigned against the illegal war. However, Johnson, despite the fact the reasoning is likely self-serving and purely political should also get some credit for writing honestly about the war, and defending innocent Serbs.

But by the MSM logic, they must condemn Johnson here, or else they are showing they have no regard for balance and fairness in their reporting.

That may not come as a shock to anybody — but still, we should demand better.

I’m not writing this as some declaration that I agree with NATO, but if they want to attack Corbyn for something, then they should be prepared to apply the same standards to their leaders. Either that, or they don’t care at all about any of these issues? They care about maintaining power through any means they have. That could never be the case, could it? 

This is about holding them to account for the daily lies, manipulation, hypocrisy and double standard they perpetuate.

This election is proving to be a mass psychological warfare campaign, not just against the socialist left, but the general population who deserve to know the truth.

We are being bombarded by the PsyOp bullets and bombs of deception, disinformation, propaganda, fear. The target? To completely annihilate truth, reason, justice, rationality, civility, fairness and justice.

We must fight back and hold power to account with truth and fairness.

With the angry tangerine in Watford this week for the summit we should use the chance to talk about why there may be very real cross party, and international consensus against NATO. It just isn’t allowed to be expressed. Such a thing is intolerable to the arms industry who are the only real benefactors from NATO.

If Johnson, Trump, and Corbyn have all spoken out about NATO at some point, isn’t it time the mainstream media also spoke out for once?

Thank you to Neil Clark, who is one of the few real journalists left in this country. The Johnson quotes are from an article he recently wrote about Johnson and the neocon doctrine. You can read Neil’s original piece here.

If you’d like to support Enemy In A State please consider buying one of our Corbyn (yay) or Johnson (boo) T-Shirts, hoodies, etc, below. Thank you. Check out the range! Link below:


Corbyn ‘One Of Least Racist MPs We Have’ Says Times Of Israel Blogger—Points To Tories As Being The Real Bigots….

Corbyn ‘One Of Least Racist MPs We Have’ Says Times Of Israel Blogger—Points To Tories As Being The Real Bigots….

Bizarrely, seemingly out of nowhere — again springs the old “Corbyn is a raging anti-semite, as is basically anybody else who supports him” smear.

This is the first major appearance this smear has made since the four-part undercover documentary by Al Jazeera, which revealed just how much of the Labour-Corbyn-anti-semitism scandal has been manufactured by the Israeli Lobby in London.

The reason, unsurprisingly, is to attack Corbyn/supporters/anybody who is against the illegal and barbaric (western-funded, founded and supported) Israeli “occupation” of Palestine.

Interestingly, this documentary and the clear facts it uncovers, including widespread Israeli government “meddling” in our democracy has been ignored by the mainstream (MSM) as if never happened.

I guess the MSM must just be anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, and anti-Al Jazeera, and pro-war crimes (in fairness, yes they are all those things).

Also interesting is the fact that the US Israel lobby is fighting against the broadcast of a similar documentary (again by AL Jazeera) into Israeli government interference in American democracy.

The anti-semite smear is an exceptionally powerful tool — as the well-known Jewish, Palestinian rights supporting, left-wing activist and political scientist, Noam Chomsky, has previously noted, such labels are so damaging and so despicable that they are almost impossible to recover from — especially when dished out at somebody who is innocent of the act.

Contrary to MSM devotion to the smear, much of the Jewish community expresses the opposite sentiments to those blasted by the MSM (but who cares what a significant majority of the Jewish community says when what they are saying doesn’t fit the pre-determined narrative.)

And so, writing a blog post for Jewish News – The Times of Israel, Joseph Finlay, former Deputy Editor of the Jewish Quarterly and co-founder of a range of grassroots Jewish organisations, has written an inciteful piece defending Corbyn as a committed anti-racist and making it clear that he, for one, is not buying the story.

Jewish News HeaderJewish News Header 2

The piece is perhaps even more notable as the source of publication appears to be filled with articles promoting the Corbyn smear lines and narratives.

As Finlay makes clear, Corbyn is actually at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to racism:

Jeremy Corbyn is one of the leading anti-racists in parliament – I would go so far to say that he is one of the least racist MPs we have. So naturally Corbyn signed numerous Early Day motions in Parliament condemning antisemitism, years before he became leader and backed the campaign to stop Neo-Nazis from meeting in Golders Green in 2015.

Finlay also makes it clear who he believes the real political racists are, adding:

Antisemitism is always beyond the pale. Labour, now a party of over half a million members, has a small minority of antisemites in its ranks, and it suspends then whenever it discovers them. I expect nothing less from an anti-racist party and an anti-racist leader. If the Conservatives took the same approach to racism they would have to suspend their own foreign secretary, who has described Africans as ‘Picanninies’ and described Barack Obama as ‘The part-Kenyan President [with an] ancestral dislike of the British Empire’. From the Monday club, linked to the National Front, to MP Aidan Burley dressing up a  Nazi, to Lynton Crosby’s dogwhistle portrayl of Ed Miliband as a nasal North London intellectual it is the Conservative Party that is deeply tainted by racism and antisemitism.

This is also supported by recent polling showing Labour voters and members (the young, in particular) to actually be the least anti-semitic people in politics.

Older Tory voters on the other hand, well, sadly unsurprisingly perhaps were found to be the most likely to hold anti-semitic views.

The Jewish community has really shown a great solidarity for Corbyn during this latest smear by the Blairites (to name just one group).

Findlay’s short piece is a testament to the many sane and fair voices who fight for justice for all people, and are not afraid to express outrage at the crime of state violence against the innocent.

The full piece deserves to be read in full, and shared widely — it can be found here [archived here.]

Of course, the sad fact is that anti-semitism is abhorrent, and should be challenged by us all, but by branding Corbyn as anti-semitic and his supporters the same — mainly, it seems for being opposed to the Israeli occupation and brutalities — undermines genuine anti-semitism — trivializing it at the same time, and reducing the words to nothing more than soulless emptiness.

One can’t help but feel slightly bemused by the fact that Prince Harry, not so long ago, wore a full-on Nazi outfit to a party, in a photo widely shared, and blasted across every tabloid front page in the land.

Yet, this is all but forgotten today it seems, and the media instead focuses on smearing Corbyn as an anti-semite, parroting the line of the Israeli-Western governments who would very much like to see the man gone, and replaced by another occupation friendly neoliberal Blairbot.

Business as usual then in Britain.


Oxfam Scandal Will Be Used To Take Help Away From Those Who Need It Most

Oxfam Scandal Will Be Used To Take Help Away From Those Who Need It Most

The Oxfam-Haiti scandal has confirmed what many of us already knew, or suspected about ‘big charity’: that sometimes money given in good faith due to our innate desire to help other people is sometimes misused and abused.

That sometimes those who are supposed to be helping — trusted in positions of authority and power in doing so — abuse that power and authority.

That huge charitable organizations — such as Oxfam — are also able to breed cultures in which abuse happens — and cover it up.

However, given the current rhetoric, it is clear that the scandal is being ruthlessly exploited by those who have much to gain as they attempt to manufacture public consent for an end to taxpayer’s money being used to fund charity at all.

Think of it like this: the Catholic church was for many centuries — and still is in many parts of the world — entrusted to run large social provisions, such as schools, hospitals, and orphanages.

The endless scandals and abuses involving the Catholic church will not need repeating here (unless you’ve had the privilege of living on the moon for last 40 years, that is.)

However, despite these abuses and scandals, nobody claimed that the Catholic church itself needed abolishing altogether: rather the institution had to be reformed so that the good work they do can continue and the atrocities ceased.

This is how we should really look at the Oxfam scandal — with clarity, honesty and above else: sensibly and practically rather than reactionary and hysterically.

The Haiti scandal then is yet another example of the worst of human behavior and the vulture mindset in-built into some .

Organised, large-scale multi-national charities that resemble brands more than actual charities have always made me feel uneasy at best.

Having volunteered in an Oxfam charity shop many years ago it became apparent to me that even on this small scale, and in minor ways, there are many inbuilt systemic flaws into the entire set-up of big charity.

People would leave bags and bags of clothes and other items at our front door overnight: the donations. We would then have to price up these items and sell them….however, one major thing really troubled me:

We would also have to make sure that nobody would steal any of the stock from the shop — yet the only logical reason to steal from a charity shop would be because you’re in poverty yourself.

Oxfam — we were told — was dedicated to fighting poverty: but we consistently had to stop people in poverty from stealing goods that the shop hadn’t paid a penny for in the first place.

That’s just a small example, but it always struck me as seeming morally wrong — not to mention backwards — worse than this it seemed as if we were doing little to actually help tackle the root causes of poverty that lead to people trying to steal from us in the first place.

I was told to send thieves or potential thieves to clothes banks some three miles away, where they would have to prove their poverty before getting any help — it felt wrong on pretty much every level.

In short: it was depressing as it was ridiculous. But overall, it seemed that at least we were doing something, and hopefully, someone somewhere was actually being helped.

Now, that’s just one small-scale example of how charity is a paradox and filled with uneasy contradictions: on one hand, charity can do a lot of good, on the other it can also be abused.

Another consistently negative aspect is that it can also be used as a way for the very rich to feel morally superior despite their multiplicities of evil.

It should not surprise us that Harvey Weinstein’s initial response to the torrent of rape and sexual harassment allegations was to cite his “work” raising money for a charity that helps women get scholarships at The University of Southern California (USC) — as if he had somehow morally balanced out the universe…..

His response kind of typifies how charity exists within the minds of elites: as if they can do whatever they want, so long as they give just a little back. A bizarre and scary mindset — yet an all too common one.

It should also not surprise us that many charities are patronized by members of the Royal family and other such Oligarchal breeds: by doing this these elites make it seem as if they part of the solution, whilst actually being in great part the core of the problem itself.

The Queen charity 1

Oxfam then, within this context — and this sad reality — has not done anything that unusual or even that scandalous (again on the spectrum).

We should perhaps wonder then exactly why Oxfam is being persecuted in this way? and ask ourselves: what the end game is? Who out of all of this actually benefits? And: who is likely to lose the most?

The outrage about taxpayer’s money and government aid being abused is apparently only used very selectively by the media and the political elite.

The attacks on aid spending are focused solely on charities and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) rather than the multiplicity of private corporations who receive government aid and often use it to line their own pockets and loot the people of the third world in the process.

Yet, this never seems to make it into the mainstream “debate” over aid spending, which essentially ranges from between these two intensely limited positions:

Left: Aid is good, we need more, we have a duty to the third world, etc…

Right: Aid is a waste of money, help our own first! etc….

As usual, there is little room to debate the actual issues around the subject in question, but rather an incoherent mess of uninformed opinions perpetuated by the MSM and political elites.

Little if any attention is ever paid to where aid goes, who gets it, how it is used, if it is effectively used, if it helps the intended, etc, etc.

No, we don’t have that debate because then we might end up with a public who actually knows something about where their money goes — and they might decide that even if they support the idea of government aid, they don’t support it propping up the profits of Guinness and other large multinationals….

Global Justice Now reports on the way that aid is currently being misused and abused for corporate gain, saying:

Aid isn’t working. Instead of helping to rectify injustice, aid is being used to support multinational corporations, build shopping centres and force poor countries to privatise their public services. Aid urgently needs to stop being a corporate cash cow and start being used as a radical tool for real justice and social change.

In a report in which they highlight who is abusing aid, how and why: the offenses range from tax avoidance, to corporate welfare cheques for massive corporations, to climate change, to increasing poverty, and so on….

The world extracts $192 billion from Africa every year through things like corporate profit, debt repayments and tax evasion – while giving only $30 billion in aid. Even if you add together other inflows of money into Africa, such as loans and private investment, the total flow of money from the world into Africa is still just $134 billion…..

…..So, far from giving African countries a lot of aid, the world takes $58 billion more than it puts in……

….Amid all the self-congratulation, few people question whether this is generous in the first place….

….The language of charity and generosity conceals the fact that UK policy actively contributes to the poverty which aid is supposedly trying to solve.

The business community for this reason, of course, is heavily in favour of government aid.

But any threat to this — such as aid actually going towards a charity that might do some good, that might actually be fighting in some way against their corporate interests, well that, that doesn’t sit quite right with them.

In short: they want their hands on all of the aid money — and charities and NGOs are the major barriers to total domination.

Although the amount of government money that Oxfam recieves is actually miniscule, as the BBC reported:

The charity, which had a total income of £409m last year, received £31.7m from the government in 2016, accounting for about 8% of the charity’s income.

The amount also represents about a quarter of a percent of the government’s annual foreign aid spending.

It is still a considerable threat to corporate domination.

Oxfam is well-known for investigating global inequality and poverty and yes, sometimes actually trying to do something about it….

oxfam report 1

In other words, they are literally the enemy writ large of many of the corporations.

Oxfam’s anti-neoliberalism sheds light on the global destruction caused by the neoliberal system.

Not to mention the fact they actually do some reporting and work from our many war zones across the world. Yemen, for example, a conflict the state would rather nobody ever speaks about, for fear that the arms industry and our Army might make not maximum bloodsoaked billions out of it.

And we can’t have that now, can we?

So as flawed as Oxfam can be — the latest scandal being just another example — they are at least fighting in the right direction sometimes…..

It should be clear that the same elites and MSM who are so outraged by Oxfam apparently didn’t care too much about Hilary and Bill Clinton’s multiple Haiti scandals — many of which are far worse than Oxfam’s.

clinton foundation hAITI

The Clinton Foundation’s Haiti scandals — which also involve serious allegations of child trafficking and prostitution — apparently, well, they just don’t really matter in this case.

The MSM didn’t call for an outraged end to the Clinton Foundation, and for donors to stop giving millions of dollars to the Foundation — no, it doesn’t seem to matter at all in this case.

I guess it might have something to do with the fact that the elite donors are usually connected to corporations or leading government figures themselves (usually from tyranical and brutally repressive regimes) — better to leave them to commit their scandals and abuse alone then..(wouldn’t want to bother the little angels now, would we?)

It seems then that the Haiti-Oxfam scandal is clearly being used as a way to manufacture the consent of the public to have government aid taken away from charities and NGOs.

The tactic already appears to be working: Oxfam has already made it clear that they will not be bidding for new contracts until the government has decided they meet “sufficient ethical standards”.

Oxfam’s chief executive, Mark Goldring, has said the attacks on Oxfam are out of proportion, the BBC reports that Goldring said:

The intensity and the ferocity of the attack makes you wonder, what did we do?

We murdered babies in their cots?

Goldring also said that he believed the attacks were waged by those with an anti-aid agenda, adding:

anything we say is being manipulated… even apologies only make matters worse.


what I felt really clearly is many people haven’t wanted to listen to explanations

And I must admit I think he’s right.

The Haiti scandal should be learned from, punished, and the institution should be reformed as is needed to prevent such things.

The response so far by both the charity and the elites has been disproportionate and irrational: and this quick analysis of the situation has attempted to address why that is.

The problems with charity run much deeper than the Oxfam scandal: they are fundamental to the premise of charities in the first place.

However, despite all of this, we mustn’t let the Tories, the MSM, the corporations take away from those who have the least (yet again) — this time using Oxfam as the cover-story.

One thing is certain here: if the Tories stop funding charities then the people who they actually help will be left with nothing.

Already other major charities are being put under the spotlight, no doubt, they too will have at least one scandal to revealed, the BBC reports that:

Another charity – Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – has now come under question as the president of Haiti called for an investigation into the activities of aid agencies working in his country.

Jovenel Moise, asked why the medical charity MSF had repatriated 17 of its staff members.

He told the Reuters news agency: “The Oxfam case is the visible part of the iceberg,

“It is not only Oxfam, there are other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the same situation, but they hide the information internally.”

MSF said it took reports of staff misconduct seriously and was seeking to clarify questions raised by the president.

In the coming weeks and months, no doubt, the attack against charity will intensify and more and more incoherent and unconstructive outrage will be blasted around by those want to see an end to the government aid spending that might actually go towards helping people who actually need helping….

That is what’s really at stake here, and that’s the debate we should really be having right now.

Thank you for reading! Please share if you agree & share if you don’t agree — explaining why! or just leave a comment, or don’t….


BTW, if anybody in the mainstream media would like to give me some free publicity by labbeling me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ please do so. As you will be aware unlike yourselves I am unable to afford libel proceedings, so please do feel free to make up any shit you want about me and this miniscule website.

And if you’d like to go record for record on my predications and analysis compared to yours, I assure you, I am more than happy to do so anytime.




Following Trump’s Tweet About NHS Demo, Hunt Responds Slamming US Healthcare System, Whilst Creating Americanised NHS

Following Trump’s Tweet About NHS Demo, Hunt Responds Slamming US Healthcare System, Whilst Creating Americanised NHS

Some stuff you just couldn’t makeup—The Tories appear to be going for some sort of Guinness world record in this field at the moment…..

Following a mass demo on Saturday against the Tory decimation of our NHS, US President, and professional, racist, angry tangerine, Donald Trump, unleashed this tweet:

Trump is clearly using the Tory manufactured NHS crisis as a way to kill the overwhelming support that exists for a “single-payer” NHS style healthcare system in the US.

Shadow Health Secretary John Ashworth speaking at Saturday’s NHS demo:

Of course, we all know that the reason our NHS is going through this crisis is precisely because the Tories want to create an Americanised, private healthcare system here…

From Hunt’s plans for potentially disastrous and publicly unaccountable (therefore ironically titled) Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) — a model directly lifted from the US healthcare system, to his plans to expand so-called ‘Psysicians Associates (PAs — referred to historically as ‘poor man’s Drs) as a way of replacing the declining number of Drs (again an model from the US system) — to his well-established links to US healthcare insurers, to the fact Hunt litterally wrote the book on privatising the NHS — the evidence is overwhelming: the Tories are planning to fully privatise the service, and their ideal model IS the US healthcare system.

However, Trump’s tweet appears to have been rather on the nose for Hunt, who replied, with the following insult to just about everybody involved:

If this is the case, Jeremy, then why exactly are you doing your best to create a US-style healthcare system! A system which is known to be one of the most expensive in the world and provides some of the poorest outcomes?

The “challenges” that Hunt speaks of here, in such an enlightened manner — is the crisis created by him and the Tories!

To add insult to injury Hunt then claims to be “proud to be from the country that invented universal coverage – where all get care no matter the size of their bank balance”.

As if the Tories had anything to do with the establishment of the NHS in the first place!

Every year in the US thousands die from illnesses simply because they cannot afford the healthcare and treatment they need: much more end up going bankrupt trying to pay medical bills.

That Hunt recognizes the disaster known as the US healthcare system is one thing, but the fact is he is driving us towards exactly that kind of system — again, some things just leave you speechless…

The People’s Assembly responds to Trump’s tweet about the Saturday #OurNHS Demonstration:

Dear Donald Trump

The NHS has existed since 1948 in the UK after the devastation of the second world war. The British population demanded the right to have access to healthcare which they deserve as human beings which is absolutely affordable when the right political decisions are made.

It has been a shining example to the world of what can be achieved when we put the needs of the collective good over the interests of a few wealthy individuals. Unfortunately, our current government have been persuaded to increasingly adopt policies which represent those of your Government, they have decided to move us more to an American-style system which is widely acknowledged to be one of the most expensive, inefficient and unjust healthcare systems in the world.

This is why our NHS is currently struggling and why leading Professors including Professor Stephen Hawking are bravely battling politicians who wish to turn it into a system like yours.

This is what our demonstration was about on Saturday 3rd Feb and tens of thousands of British people want to show their love for the principles of universal and comprehensive care free at the point of use, paid for through general taxation. We don’t agree with your divisive and incorrect rhetoric. No thanks.

Your sincerely,


The People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together

What We Can Learn About Mainstream Media Radicalisation From The Finsbury Attack

What We Can Learn About Mainstream Media Radicalisation From The Finsbury Attack

The Finsbury Park terror attack shows us how the mainstream media helps to radicalize terrorists. Extreme conspiracy and crazy, hate-filled website, Infowars, has been reported as being a source of Osborne’s radicalisation, however, this conveniently negates the role that mainstream media has clearly played in this attack — surely now it is time for the mainstream media to take some responsibility for the lies they print, and the lying politicians whose hate they amplify in doing so.

Until we demand more from the media — whether left or right — we can go expect more and more suffering, tragedy and horror as innocent people get caught up in the games of the power-elite who always seek to divide us.

Darren Osborne, the terrorist responsible for killing 1 and injuring 9 others victims — mowing them down with a van outside a Mosque in Finsbury Park, has been sentenced to 43 years in prison for his rampage of violence.

 His trial has also revealed that he was planning to kill Jeremy Corbyn, Osborne told the court that:
it would be one less terrorist off our streets.
And also referred to Corbyn as:
Mr terrorist sympathiser

Echoing the many lies and smears directed at Corbyn by the right-wing over the last couple of years, and showing that their propaganda can quickly turn into tragedy.

Osborne’s trial has revealed that he was greatly influenced, motivated and radicalized by far-right propaganda — sources such the as conspiracy and extreme right-wing “news” website, Infowars.

Its hosts, the increasingly deranged, Alex Jones and professional shouter, Paul Joseph Watson were named during the trial as sources of radicalisation. It was also revealed that Osborne was in contact with Britain First’s Jayda Fransen and that he had received emails from neo-Nazi, Tommy Robinson.

Paul Joseph Watson’s vile response to the Westminster terror attack.

However, absolutely no attention has been paid to the fact that much of the same kind of extreme right-wing narratives and far-right hate preaching can also be found in the vast majority of mainstream media news — which reached a fever pitch of lies and hatred around the time of the attack in June.

 And, of course, absolutely no attention has been paid to the fact that many of these motivating narratives — lies — were spouted by Theresa May and the Tories in a bid to defeat Corbyn during the general election.


Just a few weeks before the attack, on the day of the snap GE The Daily Mail and The Sun proudly displayed these jaw-dropping headlines formed of lies, smear, hatred and utter contempt for humanity itself:


Front Pages The Sun Daily Mail
The Sun and Daily Mail, 7 June 2017

These disgraceful headlines followed months and months of targeted attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, and Diane Abbott in which they had been smeared as being “threats to national security” — a narrative first spouted by former prime minister David Cameron.

Mail header

Mail Corbyn Jihadist BULLSHIT
The Daily Mail started their campaign of smear on Corbyn long before Infowars

This outrageous lie was also echoed time and time again by Theresa May — especially during the GE.

Following the Manchester terror attack in May last year, with the election campaigns in full swing, Corbyn responded by saying that we need to look at our foreign policy in response to these kinds of attacks by Islamic radicals — making the obvious link between our illegal wars and terrorism, Corbyn said:

Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries, such as Libya, and terrorism here at home.

That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. Those terrorists will forever be reviled and implacably held to account for their actions.

But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people, that fights rather than fuels terrorism.

Protecting this country requires us to be both strong against terrorism and strong against the causes of terrorism. The blame is with the terrorists, but if we are to protect our people we must be honest about what threatens our security.

Following this response Labour jumped in the polls, illustrating strong public support for this very elementary points and highlighting the need for a change in foreign policy.

May, however, responded to Corbyn by attempting to twist the narrative — painting Corbyn, yet again, as a threat to national security.

May said:

At the same time, Jeremy Corbyn has said that terror attacks in Britain are our own fault – and he has chosen to do that just a few days after one of the worst terrorist atrocities we have experienced in the United Kingdom.


I want to make one thing very clear to Jeremy Corbyn – and it is that there can never be an excuse for terrorism – there can be no excuse for what happened in Manchester.

May, in a shameless display to pick up votes went on to say:

The choice that people face at the general election has just become starker.


It’s a choice between me, working constantly to protect the national interest and to protect our security – and Jeremy Corbyn , who frankly isn’t up to the job.

Osborne, we now know, was on also planning to attack Jeremy Corbyn himself — his “hate letter’ gives a clear insight into what motivated his bloodthirsty rampage.

Transcript of the letter written by Darren Osborne, read out in court by Jonathan Rees QC:

Why are their terrorists on our streets today? Weve had 3 Recent terror attacks, our children splattered against the walls of concerts, part n parcel by all accounts, Mr Sadiq Khan, no it isn’t how you can let this happen, terrorists marching through our capital city, you’re a disgrace where was the public outrage after 1400 of our white british none muslim girls?
Where were you in Rotherham Lily allen Jeremy Corby nowhere to be seen, Just thinking about how many more inbred migrants you can bring into the country, the local harbour map of Rotherham mr Hussain wrote of character Reference For one of the rapists in court, really now, hang on a minute am I missing something here, where was you all, Jez & lil?

Don’t you fancy getting involved in that the only protest within the muslim community were when taxi drivers were asked to put cctv in their cars, seriously your taking the piss, mr Hussain has been promoted.

Don’t people get it, this is happening up and down our Green and pleasant land, Ferrel inbred raping muslim men hunting in packs preying on our children, this will be coming to a town near you soon, it most probably has, get back to the desert, you raping inbred bastards & climb back on ya camels. people don’t be swayed by corbyn & his Free packed lunch, & uni fees think of your childrens future, islams ideology doesn’t belong here & neither does Sharia law.
So mr Sadiq Khan how are you this morning?
I’d imagine your gonna have a hard job keeping your happy go lucky vibrant city in order, Part n parcel of living in a big city, carry on as normal, bk to ya day Jobs, what about you Jez?

Osborne concludes, most tellingly, by calling Corbyn…:

Mr terrorist sympathiser, or should I call you harold, “you dirty old man” put that in ya pipe, & have some sympathy for me, well Folkes gotta go busy day today.
Remember peaceful vigils only & please dont look back in anger, God Save the Queen.

It is clear from Osborne’s letter that he also considered to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to be a threat to the country as well (another common theme of right-wing propaganda).

Even the reference to Corbyn as “Harold” from the 1960’s sitcom, Steptoe and Son, calling him a “dirty old man” is a smear job directly lifted from mainstream right-wing media.

Both The Sun and The Daily Mail have repeatedly made this “joke” over the years.

Corbyn Steptoe DM 1Corbyn Steptoe DM 2

For the record, Harold is the name of the younger Steptoe, not old man Steptoe, whose name is Albert.

The court also released a timeline of Osborne’s internet activity, showing what kind of material he was likely to be looking at and thus what drove this kind of bizarre thinking and extreme hatred: essentially this is a timeline of the radicalization process itself:

Timeline of social media activity linked to Osborne in weeks before attack from Press Association:

May 16, 17, 18
Three episodes of the BBC drama Three Girls are aired.
Osborne’s estranged partner tells the court in a statement that he became “obsessed” with Muslims after watching the programme, which made them both “angry”.
She says it is possible the pair watched the episodes on catch-up at a later date.

May 22
Manchester terror attack.
Some 22 people die after Salman Abedi detonates a bomb at the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

June 3
Osborne receives an email from Twitter inviting him to confirm his account.
7.15pm – Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen sends a direct message to Osborne on Twitter. The content of this message is not known.
Late evening – London Bridge terror attack. Eight people die in the knife and van atrocity.

June 4
12.48am–12.49am – A number of web searches for Jayda Fransen carried out on an iPad.
Views a number of tweets from her, including breaking news on London Bridge.
1.11pm–1.24pm – A number of Google searches for Britain First leader Paul Golding carried out on an iPad, followed by further searches for Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson, English Defence League founder.
Osborne receives an email welcoming him after joining Twitter.
10.36pm–10.38pm – Google searches for “syria bus bombing”, “manchester bombing”, “lee rigby” and “westminster bombing” carried out on an iPhone.

June 6
3.09pm–3.22pm – A number of Google searches for a variant of “muslim celebrating usis in tunnel” carried out on an iPhone.
Accesses Infowars article: “Proof: Muslims celebrated terror attack in London.”
9.09pm – Google search for “which party want to bring back the death penalty” carried out on an iPhone.


June 7
6.21pm – Google search for “bad things about labour” carried out on an iPhone.
6.22pm – Google search for “mayor of rochdale” and “local MP of Rochdale” carried out on an iPhone.
6.34pm – Google search for “sadiq khan” carried out on an iPhone.


June 9
Screenshot of an image captured on an iPhone of an email, probably a circular, from “Tommy Robinson” to “Darren Osborne”, inviting him to a rally in Manchester.
It says: “What Salman Abedi did is not the beginning and it won’t be the end. There is a nation within a nation forming just beneath the surface of the UK. It is a nation built on hatred, on violence and on Islam.”
The message is signed “Yours Truly, Tommy Robinson.”

June 14
Early hours – Grenfell Tower fire. Some 71 people die in the London tower block blaze.
9.01am–10.23am – A number of Google searches for Tommy Robinson carried out on an iPad.
6.16pm – iPhone screenshot shows a second email from “Tommy Robinson” to “Darren Osborne” on seeking justice for Chelsey Wright, of Sunderland.

June 17
10.10am – Osborne rents a Citroen van from Pontyclun Van Hire in Mid Glamorgan, Wales.
1.23pm–1.30pm – More Google searches for Tommy Robinson carried out on an iPad.
A tweet by Tommy Robinson – “Anger? When a Muslim bombed our kids we were told not to look back in anger?” – is viewed.
1.35pm – Google search for “sadiq khan says part and parcel” is carried out on an iPad.
1.37pm – Google search for ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ is carried out on an iPad.
3.22pm–3.37pm – A number of Google searches for Tommy Robinson carried out on iPad.
3.31pm – A tweet by Tommy Robinson – “Where was the day of rage after the terrorist attacks. All I saw was lighting candles” – is viewed on an iPad.
3.37pm – Google search for “sadiq khan carry on as normal” is carried out on iPad.
7.30pm–9.30pm – Osborne goes to the Hollybush pub, where he composes a handwritten letter said to have been found in the van used in the attack and is accused of “preaching racial hatred” by another customer.

June 18
Osborne travels to London.

June 19
12.15am – Osborne drives van into a group of Muslims tending to a man who has fallen ill.

Infowars Proof muslims PJW

Infowars Proof muslims PJW 2
The Infowars article by loudmouth hate preacher, Paul Joseph Watson, that Osborne is referenced to have accessed.

There can be no doubt that Osborne was also accessing vast amounts of mainstream media whilst carrying out these searches. It is easy to just blame the far-right hate preachers here, but honestly, how much more extreme is Paul Joseph Watson than The Sun, or Mail in their coverage of Corbyn, terrorism, or Muslims?

How much more extreme are the sick and disturbing narratives parroted by the Britain First hate preachers, than those parroted by May in response to terrorism in which she, once again, tried to blame Corbyn and smear him as terrorist sympathiser and national security threat?

A very clear link has been shown here between far-right hate preachers and actual terrorism with leading figures, Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, and Jayda Fransen all mentioned by name as being in contact one way or another with Osborne.

Why then are these people not being investigated for inciting or inspiring terror?

If it was an Islamic terrorist such clear links would almost certainly be investigated, likely leading to detentions and prosecutions under the terrorism act.

Theresa May has always been quick to stress the need to clamp down on internet freedom following Islamic terror attacks, after the London Bridge attack in June, May was quick to blame the internet, saying:

We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed


Yet that is precisely what the internet and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide.

And declaring that:

We need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online.

Yet, oddly enough May and the right-wing media have been strangely silent when it comes to the kind of right-wing extremist propaganda that clearly helped to motivate, radicalize and inspire Osborne.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are clearly part of the vile propaganda that does radicalise people and leads to such violent atrocities?

None of this is to say that the internet should be regulated by the nanny state, with May and co deciding what we can and can’t access, but rather this about the responsibility that the media, journalists, and above all else politicians should take for acts of terrorism, and the kind of language and information they put out there in doing so.

The right-wing press has become so vile and twisted over the years that much of it can be considered extremist hate preaching: and simply put propaganda to radicalize potential terrorists.

Yet, the mainstream media has not taken one shred of responsibility for this. Both they and the Tories spent their time and energy doing as much they could to smear Corbyn with a raft of ridiculous smears, endlessly repeating the doctrine that he is a threat to national security and a terrorist sympathizer who adored the IRA, and hates our country.

Such bile does have an effect — Osborne is testament to that fact, as was Jo Cox’s killer, Thomas Mair, and sadly many others.

As Corbyn said, we must understand and tackle the root causes of terrorism above all else, but the power establishment, of course, does nothing but create endless distraction from those root causes.

Writing their own versions of reality that have become hate-filled fantasy lands which feul more and more terrorism, and thus creates more and more innocent victims.

The mainstream media is the source of radicalization we should really be worried about,  and we should expect more from them, we should expect that their journalism isn’t likely to endanger people’s lives and that they should have a basic duty to balance and facts and some form sanity.

Whether left or right, the media and politicians must take responsibility for their actions.

Unless we force them to do so, it is impossible to imagine a world in which we can ever seriously tackle terrorist atrocities.