Tories Embarrass Themselves Again: Demanding Corbyn Apologise For Something He Didn’t Say

Tories Embarrass Themselves Again: Demanding Corbyn Apologise For Something He Didn’t Say

The establishment’s latest smear-job on Corbyn shows just how desperate they are getting—litterally inventing fake news and then demanding Corbyn apologize over said fake news —in order to try and kill Corbyn’s popularity with young people.

You really couldn’t make this shit up, could you?

The Tories are in a state and it’s frankly embarrassing and pathetic to watch them endlessly slap themselves in the face.

For weeks now the mainstream media (MSM)—from “left” to right has parroted the Tory line that Corbyn lied to young people about abolishing student debt during the general election (GE).

Framing the issue as a sort of “bribe” based on Corbyn “lies” to get young people to go out and vote for him in the GE.

As anybody who has been paying the slightest bit of attention to Labour’s manifesto would know, the proposal to abolish student debt wasn’t in the manifesto.

Corbyn did, however, say that he was planning to deal with the massive problem of burgeoning student debt in an interview with NME during the GE.

However, the Tories and MSM in their endless desperation have decided that this means he lied to young people. Apparently, we are all too stupid to understand the difference between what is in a manifesto (concrete pledges) and issues that Corbyn’s Labour is committed to dealing with in ways yet to be announced.

Yesterday, during an interview on Marr, Corbyn clarified the issue for the sake of the mainstream media dimwits who can’t seem to understand these simple points.

WATCH: The BBC triumphantly declares what we already knew with their headline here.

The Daily Mail then reacted as if something major had happened with this ridiculous headline today.

The headline may as well read: Corbyn Reminds Dimwits What He Actually Said About Student Debt.

The lunatics at the Sun called this a U-turn—although, at least, they had the decency to keep thier lie to a single column away from the front page, or maybe they were just too embarased to headline this? Whatever the case, it’s still pathetic and desperate.

Clearly, The Sun has lost all touch with reality at this point. How exactly is this a U-turn? Corbyn said he wants to deal with student debt before the GE, he said the same on Marr yesterday, so where is this fucking U-turn? Litterally creating a smear story out of nowhere based on pure lies.

Not content with this utter nonsense and Tory manufactured controversy—Tory HQ are now demanding that Corbyn apologise for breaking promises that he never made.

The Tories smack of desperation—it is frankly sad to see them try this.

As Corbyn pointed out yesterday on Marr the student debt bubble will burst at some point soon anyway—as many financial experts have also pointed out over the years.

Many student loans have been sold off on the cheap by the Tories to private companies, meaning that when the bubble does burst the whole thing will be underwritten by the taxpayer, just like the billion pound taxpayer bank bailouts of 2008.

Bailouts which we are still paying for, from a crash that we didn’t cause, for which austerity was imposed us leading to a 14% real-terms decline in wages.

The absolute nerve of the Tories here is truly shocking: they are the ones who literally hate young people, especially young people who want to go into higher education. One of the first things the Tory-Lib-Dem coalition done when they came into power in 2010 was to triple tuition fees from £3,000 to £9,000 a year and the figure just keeps rising…

Young people are now leaving uni with a debt of around £50,000, essentially imposing us in a life of debt bondage for the crime of wanting to learn.

This to me is the most shocking aspect of all this hatred thrown at Corbyn and young people about the student debt crisis: we are mocked and derided for fighting for an education, something that the whole country should agree is an important and vital part of any civilized country.

Why would you not want people to be highly educated? Why would you not want your children, grand children, yourself—whoever to not be able to receive an education?

It’s a form of insanity to fight against free higher education as it is something we all benefit from as a country.

The Tories who push this anti-education agenda would never, in a million years, apply the same standards to their own children.

They all send their kids to the best universities and schools that money can buy: they know it’s important, they just don’t want anybody else to have the opportunity.

Comparable countries such as Germany and even Scotland have what are essentially free universities—even countries in the third world do—places such as Mexico and Ecuador.

So essentially we are all sitting here waiting for this £100 billion student debt bubble to burst so that the banks can get yet another huge payday from the taxpayer, and until that point, we all have to pretend that nothing can be done about this debt. And then smear the one politician who is taking the issue seriously: absolutely absurd.

Student debt is the one form of debt it’s basically impossible to declare bankruptcy on: for many of us it will hang around our necks for our entire lives and probably follow us to the grave.

The Corbyn student-debt-Tory-lie is a clear and blatant attempt to kill Corbyn’s main support base of young people.

The Tories, of course, completely ignored and dismissed young people as voters: learning their lesson after the general election when we essentially en masse called their bluff.

Now, rather than actually coming up with any policies to appeal to young people the Tories are attempting to smear Corbyn’s policies aimed at helping them.

It is sad, it is desperate, it is pathetic, it is transparently stupid, it won’t work.

Yet, the Tories have nothing else, the MSM has nothing else—this just shows they have literally run out of ideas and have to resort to spending weeks inventing controversy, and then demand that Corbyn apologizes for said controversy.

Let me just end by demanding that the Tories apologize for their many lies: here’s just a few of them.

CCHQ, we’re waiting…..


What The MSM Isn’t Telling You About The Grenfell Tower Blaze

What The MSM Isn’t Telling You About The Grenfell Tower Blaze

Further to my post yesterday:

In One Of The Richest Areas Of The Country, Neglected, Poor People Burned To Death In Thier Homes—Welcome To Britain 2017″

It has come to my attention that the mainstream media has all but blacked out one key fact about the fatal Grenfell Tower blaze. With the BBC, in particular, leading the way by silencing residents deeply embedded in the ongoing struggle against Kensington and Chelsea council.

Although barely reported in this country — the US’ CNN highlighted this key fact at the top of their article about the tragic, fatal blaze:


While it has commonly been reported that the building recently under went £8.6 million in upgrades, carried by private contractor Rydon Construction — the facts about the planned £67 million “jewels….of a regeneration scheme” have been — to the best of knowledge — mostly left out of UK coverage.

Apart from the few times it slipped through the MSM’s filtration net…..and when it did it was quickly covered up….

Nearby resident Piers Thompson, interviewed by the BBC here,  also raised this point about the multi-million pound “regeneration” project — which would see the demolition of the estates. He says that the council have been managing a decline of the estate so as to justify regeneration which he describes (accurately) as code for “demolish” the estate. He describes how residents have been protesting against the plans, and organising against them.

The BBC are quick to move the conversation away from the demolition, resident’s struggle, and neglect and try to silence Piers by repeatedly stressing that these are just “allegations”. And that those accused need the right to reply.

They also do the same with Pilgrim Tucker from the Grenfell Action Group, who highlights the numerous struggles that the residents have had against the authorities — which includes residents being threatened with legal action for asking for essentiall — life saving — maintainence from the authorities.

She also says that this would never happen to the “Camerons” and that the residents were unable to get legal advice to help their battle against the authorities — due to the cuts to legal aid.

Again the BBC shuts her down by saying that these are “allegations”.

The BBC demonstrates just how beholden to power they really are in these clips. These people — the people embroiled in the battle for a number of years now — people who know the facts of the case better than anybody AND DESERVE TO HAVE THIER VOICES HEARD — who are witnessing and living through the most horrific event imaginable — are told repeatedly that they are making allegations as a way to silence them.

When it comes to reporting on Tory talking points — such as Corbyn being a “terrorist sympathizer” or a “national security threat” — I don’t think I once heard the BBC  refer to these ridiculous accusations as “Tory allegations”.

Instead, they reported them as if they were factual. When it comes to challenging the powerful, however, the BBC do the opposite, they stress “allegations” time and time again and try to end or change the subject very quickly.

That the residents had been embroiled in a long time battle over the future of the estate — in what CNN described as one of the:

Jewels of an $85 million (£67 million) urban regeneration scheme carried out by the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

A vital point that was articulated so vehemently and clearly by a nearby resident — who said this was code for demolishing the estate — should form a key part of the story.

As the Tower is in one of the richest parts of the country — where housing not too far away is sold for over £100 million, snapped up by Saudi princes and Russian oligarchs — the fact that the Tower was part of a multi-million demolition “regeneration plan” should again form a huge part of this story.

Of course, London itself has undergone a mass social cleansing since the Tories came into power (to be fair this can easily be traced back throughout Blair’s years as well and Thatcher and so on.)

But, it has become increasingly more severe as the Tories proceed to force councils to sell off land to private developers, re-house people on the other side of the country, impose housing benefit caps, strip away legal aid rights, oppose legislation to ensure basic safety and rights as a tenant, and so on the list goes.

Useless idiot Theresa May has announced a “public inquiry’ — I am absolutely FUKING SICK of inquiries in this country. Let’s just call them what they are: show trials. OK, fine have an inquiry, good I welcome it — but it’s only useful it leads to actual changes, convictions, prosecutions etc.

Just look at the damning Chilcot inquiry into Blair’s illegal Iraq war — what changed? what was the point? Chilcot said the war wasn’t justified — so now what happens? Is there any point in doing these inquiries unless justice is going to be served?

That’s like me being put on trial for murder, with enough evidence to convict me, the jury deliveing a unanimous verdict of my guilt, and the judge, upon delivering the verdict just says: “OK, you can go now….”

Real justice comes from systemic change, and the holding of the powerful to account as criminals. Which is what they are. These people are criminals and should be behind bars.

This government: run by millionaires, funded by millionaires and billionaires — writes policies exclusively tailored for the elite class at the fatal expense of everybody else. The whole world watches us now — one terror attack after another — now in the 5th richest country in the world — the sight of poor, neglected people whom the council and government were trying to banish from the area they call home — burned to death in their own homes, while their millionaire and billionaire neighbours sit in their mansions plotting yet more ways to fuck over the poor.

Welcome to Britain 2017, unless you’re part of the 1% you can burn to death in your own home for the Tories care — but don’t worry, from your grave you can always enjoy the ensuing public inquiry which will go nowhere.

Sick, the poor get punished just for showing up 0.1 seconds late to sign on at the Job Center. This heinous crime lands you with 4 weeks of no income (you’re still entitled to hardship and Housing Benefit BTW so don’t let them fuck you out of that too.) The punishment handed out without any form of due process….sick.

Meanwhile the wealthy kill us and they face no justice what so ever. If anything they get rewarded.

This country is controlled by sick parasites — how dare they throw us out of our houses, towns, and cities. We built this fucking city — this country runs because of our blood and sweat and tears — it has nothing to do with the elite rich bastards who are trying to take it all away from us.

Much of the media focus has been specualtion on the cause of the fire — this, in itself it just part of a much wider story. One which involves deep rooted divides betwen the ultra wealthy and everybody else. It’s about austerity, and the way the Tories treat the rich and everybody else.

That’s why I’m not specualting as to the cause of the fire, or anything that technical for which the experts are saying it is too early to declare a resonable opinion. I am sticking to the underpinning, root cause, facts of the case. Something which the BBC and the rest of MSM is detremined not to do.

In One Of The Richest Areas Of The Country, Neglected, Poor People Burned To Death In Thier Homes—Welcome To Britain 2017

In One Of The Richest Areas Of The Country, Neglected, Poor People Burned To Death In Thier Homes—Welcome To Britain 2017

Today’s (14 June 2017) tragic fire which engulfed the Grenfell Tower Block in flames — in which 12 people died (with more expected) — and 68 others were injured (with 18 in a critical condition) — highlights the huge divides that exist between rich and poor in this country.

The badly neglected and dangerous council block is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington — one of the wealthiest areas in the country. In 2007 The Guardian reported that the average income was £100,000 — and the average price of a house in the borough is £4.3 million. The borough is well-known to house international millionaires and billionaires. On one street: Kensington Palace Gardens, properties regularly go on sale for £100 million. The street houses Saudi princes, and members of the Russian oligarchy such as Roman Abramovich, Leonard Blavatnik and Lakshmi Mittal.



Yet, this borough has clear and deep divides along the lines of wealth and inequality — in a way it is a microcosm of the UK as a whole and today that microcrosm exploded infront of our eyes.

Residents who live close by to the millionaires and billionaires live in some of the worst conditions in the country. In the poorer areas of Kensington, child poverty is reported to be as high as 43%. Compare this to one of the most affluent areas in the borough where it is just 7%. In the Notting Dale ward, where the Tower is located we can see that residents ranked their health as the worst in the borough according to the area’s 2011 census report.

The report says:

Overall, Kensington and Chelsea is ranked first in England and Wales for the percentage of residents that as-sess their health as very good (57.8 per cent compared to 50.5 per cent in London).
In Notting Dale 44.1 percent of residents assess their health as very good and 32.6 per cent selected good health.
6.7 per cent of residents assess their health as
bad (ranked 1st) and 2.3 per cent as very bad (ranked 3rd).
This is higher than the London average (3.7 per cent and 1.2 per cent).
This is just one measure — from reading the census data it is clear that the area is vastly divided along lines of wealth, education, oppourtunity, ethnicity etc — especially when compared to the borough as a whole.

After years of battling with the private company supposedly “looking after” and responsible for the maintenance of the block: the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization (KCTMO) — on behalf of the borough. Warnings from pleading residents — seemingly all but ignored — are now clearly validated.

grenfell action groupgrenfell action group 2grenfell action group 3



Other properties managed by the KTCMO also recently caught on fire, CNN reports that:

In October 2015 a fire ripped through another KCTMO property, the nearby 14-story Adair Tower in North Kensington, a “serious incident” according to official reports “which resulted in 16 residents requiring hospital treatment for the effects of smoke inhalation.”
After the Adair Tower fire, KCTMO had been issued with two enforcement motives to install “self-closing devices on all flat entrance doors” and review communal staircases and ventilation in the lift lobbies to ensure staircases are “available for use by residents and attending fire crews.”
According to minutes of a KCTMO board meeting in November 2016, works to address the issues raised in the enforcement notices had been completed.
The minutes also show that the management company put its fire policy and strategy under review across all of its housing stock.
It raised the need for a “more proactive approach” to fitting self-closing doors, to increase the frequency of fire risk assessments, and to address the issue of “hoarders” — residents who accumulate materials in their apartments.

This is the saddest reality that we all need to face. Whether it be terrorism or this kind of tragedy, we are seeing time and time again that these events could’ve been prevented.

The Tories cuts to our public services — such as closing down fire stations, sucking the money out of the NHS, slashing police numbers all add to OUR risk — and the increasingly tragic consequences of their austerity agenda and hatred of the working class and poor.

Once again, the Tories were warned about the danger their actions pose to our safety. Once again — as the former London May Boris Johnson illustrates here: telling those who challenge Tory fire station cuts to “get stuffed” — they flippantly dismissed our warnings.





These death are not inevitable — they are the result of many things, but the one thing that really sticks in my head – is that the voices of the poor and the hard working public sector professionals who help to keep us safe and run our country — these vital voices — the real voices of the country have been repeatedly, dismissed and fatally ignored.

The Tories have cut our public services to the point at which they are in total crisis — now we see the results — and they did it all to give tax breaks to billionaires — those living a matter of minutes away from the poor people who died in today’s tragic blaze.

To die in your home — literally the one place you should feel safe — after spending years in fear and after warning authorities that something like this would happen, says so much about the state of our country. Unless you’re part of the rich you can go and fucking die for all the Tories care. You simply don’t matter.

This is the reality — our voices don’t count – or at least, up until Corbyn they have been ignored and marginalized.

The MSM expressed deep shock over the fact that Kensington had just (by a tiny majority) turned Labour at last week’s GE — but that’s because they forgot that people in this borough need the kind of help that Corbyn’s offering.

The borough which contains such vast inequalities — as is sadly — fatally demonstrated here, needed/needs someone to listen to them — today the whole country can see what happens when you ignore the voices of the poor and our public service professionals.

I would like to offer my sympathies to the victims of this horrific event. As with many other horrific events (which more can and SHOULD have been done to prevent), it is members of the general public (the people who really run this country) who have sprung into action to help: a JustGiving fundraising page has already been started for the families and has so far raised £368,332 from over 100,000 donations.

If you can help then, please do, but we mustn’t forget these kinds of shocking events are the result of systemic, ongoing failure, and that only systemic change will see anything other than a sticking plaster over the problem and save lives in the future.

That we live in a country in which people buy houses for over £100 million and then a few streets away we have people so poor that they cannot afford to move out of a council block for fear that they will burn to death in it, should shame us all. That those people did burn to death in one of the worst blazes seen in modern times, after warning and pleading with the authorities is a national scandal. That the emergency services have been cut so badly that they are barely able to deal with these crises, is yet another scandal.

These people — like so many others living in terrible, dangerous conditions in our country needed decent housing. It’s as simple as that. The Tories punish us all on multiple levels unless we are part of the ultra wealthy.

Everybody deserves to feel safe in their home — regardless of income — end off.

Corbyn & Top Tory Say National Security Threat May Should Resign

Corbyn & Top Tory Say National Security Threat May Should Resign

Following yet another terrorist attack on Saturday (3rd June), in which 7 people were killed by jihadists on a rampage of blind violence on London Bridge — which also left dozens injured — serious questions about May’s record as Home Secretary and Prime Minister are starting to be asked.

May has been called upon to do the decent thing: resign following the recent flurry of terror attacks, by both Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron’s former director of strategy Steve Hilton.

Thier voices are not alone — ex-police officers have also echoed the same sentiments and concerns regarding May’s diabolical record on national security. As Home Secretary, she was warned by senior police officers about the risk to the public that Tory cuts would cause. May accused the police of “scaremongering” as a response.

Furthermore, May as Home Secretary allowed Salman Abedi (the Manchester bomber) to travel freely between here and Libya from 2011 onwards. This was despite the fact that Abedi was part of a jihadist group, proscribed as a terrorist organization in 2005 by the British government called the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The LIFG in Manchester were known as the “Manchester boys” according Middle East Eye in 2011.

The British government had used this group of jihadists to try and overthrow Qaddafi since the 90’s. During the Arab Spring of 2011 — it seems that May allowed Abedi to travel freely to fight in the overthrow of Qaddafi. The overthrow was also supported by NATO forces who started a 6-month long bombing campaign on Libya — destroying the country and leading to the gang rape and public execution of Qaddafi. A bombing campaign which May voted for as Home Secretary (and Corbyn voted against).

Libya has since been thrown into complete turmoil — the bombing led to the formation of IS.

Furthermore, we have to ask why the security services failed to follow up on multiple warnings from the public about Abedi’s extremist jihadi leanings, and the fact that the FBI in the US had placed Abedi on a “terrorist watch list” and had warned M15 that his group were looking for a “political target” in Britain.

The excellent John Pilger reports the full story and facts here.

Given all of this — the escalation in terror with 3 attacks in as many months under May’s “strong and stable” leadership — her pithy and silly response about clamping down on the internet as a way of stopping the spread of jihadist ideology — Corbyn recently called on May to resign.

Corbyn also said that serious questions need to be asked about Saudi Arabia’s role in fuelling and funding extremist ideology.

He has called for the release of a government report into who supports jihadist terrorism — May is refusing to publish the report: what is she hiding?

The Saudis have previoulsy funded ISIS — as this leaked email reveals here.

Independant Clinton Isis 1


Corbyn isn’t the only one to call on May to resign — even committed Tories are saying the same: such as David Cameron’s former campaign strategist Steve Hilton who tweeted:

The sentiment is also echoed by this ex-London Met Police Officer who is clearly furious at May over the Tory police funding cuts.

Asked before the latest attack — whether she would resign or not if she LOSES seats at the general election this Thursday — May refused to answer.

Clearly then, there’s only one sure-fire way to get rid of May, vote her out on June 8.

The country needs to time to think, and to change course — May is more of the same old shit, Corbyn’s approach is totally different (and actually makes sense).

May has only been PM for less than a year and terrorism is increasing — no doubt, whoever gets into power, terrorism of the jihadi form will be with us for a while, but at least Corbyn presents practical and rational policies to combat it.

May is the worst of the worst. She litterally hides from the public and refuses to debate her opponents. She supports the Islamic terror states and sells them arms. We can do better than this as a country, we must do better than this as a country.

Labour say they will put 10,000 more police on the streets, to make up for the 20,000 that May cut as Home Secretary. Corbyn has also said he will allow the Police to do whatever is necessary to deal with terrorism.

We must start with these simple steps and move foward from there, again Corbyn is right to say we must re-think our “foreign policy” and question the Saudi relationship in all of this.

This would be a start — but certainly much more needs to be done. We need to stop supporting jihadist groups and brutal Islamic regimes such as the Saudis and start supporting the democratic uprisings they are often fighting against or suppressing.

If we had in anyway a functioning media they would demand that May explain all of this right now — explain her atrocious record on national security.

But they won’t — they haven’t the bollocks, nor the will, nor frankly the intellect.

If May was questioned about any of this she would lose — which is why reality is kept away from the “strong and stable” PM.

Because in reality she is the national security threat, and we are all her potential victims.

Despite the rising death count from jihadi terrorism, thousands more people have died as a result of austerity than jihadis.

That’s the thing that really scares me about the Tories…..if they’re not trying to kill us by fuelling and supporting extremism, cutting the police, etc, then they are killing us off with their brutal economics.

A disgusting party for disgusting people.


Guess Who Right Wing Morons THINK?? This Man At A Meeting Of Muslims Is?

Guess Who Right Wing Morons THINK?? This Man At A Meeting Of Muslims Is?

Right wing morons on the notoriously hate-filled and bigoted Leave.EU Facebook group think this man is Jeremy Corbyn — is there any tripe these simple minds wouldn’t swallow?

Even if it was Corbyn — without knowing the full situation, who’s at the meeting? why they are there? etc — why would you care if it was Corbyn?

I will not speculate as to what the meeting is about or who the people present are, beyond the obvious point: most of the people present are Muslim.

Answers on a postcard, please…..

Anybody who feels like posting the link to the video below — of Thatcher giving ‘aid” to jihadists in the 80’s — on their page, under the video, please feel free to do so.

Has anybody else noticed how similar the right-wing EU fanatics are to the jihadists themselves?

The EU fanatics are not just at war with Islam — they are also committed to a holy war (jihad) against the EU.

What will the right wing do when the Tory Brexit kicks in…..and May and co sign “free trade deals” with the world — but mostly with India — as a way of securing cheap, easy to exploit labour?

Our politics — mainstream politics under the Tories — is driven by absolute inbred style stupidity mixed with blind rage and hatred (the two are not mutually exclusive, but often found in those suffering from this dire combination.)

Nothing short of launching this fucking island into space — after executing everybody without the “purist” and MOST BRITISHIST bloodline and genetics, decided via a trial of old white men sitting in a pub in Essex — will be enough for the right wing fanatics.

The EU has multiple problems — that is clear, and the austerity they have inflicted on Greece and the others is a disgrace — and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

But taking a sledgehammer approach to all of the problems as the right-wing so desperately crave will only make things worse.

This is why we need viable, rational, practical people in power.

Not policies based on the insane minds of the Daily Mail’s fundamentalists.

Unfortunately, it is fact that Tory voters are less educated. Now, while education is not always a marker of intelligence (sometimes it’s the opposite, look at the cabinet which made up of Ox-Bridge elites) — it is none the less a marker of something when looked at in the broader statistical sense.

YouGov education Tory voters

The simplistic words, arguments, and worldview put forward by the right-wing press and the Tories are designed to appeal to simple minds — The Sun’s readership is not made up of intellectuals we can safely say.

The situation actually makes me quite sad, to be honest. Stupid people get taken advantage of by their Tory masters — always voting against their own self-interest and locked in a cage of ignorance, not just perpetrated by the right-wing press, but also across the mainstream media political spectrum.

These people are as much the result of the abandonment by the Blairites of the working class and Labour — 30ish years ago — as much as, if not more than, the right-wing press and mainstream media.

Frankly, these are answers to problems that only stupid people come out with — but the stupidity itself is down to a deep systemic failure — one which, I’m afraid we are all victim too.

In a day and age in which our best universities produce economics students who graduate with honors — then crash the economy, loot the taxpayer, and screw the rest of society over — how can we possibly say that this kind of stupidity isn’t the result of deep societal systemic failure?

The Tories, of course, hate education, cutting wildly from the education budget, stuffing the pockets of crooks who run their beloved “free schools“, and fraudulent academies. And now a commitment to opening up more divisive grammar schools as a sad and sick way of appealing to “aspirational” middle England voters. At the expense, of course, of all the poorer children who won’t benefit at all from this — they will be left to rot with less opportunity than ever — and their education will suffer as a result of the cuts.

Tories Grammar schools con 1Tories Grammar schools con 2

Even the BBC pointed out the Tory myth that grammar schools help poorer children just as much as state schools — a silly lie that’s easily debunked (like all of the Tory nonsense, if only the media tried, just for once to de-thrown May).

So, in short, the Tories cut education for the masses, creating likely voters, as people who vote Tory are less educated in general, the country then suffers as a result as more people get more stupid and more people getting more stupid equals more of this kind of bullshit about Islam and Brexit.

Please God — even though I don’t believe in you — can we please just get rid of these Tory bastards before 90% of the country literally devolves into cave men…

Instead of the just 40% who currently are.

Dear right-wingers, I’m sorry but you are fucking morons if you believe in this kind of shite — there I said it, somebody fucking had to.

If I offended any right-wingers — spare me, go and crawl into your safe space and stop BEING WHINY LITTLE CRYBABIES.


The left — and in particular young people — endlessly get bashed by the extreme right-wing for being big babies, well I ask you all — who are the big babies here?

Watching Tory MPs — who appear in large part themselves to suffer from a severe brain cell deficit — lead other stupid people into what will be an absolutely catastrophic Brexit — finally selling off the NHS to American private healthcare firms, killing British jobs, decimating workers rights, etc…and then PISSING OFF THE REST OF EUROPE in the process — for absolutely no real reason — leading potentially to a fucking return to 1945 and the history of endless pointless European wars — makes me want to vomit.

I’m not a particularly bright person — I do stupid stuff all the time (going to the shops and forgetting why the fuck I went for example, which happens all too often) but come on guys, the level of stupidity you’re displaying here is just….frankly beyond stupid….

I await the Tory bot’s response to this on my FB page, telling me about Corbyn and the IRA and other cut and paste bollocks that they spread underneath ALL of our work.

Or will it all be about the nuclear button or something?


*lights cigarette*

*takes valium*

You Won’t Believe the BS Hidden In The Tory Manifesto—Tories Latest Piss Take…..

You Won’t Believe the BS Hidden In The Tory Manifesto—Tories Latest Piss Take…..
More Comedy mixed with evil from the disgusting debacle known as the Tory Manifesto.
The Tories claim that they are committed to tackling “every aspect of electoral fraud” in their manifesto…..I literally burst out laughing when I read this.
Given the fact they’ve been fined a HUGE amount of money for election fraud relating to the 2014 by-elections —  and narrowly avoided criminal prosecution for election fraud regarding the 2015 general election (except, as Steve Topple says here, maybe one MP) — and have yet to face other allegations of election fraud as highlighted by The Canary and Channel 4 — this statement couldn’t be more ridiculous.
Turns out though, that it is just classic Tory bollocks — both funny and very worrying at the same time — here’s what they actually mean by this:
The British public deserves to have confidence in our democracy. We will legislate to ensure that a form of identification must be presented before voting, to reform postal voting and to improve other aspects of the elections process to ensure that our elections are the most secure in the world. We will retain the traditional method of voting by pencil and paper, and tackle every aspect of electoral fraud
They want to introduce voter ID — something which could lock out people who don’t have a passport or driving License (depending on how it is legislated.)

Also, the pencil thing has always seemed a bit dodgy to me (advice: take a pen, a big fucking fat marker pen with you.)

As with much of the Tory manifesto, it is intensely vague — but one thing is for sure, voter ID IS NOT the biggest problem when it comes to election fraud in this country.

Funny how the Tories have chosen this (frankly absurd) means of tackling election fraud as opposed to…I don’t know…..enforcing the rules we already have on campaign spending, and investigating the other serious allegation of election fraud they are accused of.

Much like Torie’s election fraud itself, this part of the manifesto has gone all but unnoticed so far by the mainstream media.

Well, now you know….Laugh or cry? I fucking don’t know anymore.

Clarification: thank you to Florence who pointed out that the Conservative’s were fined regarding by-elections in 2014 and that this a separate matter to the recent dropping of criminal prosecutions relating to the general election in 2015 “the Tory battle bus” scandal.

The original post failed to make this distinction — I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.